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  1. Honestly, now is as good a time as ever. If we had one, I could go ahead and post my confederacy up for recruitment, and I'm actually a little salty that some other people got a head start on me xD But Nyz, when you see this, do put the idea out there so we can get the recruitment section as soon as possible.
  2. If you can figure it out, you can make anything. Giant robots can be a possibility, hovercraft, planes. I don't know about cars, as I've never seen any wheels, but hovercraft parts could be substituted.
  3. I'd agree with Astrophil. As for the vibe you get, I can guarantee that this is a lot better than Space Engineers.
  4. Welcome to the forums! You'll find that we're an easy group to throw ideas with.
  5. Welcome to the forums, Balkazarno.
  6. Welcome to our forums! Just to let you know, this section of the forums is not where you post your introduction. It's the section.
  7. Can the game possibly be more awesome! I'm so psyched to see all of this! I'd be perfectly happy playing a demo of the game as it is!
  8. Welcome! It's nice to see more people joining. As for the awesome character creation, check out the gameplay mechanics assembly section in the forums.
  9. What's funny is that this seems to be the idea that most of us agreed with back when we all discussed this. Another thing is that it'll keep the player base more mature in terms of age (I don't know if that was stated anywhere above.) So that's always nice.
  10. Hylios


    At this point in development, do we have any idea of what the wildlife of Alioth will look and function like? Furthermore, will we be able to hunt them for things like food and clothing?
  11. Hylios


    A single well-placed shot of sufficient bore could shear the cockpit right off of the Millenium Falcon. So, in my eyes, one of the worst places for it.
  12. I don't think that most of the things you described would take a complex algorithm, the thing foremost in my mind being gravity where its effect decreases over distance. So I don't think it would be too hard to code and render. Then again, I'm no coder and a lot of what you said went right over my head.
  13. Hylios


    To be perfectly honest, I think the bridge of any ship should be located in the center of the ship, or at least nestled within some considerable armor. Observation decks are find, but I would apply liberal usage of bulkheads between them and the rest of the ship. I'm one for utility, rather than aesthetics.
  14. It'd be cool to have some emotes pertaining with shipboard stuff. The /datapad emote is one such thing in my mind, but we could also have things like /weld or /console to have characters act as if they're doing on the ship. Just my two cents.
  15. Hylios


    How will piloting function as the scale of ships get larger? Say I want to build a Battlestar or Macross, and have some consoles set up in command bridge to maneuver the ship. Will my pilot(s) have to do that by sight? Or will there be some sort of display on the console for the pilot(s) to use?
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