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  1. I think this is a great idea, however, as post launch feature. Having some 3D prints of some constructs/ships would be awesome Thumbs up from me
  2. If your talking about this structure below, then this is the Arkship
  3. Just amazing! I still can't believe the growth we have in COPS for membership If we get to 100 members, that would be a major milestone for the COPS organization I think
  4. I think I came across you guys a few times in planetside 2 while playing on the NC side I do have to say the battles were pretty crazy today lol. How was the TR side? It seemed things were back and forth between the NC and TR. Next week, if game night is back in PS2, you all should try the NC side. Its pretty crazy lol
  5. I'll be playing NC as "MichaelKatarnxNCx" on Emerald... Let the hunt begin lol I may hop in the teamspeak but It depends though if I can find my only working headset in time and get teamspeak installed and working properly by then
  6. That might more than likely be the Emerald Server lol. I play on that server alot and its is very populated most of the time. That server is US Eastern time btw Also, I'd be more than happy to join in on this game night! However, I play NC as I find it much more fun and challenging than the other factions lol
  7. Welcome to the forums and Dual Universe!
  8. I'll be planning on making ships that match in style to a ship I once made before a long while back. Its the ship that's on my profile background and the one in my signature
  9. xD man I wish I could leave a Like on your comment lol. -tries to leave a like- gaaaahh! xD
  10. It would be great to also have a Notifications System of some sort and Adding Friends Feature like we have here on the Forums for the Community Portal as well. It would make it much more convenient to know if there is a new reply, post, comment, and such. Especially when there is a new post, comment, and reply that's made on the main page of the organization you are a member of
  11. I do have to agree we are growing fast as an organization and community and you bet we all have the coolest forum banners! Kiklix has done an amazing job with them! Thanks as well Kiklix! Its good to see another landmark refugee here p.s. I Like your post but I'm at my limit for Likes lol. That darn Like Limit xD
  12. I was introduced to Dual Universe a long ways back when I was still playing another Voxel building game, and a few other games on the side at the time, and they reached out to me on twitter asking for feedback from experienced builders. This was almost a year and a half ago and ever since then I have been following, giving feedback, and giving suggestions as much as I can as I found Dual Universe to be the game I was looking for The biggest things that draw me to Dual Universe is its voxel building, non-restricted building sizes/scale, its 'Millions of Planets' feature as said on their main website as this will be great for exploration, its Politics/Trading/Territory/Organizations features, its MMO feature, and the community that has grown here on the forums
  13. A fellow Michigander! Also, I wish I could Like your comment but I reached my like limit xD
  14. I was actually just thinking about the limit on Likes here on the forums lol. I think the limit needs to be alot higher or removed completely. There's alot of things I would like to leave a Like on but can't because of the limit.
  15. It really is great to see the organization grow rapidly like this so many new members To anyone that recently joined, welcome! We sure do have alot of members that will be great in all various aspects of the game: from building to scripting and exploring to pirating/plundering lol
  16. All aboard the Hype Train! My gosh this is AMAZING!
  17. Are you seeking someone that manufactures starships, buildings, weapons, and other various goods? Look no further! Chances are I got what you want, but at a price of course ;)

  18. The E3 trailer was just amazing! I definetly wasn't expecting this The hype is real right now for me lol
  19. I am unsure of what to vote or recommend. I thought Alliance of Free Worlds was alright. If I was forced to offer some suggestions here would be a few: The Exodus Empire, Alliance of Exiles, or maybe Black Sun Exiles But like is said, I have no idea honestly, I'm not one to come up with good names lol *On a side note, since this post is intended for AFW members, wouldn't it of been better to have this as a group message instead of a post?
  20. Even though I have already posted my intro a long while back, I thought it would be good to re introduce myself for all the newcomers here on the forums it's great to see many new people here For those that don't already know me, I'm Michaelc. I am one of the alpha team members here on the forums and am a person who likes to build and create things! I currently play a mixture Battlefeild 3&4, Planetside 2, and Ark: Survival Evolved while I am waiting for Dual Universe I am a beginning modder starting with a custom map for Ark: SE which is really fun working on. I was a landmark player so building with Voxels is something I am used to. When Dual Universe comes out I plan on being a builder/manufacturer of many things for any and all factions/groups that are allies/friendly to me ingame. If anyone would like to see an example of what I can make, visit my forum profile and the header image is a ship that I once made and will be recreating in Dual Anyways, that's pretty much it. It's nice to meet all the newcomers here! feel free to add me as a friend or follow me on twitter @MichaelcMI96 See you all around!
  21. ^I'm with you on this 100% Everything looks amazing! I can't wait lol. Amazing job devs! Keep up the amazing work!
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