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    DarkTemplar reacted to DarkHorizon in Eyes & Ears - Search And Rescue   
    Weekly Update - Sept 9th
    It was a quiet period this go around with no recorded rescues. While I would be tempted to say that's bad news for us, it's really good news for all of you!
    Our 10th member was just added to our team today, welcome @DarkTemplar to our organization as our first dispatcher!
    The role of a dispatcher in Eyes & Ears is much as you would expect it to be in real life. A distress call comes in, details are gathered and routed to an appropriate first responder who then moves to engage the problem.
    In Dual Universe, it's not much different. A distress call will come in through a 'emergency' channel in Eyes & Ears Discord, details will be gathered and passed over to one or two points. For small calls like refueling or repairing a smaller construct where only a single responder is needed, that individual is briefed then sent on their way. For more complex situations where multiple responders are needed, the details are passed off to a supervisor who will coordinate with the responders to ensure everything proceeds smoothly.
    Once an operation is underway, Dispatch will connect the player in need with either the supervisor or incoming rescuer so they can provide further updates should the situation change while the rescuers are in-flight.
    From here, Dispatch can then proceed to engage other players with their emergencies so that additional rescue teams may be dispatched in an orderly fashion with minimal time delay.
    Dispatch is a role where a watchful eye on Discord is more useful than one in-game alongside the ability to organize during times of high volume. As testing moves into PVP and our inflow of calls increases to the point where a dedicated dispatcher is needed, I'm sure that our dispatch staff will find the role plenty engaging.
    One other tidbit of info. I was in talks with Kurock earlier today about an upcoming race organized by DICE at some point during the last test of October. I'm currently seeing how Eyes & Ears can get involved but given my current hardware related problems (PSU is now RMA'ed) I'm not too entirely sure how things will play out. At a very minimum I hope to have some sort of advertising space.
    Further details to come.
    That's all for now, until next time, fly safe everyone!
    - DarkHorizon
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    DarkTemplar reacted to MrShaw in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    And here's our latest poster ! 
    We can do studies and estimations too  

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    DarkTemplar reacted to MrShaw in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    Our last video about why you should join us
    Watch it, it's gluten free
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Kuritho in [Totally not self-promotion] What records would you like to see broken in-game?   
    [Totally not sponsored]
    Have you heard of BOO before? It is this great organization that cares for its members!
    There's this person called Lethys who's like, totally smokin' hawt.
    And then there's meeeee, a person who isn't even registered in BOO. 
    So join BOO, break the records.
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Kuritho in I have returned...   
    CaptainTwerkmotor was slain by the gods. I mourn his death, yet he still roams this world.
    And typing in "ye olde" is incredibly boring.
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Kuritho in Rose Lotus   
    I don't want to point out the obvious, but your name basically means "Flower Flower."
    Lotus is a flower, rose is a flower. Flower Flower.
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Cybrex in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    BOO is setting up a private gaming tournament that will take place end of this year. We're calling it the BOOlympics! 
    BOOlympics Games:
    • Starcraft 2
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Osu!
    • Super Mario Kart (SNES)
    • Guns of Icarus Online
    The long wait for DU is real, so why not come join a fantastic community of gamers in the mean time? 
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Kuritho in H E L L O   
    Oi! Welcome to the community.
    (please updoot for captain twerkmotor)
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    DarkTemplar got a reaction from MrShaw in Vanguard Mercenaries -- Recruiting   
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    DarkTemplar got a reaction from Lethys in Vanguard Mercenaries -- Recruiting   
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    DarkTemplar got a reaction from Sketch in Vanguard Mercenaries -- Recruiting   
    It was also our first birthday 10 days ago. Woooo!
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    DarkTemplar got a reaction from Sketch in Vanguard Mercenaries -- Recruiting   
    Vanguard is still recruiting! But that doesn't mean you need to be a member to jump on and play games with us. Feel free to drop by our discord at anytime and join in the games.
    We aim to have as many people on as we can for friday nights to play a variety of games. So if you've got nothing else to do, swing on by https://discord.gg/4J5qDqd
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    DarkTemplar got a reaction from Sketch in Vanguard Mercenaries -- Recruiting   
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    DarkTemplar got a reaction from Cybrex in Vanguard Mercenaries -- Recruiting   
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    DarkTemplar reacted to SirJohn85 in The Only Down Side I See, The AI   
    Since the game still takes a while to appear, you can start by asking your real life friends if they want to play with you in DU , if you are so afraid of being betrayed.  Since we are in an mmorpg, and mmorpg does not stand for many men online roleplay as girl, but for living together in a single world where every action has an influence, I am very proud that NQ will establish a civilization with all players.
    It doesn't matter if you play alone, as a small or large organization. Who invests more and organizes himself better, gets also the larger yield at the end. And this is the case with every mmorpg where you pay money monthly.
    It doesn't take AI to run a business because it takes commitment to your customers. Build a reputation, present yourself as trustworthy and make the best prices. Large organizations will usually always outdo you. Because if 100 people have the same thought and agree on a date across all time zones, then no AI can save you from having an advantage.
    Yes, it can be, that a group of 600(!) men have the numerical advantage, but they are also targeted by the other Orgs, because they will not accept such a monopoly position, because they are onions and because you can break something like that with coordination. It's basically like cutting an onion, slice by slice. Everything can be outlived and things can and always will change in an mmorpg.
    Otherwise you wouldn't need groups, organisations, you wouldn't have to play together, you wouldn't have to talk or act with each other or you wouldn't even have to make an mmorpg out of it. Exactly what happened with SWTOR and you see where it is now.
    Beautiful new civilization... *sarcasm *
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Lethys in The Only Down Side I See, The AI   
    You can do it already - have an empire on your own with only 5 ppl or so. It just won't be defendable because everyone can just raid you, but you can try....
    You seem to think that everyone should be able to do everything and that solo players who don't want to bother with politics, betrayal, emergent gameplay, logistics and socializing should get special treatment to be on equal ground with a larger org. Guess what, that won't happen.
    You can play in a smaller group. You can play solo. But you CAN'T get the same benefits as larger orgs do. That's the thing with DU: make friends, socialize, get to know ppl and think of a RDMS structure that suits you while at the same time makes it very hard to betray. If you don't want to bother with strangers and big orgs, that's fine. But don't expect to be on equal grounds with them if you don't want to invest as much time and brain in the structure as they do.
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Agilulf in Novean Almanac - issue 4 out now   
    The Novean Almanac is a fan magazine about Dual Universe and the Dual Universe community.
    There have been three issues in 2018 (as the Novean Dreamers Almanac) and then a long hiatus.
    But finally...
    Novean Almanac 4
    Editorial: Making history in Dual Universe Dual Universe Development Timeline Community Media Overview Organization Updates Community Projects Overview and a shorty story by Kurock  
    PDF, 168 pages, 4.4MB

    Old stuff from 2018:
    Hello there.
    This is a magazine about the Dual Universe community.
    You should read it, like all the cool kids.

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 1: Cities, the Press and intergovernmental organizations

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 2: War on the Battlefield & War in the Arena, Non-English-speaking communities

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents of issue 3: Espionage and Counter-Intelligence, the Service Industry, and a stupid map
    Website: Spaceship Drama
    Discord (Agilolfing#8694)
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Agilulf in Novean Almanac - issue 4 out now   
    Issue 2 is out now!

    (pdf, 2 mb)
    Contents: War on the Battlefield & War in the Arena, Non-English-speaking communities
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    DarkTemplar reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Player Recruitment & Advertisement: dos and don'ts   
    I) About Dual Universe (and/or a DU Organization) Advertisement
    (a) It's fine to advertise the game and/or your DU Organization(s) to players you already know or with whom you have already played with in other games without harassing them. If they aren't interested, do not insist.
    (b) It's absolutely not acceptable to enter other gaming communities with the only intent being to randomly advertise Dual Universe or your DU Organization to players you don't know. Being polite isn't enough. Participating in said group with the intention to legitimize your advertisement is not enough either. You won't fool many people with this method. While one player may be convinced to join your Organization, it will most likely antagonize significantly more players, making them hostile toward you and Dual Universe due to these cheap and inappropriate practices. 
    If you don't understand why this is wrong, just imagine players coming from 10 different game communities and invading your Discord, subReddit, or Steam group, falsely pretending to be interested in the game you’re playing while instead being there to make advertisements for the game he plays in your channels. Any person would quickly be tired of this behavior and ban them all, as well as form a negative image of the game that has been advertised. Please don’t do this.  Not only is this rude, this can be considered harassment in addition to brand damage, which could result in a ban from Dual Universe for such behavior.
    (c) While it didn’t seem clear for everyone so far (despite being in our EULA and in our forum chart here), here is a strong reminder: impersonating Novaquark staff is a serious offense. This will result in a permanent ban without further notice or discussion. There is also no limitation period for this offense (meaning: if we got proof of Novaquark staff impersonation several months or even years later, the sanction will still be applied).
    (d) While this has been some kind of grey area until now, there won’t be sanctions applied to involved Organizations for the past actions. However, from now on, Organizations that will benefit from the aforementioned bad practices could see their member list reset at Novaquark’s sole discretion. We wish to make it clear that there is nothing to gain from such advertisement and recruitment practices as well as inform other gaming communities that the Novaquark staff will not tolerate these methods of advertisement and recruitment.

    II) About Gifting Practices as a Recruitment Incentive
    Novaquark has not enforced any strict rules regarding gifting practices so you are free to gift DACs or Supporter Packs as you see fit. However, we don’t encourage use of this freedom as a recruitment incentive unless you are perfectly fine with the definition of "gifting" (giving something for free to someone else without expecting anything in return for this gift). 
    Before gifting a DAC or a Supporter Pack, you should carefully consider that a player could leave your Organization or simply never join it at all. In this situation, this will be your responsibility and we will not refund nor reverse the gift you made to another player. The Novaquark team will not step in to oblige the receiver to fulfill his part of the bargain either (if there was any).
    So choose and gift wisely.
    If you have any further questions on the topic, please let us know.
    Best Regards,
    The Community team.
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Lyria in Lyria´s fanarts   
    So, it is done! The first DU-Fanart made by me  Hope you like it!
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Lyria in Lyria´s fanarts   
    So in my short introduction I wrote something about an art-gallery and so here it is! I´ll post all artworks and illustrations here, so I hope you will like it!
    My first DU Wallpapers
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    DarkTemplar reacted to Kurock in Question on losing inventory upon death   
    When you die in DU you lose your inventory (half disappears and half is lootable) but keep your quanta and your master blueprints. (At least that was the original plan from NQ)
    Lootablilty of DACs is a sticky topic. Originally NQ said they would *not* be lootable and there was a loud disproportional stink about it. So this has been discussed before...at length. You can wade though that topic here:
    A point that was raised is that someone paid real money for the DAC and then it got stolen. Let's repeat that: A player paid for something and got no return for it. NQ is ethically and morally bound not to allow that. And no, crying "git good noob" does not somehow make that OK.
    The EvE system to bank PLEX is one solution but will take precious dev time. Another that was suggested is that DACs are unlootable until they are sold for the first time. The effect of this is that hoarding in-game bought DACs carry an inherent risk which I have no issue with. A player can pop them immediately for time or accept the risk of keeping them.
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    DarkTemplar reacted to DarkHorizon in Subscriptions and DAC's: Can You Afford Them?   
    In the time I've spent reading these forums, I see this topic come more than a handful of times on DAC's and DU's subscription system. It's something to be expected, a merchant goes "hey I got a nice product, pay me xyz dollars", then the consumer goes "how can I get this for the best value for my money?".
    This is a quite normal thought process. I think of it every time when looking at goods and their prices and especially before I check out my products. We value our money because we put time and effort into earning it, and want to maximize our potential with it.
    Our time on Earth is fairly limited. We'd much rather spend it doing the things we enjoy. Being among family and friends, playing a favorite game or watching a pleasurable TV show, producing something we know others will find value in, enjoying a good drink, or relaxing someplace nice.
    Our money is also fairly limited. Bills and utilities need to be paid, food stocked in the fridge, insurance for the car, books for the college student, the oldest child needs to borrow $20, again... the list goes on.
    The means with which we acquire said money is also relatively limited. Businesses are open certain hours, shifts are only so long, and our work is only so interesting before we must devote that remaining days time to the above mentioned.
    Insert Dual Universe.
    For those of you that are currently not in the Pre-Alpha tests, you've seen the videos (some more than once) and read the news, you're excited. Pre-Alpha testers are not only excited but are also able to experience this new game and bring some of their dreams to virtual life for others to enjoy.
    Mind, blown... Everything seems awesome until you meet "subscription" and "Dual Access Coupons". Upon closer inspection, this is, indeed, a subscription-based game... oh no...
    For those of us that have followed along for a while, we know that a subscription will fall somewhere around $10 to $13 a month, while DAC's will be a bit more expensive at $15 to $20 a month. Not a big deal right? For some, it isn't, but for others, it's a major hurdle. Maybe you've been a free2play player all your life and can't imagine the thought of paying, or perhaps you simply can't afford it.
    Well friends, hurdles are made for jumping over, sometimes three at a time. and jump we will...
    If you can't afford a months subscription time, let's dig into this thing called 'our life' and examine what we can do to afford a months worth of game time. 
    If you don't have time to read, I'll cut this all down to a paragraph for you at the very bottom of this post! 
    First off, what is the difference between a subscription and a Dual Access Coupon? What even are they, to begin with?
    Have you ever been to a fair? For those who haven't, the rides are fun, and the food is more than questionable. From sugar overload to dipped in oil to stuff you've never seen before and never will again...
    How do you get access to that fair though? You can do two things:
    Buy an all-day wristband at the gate. Unlimited rides from now until closing time. One person only, or... Buy tickets. The ferris wheel is one ticket, bumper cars are two, etc. You can split it among friends.  
    You go for the wristband and wander in. At the fair, there are those booths filled with games that are statistically near improbable to win but among the prizes, you notice that there are tickets, with a grand prize being a roll of 1000 tickets. With some time, you luck out and score that 1000 ticket roll but you have an all-day pass, what do you do with it?
    You sell it to the kids that need more tickets and make back what you paid for on your all-day pass.
    Short analogy, lets work with it...
    All new accounts will start with a free trial. Think of this as being outside the fair, yet still able to see all the rides that are inside. You can enter the game environment and get an idea of what you can do inside of it, but there are limits like skill restrictions, construct sizes and the number of elements that can be placed for example. You can see the rides, you just can't ride them.
    In Dual Universe, let's say that this all day wristband is the subscription that you buy from the gatekeeper, NovaQuark. It's yours and can not be taken from you in-game. You get thirty days to play, after which your subscription will end and you can either pay for another month or end up unable to play.
    Dual Access Coupons are like the tickets. You can also get them from NovaQuark and spend them in the game environment however you like. Be it hiring out another players services, using it to fund your own time, or you could give it to a friend. If you put in your own services into the in-game environment, you can get paid in DAC's as well. Since DAC's are not as secure as a subscription and present as an item in the game, you also run the risk of having them taken from you with force by another player.
    You can buy a subscription, pay for the game, and be perfectly fine. You can also buy Dual Access Coupons or earn them inside the game to also pay for your game. Both achieve the same goal, but what's the difference?
    A subscription is purchased from NovaQuark and tied to you, it can't be taken in-game, and it can't be sold in-game. A Dual Access Coupon can also be purchased from NovaQuark, unlike with a subscription, however, it is only associated with you. What this means is that the DAC can be stolen from you in the game since it is an in-game item. It can be purchased in-game from another player, and likewise sold as well.  
    Now that we've defined what a subscription and DAC is, as well as the differences between them, let's go about discussing how we can pay for our game time.
    Since DAC's are more versatile, in-game items, I will be referencing them in the place of subscriptions. Be sure to also keep in mind that DAC's are a few dollars more expensive than a subscription.
    Let's assume for simplicity sake that a single DAC is $15 and expand it over a years time.
    $15 x 12 = $180
    Starbucks ---
    Caffe Latte  -  Tall (Small)  -  $2.95
    $3 x 5 days = $15
    15 x 4 weeks = $60/month --- Not including saved gas money
    1/3rd of a year's DACs
    Now that you lasted a month, maybe you want to cut Starbucks out of your life entirely?
    $60/month x 12 months = $720
    720/180 = ...
    4 years of DAC's
    Dropping your coffee habit alone could pay for a year of time playing Dual Universe, AND that of three friends! 
    Xbox Live ---
    12mo = $60 or 1mo x 12 = $120
    1/3rd to 2/3rds of a years DACs
    No job ---
    If you don't want to give up your console gaming and aren't old enough to hold a job, go shovel snow, rake yards, mow lawns, wash cars, trim bushes etc. $60 is a good weekends worth of work, it's also good exercise too!
    Additionally, if you're still a kid and you get an allowance from your parents, you are now on my hit-list because I never got one and I'm super duper jealous of those that do. You can put that towards your subscription.
    If you get paid for doing chores around the house, you are also on my hit-list because I never got paid for doing chores, insanity I say! A roof over my head, food in my stomach, and clothes on my back were payment enough. 
    Now, if you can hold a job...
    Yes job ---
    How long would you have to work to fund a year's worth of gameplay? Not as much as you might think...
    Not including tips or lunch breaks ---
    180 / 7.25 (US federal minimum wage) = ~25 working hours or just over three days at eight hours/day
    180 / 10 = 18 working hours or a little over two days
    180 / 15 (some state-mandated minimum wages) = 12 working hours, a day and a half's work, or for some, an all-day shift 
    Phone plan ---
    If you have a phone payment plan through a major wireless carrier, you are messing up, hardcore! Consider looking at a non-major wireless carrier and you could save big.
    Verizon: 4 lines - Unlimited talk, text, data, high quality streaming for $160/mo = $1920/yr
    *MintSim: 1 line - Unlimited talk, text 10G high-speed data (per mo) then unlimited throttled - $25/mo (if purchasing 1yr bulk package = $300/yr) x 4 lines = $100/mo = $1200/yr
    4 lines on MintSim over 4 lines on Verizion makes for a savings of $720/year
    4 years of DACs
    *This is strictly for comparative purposes, I do advocate nor am I paid to on behalf of MintSim, this is strictly for comparison reasons, please don't hurt me.
    **MintSim runs on the T-Mobile network so you may or may not have coverage in your area.
    Cable TV ---
    I can only compare this to myself so bear with me.
    Basic Cable = 20 channels = $20/mo
    12mo = $300/yr
    TV antenna + coax cable = 9 channels + 6 sub-channels
    $40 - one time cost until something breaks
    Money saved on TV each month could easily pay for your DACs if you're on a limited TV plan or live in a metro area with lots of TV antennas.
    If you're interested in this, the US FCC has a barebones guide on antennas in your area with only a zip code needed. Of course, this all depends on your immediate controllable environment like the antenna location+height vs trees, other buildings, and things more or less out of your control like a mountain between you and the antennas or living down in a valley, even the weather can be against you. Renters might want to check their building codes when mounting an antenna on the roof or on a mast.
    College Books ---
    If you're buying them outright (from your college bookstore) and not renting them (also bookstore) that's also another issue... Get them, and rent them online, the savings can be massive!
    Abnormal Psychology 8thEd - Oltmanns and Emery
    College bookstore: $278
    Amazon: $247 (purchased, new)
    Amazon: $35 (rented)
    Amazon: $10 (purchased, new, international edition)
    Savings of $268 off one book for one semester 
    17.5 months of DAC 
    Bigwords is personally recommended for their comparison services.
    Transportation to and from college ---
    Let say you live in a modest town of and college is all the way across town so you drive five miles like I would have to do every weekday, then five miles back home.
    Your car gets 30mi/gal on an 8gal tank. 240 miles per tank.
    Gas = $2.55 for the state of North Dakota
    One tank = $20.40
    Your car can make 22 round-trips + 1 for stop/go + 1 for gas if it's strictly for this use. 
    Most colleges will offer students a free or discounted pass on public transportation. Let's say that isn't offered and you're stuck paying regular fares. My local bus service charges $1.50/ride for an adult without a student ID, and rides are free with their ID. In this case:
    $1.50 x 2 rides/day x 22 round-trips = $66
    One tank = $22.40
    In this case, driving yourself is more economical than riding the bus.  A trip to campus from home for me is 30 minutes so I spend an hour on transportation each day. So considering my student pass makes transportation free, it becomes a value question? What do you value more, your time, or your money?
    Don't forget that a vehicle needs to be insured so that costs additional money and there are so many variables I won't even bother spelling it out but it is worth remembering.
    Savings of $43.60 if you drive as opposed to riding the bus
    2.75 months of DACs
    $66 not spent if you can ride for free
    4 months of DACs
    Mobile Options ---
    Yes, you can use your phone to make money.
    Some will pay you for installing and trying out various apps. Maybe you have to install it and have a look around, or perhaps you have to achieve a particular objective or rise up to a specific level?
    Others will pay you to view ads. I'm only familiar with ones that show lock screen ads which only take a fraction of a second to slide away, but there might be other options available too.
    If you have an Android (not sure about iPhones) and haven't heard, Google Opinion Rewards is a great place to start. The only catch is that you can only spend your credit in the Google Play store.
    Digital Currency Mining ---
    I have absolutely no experience in this so forgive me if this is short.
    By now I'm pretty sure that everyone and their mum have heard of the Bitcoin. If you haven't, what kind of rock have you been living under and can I get one too?
    Aside from the Bitcoin, there are various other coins out there that hold "value" and are obtained through a process of "mining". Mining involves crunching numbers and verifying the results. This can be a slow process although it can be sped up with more powerful hardware that if bought for the sole purpose of mining, brings the process of Return on Investment (RoI) into play.
    For individuals, this could be a zero-sum game.
    While Bitcoin has increased in value over the years, so has the difficulty in mining. Basically, where you could score say once every hour a couple years ago, you'd be lucky today to do so every week, month, quarter, I really don't know. Additionally, more people are mining the currency so that ups the factor now that the Bitcoin pie is being split among more people.
    Aside from paying off your RoI which could take months, there is also the cost of electricity you need to consider. Sure you could be mining coins, but that money might just be going to your electric company in exchange for the additional power you are consuming from running your equipment 24/7. Not to mention any applicable wear and tear associated with the constant use or pushing your components beyond safe limits.
    Lets also not forget to talk about the climate that's around you. Since your components need to be kept cool in order for them to work, if you can pull in cool air and exhaust out hot air, you'll be peachy. If you're pulling in already warm air, however, your cooling setup will need to work a lot harder to keep your components from overheating which again you'll also need to consider your electric prices.
    Did I also mention that you are competing against warehouses of GPU's and CPUs (that sometimes catch fire)?
    It should also not need mentioning that digital currency is extremely volatile. Indeed, something that might be worth $20,000 one day, might easily be half that the next.
    Above all, digital currency is a gamble, not an investment.
    That said, there are various digital currencies that can be mined through CPU's and GPU's, although I recently (3/27) just heard about a new currency, Burstcoin, that can be mined using your digital storage devices. If you're so inclined, it might be something worth looking into.
    Work in-game ---
    If none of the above is an option and you have a good deal of spare time on your hands, do some work in the in-game economy. Let me explain how this works:
    There are often two types of people: Those who have a lot of money but not much time, and those who have a lot of time but not much money.
    Someone will buy a handful of DAC's and exchange them for Quanta, you put in some work and after being paid for your work, you can then use that Quanta to turn around purchase your DAC's in the game environment and be set for another 30 days.
    Mine, refine, haul, build, design.
    The only limit to the possibilities is you.
    Not enough in-game time, no outside money ---
    What kind of pickle are we in here? A big, juicy, fat one. Let it be known on the record, I hate pickles...
    You have plenty of online and mobile options to choose from but be wary, these can be fairly hit-and-miss. From having a minimum required balance to withdraw to not being able to withdraw in your desired method, these are only the start of your issues.
    "Get Paid To..." websites are exactly what they sound like. You'll be paid for various things like giving your opinion on surveys, watching videos, and completing tasks. The greatest source of income can be had through purchasing sample packs or getting an item for a discount on the basis that you get a few extra dollars in return (spend 5, get 7).
    Depending on the website and activity you choose, however, you could be fraught with risks. Are you comfortable with giving your demographics to surveys so they can confirm or deny your participation based on their desire to hear from a subset of people (male, 30s, part-time job, birthday, college educated, married, etc), do you trust your credit card details online in exchange for sample products? 
    A couple of other risks entail spam. Although I had received very little spam in my email inbox prior, that certainly ticked up after I started earning through this method. I haven't received any physical spam in the mailbox, but it's been years since I used this service so things may have changed.
    Additionally, if you truly value your time, this might not be the best option. While doing surveys, I can not tell you how many times I was booted at the very end because the survey reached their participation goal, my demographics were undesirable, or a question I answered had screened me out. Having spent, in some cases 30 minutes, it is very rage inducing. The fact that you may not even get a few cents in compensation for your time that is now wasted is one major reason why I would not endorse this, although being a teenager with no income, I muscled through.
    I could go at this activity all day and sometimes not even break a dollar, although, on a good day when I was blessed by the gods, $10 was mine for the taking. Of course, if you have a job then you'll be guaranteed payment for your time, whereas here, you obviously have no such thing which is one of the reasons why you won't find me doing this.
    All that said, I consider myself a personal success story, having earned almost $600 in the time I spent doing this which I think is no small feat, although there are some who have gone on to earn thousands (yes, plural) over an extended period of time.
    If you recognize this website, please do not speak of it by name. I broke away after they implemented their 3-month timeout mechanism that locks your earnings which I wholly protest, so I can not, and will not endorse them. Yes, this is one such feature you might have to put up with...
    I won't promote any single site by name but if you google around, finding one should not be an issue.
    With all this in mind, this really is a last-ditch effort which is why I have moved this to the bottom of the stack.
    Now, this is all strictly an example, it obviously won't fit everyone.
    There are so many things you can either do without or adjust your spending on when it comes to saving money that it really is a no-brainer when it comes to paying for your game time. Sure when you look at $120 to $180, it can be a big number all by itself, but when you do a bunch of small things over the course of time, it really starts to add up. Hey, isn't that a saying somewhere? 
    Why do I bring this up when $10 isn't a big deal like I said in the intro? Because it is a big deal.
    Again, little savings do add up over time when compared to societies current habit of spend spend spend, swipe swipe swipe. 
    Do you really need to go out for dinner every other night at the corner restaurant when a homemade meal can cost a fraction of that and still take just as much time to prepare as it would driving to the restaurant and waiting?
    Do you really need that thousand dollar iPhone when your current model is just fine? Need more storage, buy an SD card or use the cloud. Need more battery life, buy a power pack. Need a faster phone, drop Apple and take a bite out of a $480 OnePlus5, it's got six gigs of ram and SD 435 for its CPU. Yeah, that's right, it's an android. Bite me you expensive fruit, cheap candy is the way to go! 
    Yeah, it's nice to splurge those savings on something once in a while when you feel like you deserve it, case-in-point, I'm a ruby founder.
    Also, pay with cash over using a credit card, it's an easy way to visualize how much you're actually spending in between paychecks.
    In closing, yes, you can afford a DAC, you can afford tons of them, you just don't know how to do so. Luckily now you do.
    These few examples are just ones I pulled off the top of my head that I have either seen or experience in my personal life, I'm sure folks can come up with so much more to add here so I'll just leave it at that to get you started! 
    Please suggest something and I'll add it to this post!
    Hope this helped!  
    If you skipped all the way to the bottom and didn't bother to read everything I laboriously took the time to write, here's what you can do to afford your Dual Universe subscription.
    Cut out Starbucks, stop playing on Xbox Live, mow lawns, wash cars, shovel driveways, re-evaluate your phone and cable TV plans, rent your college books online, consider using public transportation to and from college if your pass makes it free to do so, do some in-game work, or consider looking for ways to make money doing things online.
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    DarkTemplar reacted to MrShaw in BOO - Band of Outlaws Recruitment   
    BOO : Badass Outlaw Organization 

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    DarkTemplar reacted to Mod-Meldrik in Sapphire and up gets ALL of the patron pack?   
    The following is what you will get as a Founder with the Automatic Supporter Rewards System
    "Automatic Supporter Rewards for Founder Backers
    Basically, we decided to upgrade founder pledges with supporter rewards except:
    DACs from Supporter Packs Beta Keys from Supporter Packs In-game and forum titles from Supporter Packs Name in credits as a Supporter backer T-Shirt from Patron Pack.  What does it mean for each Founder backer level:
    Silver Founder backers gain:
    Alpha 2 Access (instead of Beta) Sanctuary Territory Unit (x1) Arkship Passenger Outfit (Bronze) Supporter Pet lvl.1 (different from Founder Pets) Legacy Resurrection Node (x1) Extra Character Customization (x3)  Gold Founder backers gain:
    Sanctuary Territory Unit (x1) Legacy Earth Outfit (Silver) Arkship Passenger Outfit (Bronze & Silver) Supporter Pet lvl.1 & lvl.2 (different from Founder Pets) Legacy Resurrection Node (x1) Furniture Props set (10 props set) Character Animation Pack (5 animations) Fireworks (x50) Extra Character Customization (x6) Supporter Character Name Reservation (lower priority than Founder ones) Content Creator Pack  Sapphire Founder backers (and above) gain:
    Sanctuary Territory Unit (x2) Legacy Earth Outfit (Silver) Arkship Passenger Outfit (Bronze & Silver) Supporter Pet lvl.1, 2 & 3 (different from Founder Pets) Legacy Resurrection Node (x2) Furniture Props set (20 props set) Character Animation Pack (10 animations) Fireworks (x100) Extra Character Customization (x9) Supporter Character Name Reservation (lower priority than Founder ones) Content Creator Pack"  
    Source: https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001639873-FAQ-Supporter-Packs
     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    As other's have pointed out, yes, they will include Alpha 1 and 2. While it may not have been the best way to answer the question, they are correct.
    "We also announced a while back that those Supporter Packs wouldn't give access before the Alpha 2 phase. However, after many internal discussions, we have decided to proceed differently, for the reasons explained here. If you have only just discovered the project and are ready to dive into the many worlds of Dual Universe, these Supporter Packs will give you the opportunity to help back its ongoing development and redeem exclusive items, too! Not only that, but by pledging the Patron Pack, it will allow you to take part in the live testing during Pre-Alpha!"
    Source: http://dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/new-supporter-packs-are-here/
    See also; http://dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/regarding-access-to-pre-alpha-and-the-patron-pack/
    "Nearing the end of August 2017, we made a second announcement in which we decided to delay the Alpha 1 phase. We wanted to adopt a more progressive approach in development by improving server stability first before adding additional gameplay features.You can find that announcement here.
    Today we announced the Supporter packs, which give the following access:
    Contributor Pack: Alpha 2 Sponsor Pack: Alpha 1 Patron Pack: Pre-Alpha You can find the announcement here."
    The access phase stated in the individual packs just means how early you'll be able to get in to the development of the game. If you back Patron, you will have access to Pre-Alpha, Alpha 1, Alpha 2 and Beta.
    Which also leads into the next quote and answer:
     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    This is why there are only 3 different packs this time around. You are not buying for the perks. You are buying for the access and to help test and support Novaquark in the development of Dual Universe.

    The perks came and went with the Kickstarter and Founder Packs.

    " Please choose the Supporter Patron Pack only if:
        - You want to help the Dev team improve the game experience immediately and you are okay to test the game under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).
        - You wish to support the game extensively without in-game access at this time.
    Source: http://dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/03/07/regarding-access-to-pre-alpha-and-the-patron-pack/

    This is why there is also a big red warning message confirming you this before you confirm and buy the packs.
    Disclaimer: you are joining a game that is under development. While you will be able to play and we hope you will enjoy the game, this is a real Pre-Alpha and as such, you must expect the following : The game servers are available once per week (Each test date & time is available at the top of the Dual Universe homepage) The Pre-Alpha phase is under strict NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). It means you cannot share footage of the game. There will be bugs, game crashes and the client isn't optimized for low specs computers. As we are in Pre-Alpha, not every gameplay feature (such as PvP and the Economy) is available in-game. You can check the homepage in order to see what is available now and what will come later. You can also check the community Trello for more information. Thank you @Alethion for posting this
    See the lines I made bold and underlined @FullSend.
     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    The packs are not meant to be about the perks, but rather your faith in Novaquark and helping them with the Development of Dual Universe.
    Lastly, I believe this should answer the question of the topic now!

    ~ Meldrik
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