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A Wild Lego Appears!

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Happened upon Dual as I was browsing the interwebs for several hours yesterday, depressed over the seemingly stagnant progression or lack of excellent games out there right now. 


I might of pee'd just a bit when I started reading in to Dual Universe. On paper, it sounds like everything I've wanted in a sci-fi game, and I sure do hope it delivers. ;)


Anyways, I hope to be a valued contributor to this upstart community! Can't wait to meet all of you, and have some fun!


- Lego

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Welcome Lego! :D


I feel the same way. Games right now seem to be in stagnant state. The great MMO's we have played all seem to be watered down in favor of micro transaction and cute pets vs fun game play or making a game for fun.


I was playing a voxel building game in closed beta, but that company seems to have shifted focus for a while off that game onto another and its kinda dried up. Not really playing much of anything at the moment.  I hope Dual fits that hole where I have a desire to play games. It appears to me that the people heading up Dual and working on it are passionate, intelligent and quite artistic. I have good feelings about this game. :D

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