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  1. There are a number Landmark players who have announced interest in Duel and many have intended to try Duel out.
  2. We have superior technology. We are observers, relatively neutral...but once provoked will cause massive flooding on your planet or we might sling a large asteroid or two at it.
  3. I am hoping for coal and steam/electric power.
  4. If someone steals a design/blueprint, NQ should heavily enforce it. IMO to the point of an IP ban. The people who are championing for no NQ to do nothing about it, are the thieves themselves. Don't be jealous because someone builds a nice ship and charges for their time (completely justified) and you are too cheap to pay for it. Get good or get banned.
  5. As others have stated it is very likely that you can build that big. I would be concerned however with fueling the ship and maintaining it. I would say to definitely set your goals to build what you want, but imo I would start small to get a feel for the mechanics and material cost, fuel cost etc. I am a ship builder as well and although I do like large capital ships, I find that they are rarely necessary (in other games that is). I would focus on something that does what you need it to do, but does not go over board. That being said, if you are the primary builder for a large 100+ organization, then you should have the support to make your large vessels
  6. It's hard to say for me. I think I would have to first see what the game offers in a more completed state. I can say at the forefront that building is core for me. I enjoy building bases, homes, spaceships (been playing a lot of empyrion and minecraft lately). ​I am not sure how much conflict I will want to get into, so for me finding a planet as far away from civilization as I can find and set up a base of operations there sounds appealing. ​
  7. What are we without the sky.

  8. I agree with the OP. Element doors are fine, but eventually players are going to desire different art forums to fit their style. If Dual makes a ton of money so future development is not only ongoing but healthy, then i am fine with them making all the doors elements as long as they can fit the majority of our needs, but that seems more difficult and costly vs a voxel door assembly. I do not believe elements will be able to be scaled, which for doors is kind of a tough thing. Players are going ot want to add lots of immersion into their builds so a door could be anything from an entry into the ship, an entry into a room, a door to a cabinet, a cargo bay entry, etc. The list goes on and on. The ability to reuse and repurpose elements will go along way into solving the needs of players. In the beginning it makes sense that all the styles will be similar (not ship shape, but elements) as we all come from the Arkship. I think though, as time goes on, factions break apart, people find even more distant planets to inhabit, we should also see a chance or rather an evolution of styles. Sci-Fi can be clean like Star Trek, a bit dystopian like Star Wars or Firefly, or alien like Prometheus. I would like to see elements that allow for players to break out of the Arkship mold so to speak. Anyway, point is. The variance of needs (ramp doors, large docking doors, aperture portals, etc) and styles greatly necessitates voxel construct animation.
  9. I personally think that the Dual Forums should be locked down like the WOW forums are. No signatures, no outside links. I would even go so far as to say no personal pictures (wow uses an avatar based on how your character in game looks). This is the best way to keep the forums clean, neutral, family friendly, and reduce the risk of someone clicking a link that takes them to a page that unloads a virus onto their computer. I have made more signatures on these forums than anyone. I love signatures and think they are fun but without heavy moderation they can be a problem. Dual does not have time or money to ultimately monitor the forums in that way. The more players the more issues with the signatures. Best option is to mirror what other successful game companies have done for their forum moderation. It will reduce making your appearance unique, but at the same time people should not be spending all their time on the forums. They should be in game. (yes I know there is no game yet, but there is also not 1500 posts worth of stuff to talk about on the forums).
  10. I expressed my issues. Please change your post as you copy pasted what work Lady Astrum and I did.
  11. I would like to request that you remove this description of your organization. It is pure plagiarism of the COPS write up. This was not your writing and you had no input on the writing. And in actuality, your entire write up about your organization is straight plagiarism of the cops write up. " The arkships landed. We woke anew, scared, unsure. Groups formed, factions aligned. Power corrupted. For all the efforts to save our species, the millennia we traveled, we reverted almost instantly back to that old human nature. Not even extinction could change our habits, our instinct. We have all been there. Watching and witnessing the mega-corporations metastasize and feed off the livelihood of the less fortunate. Class warfare, poverty, slavery...being forced to work by some clown sitting at the top of his ivory tower barking commands. I’ve had enough of it, most likely so have you. It’s time to break from those chains and live a free life. It ain’t easy, ain’t too much glory, but it’s honest (for the most part) and fair. We are a coalition, a collaboration, a consortium, a conspiracy, a communion, a clan, a crew, a club, a confederation, a confederacy collecting cohorts connected, conjoined, combining efforts to be a free people, free from tyranny, terror, and totalitarianism"
  12. I would love to see the ships UI (the customization screens). I love glowing HUD's in games but I would love more if they had a function in games, and I would lose my mind if we have functional glowing HUD's that we can customize. I love the ship displays in star citizen, but being able to customize those would bring it up another level.
  13. Kiklix

    Space Whales

    I am in the minority here. I never understood the fascination with giant space whales. I do like large tardigradeish beasts who's carapice make amazing space faring hulls for ships...but space whales..bleh...only good for their blubber and oil.
  14. I have nothing constructive to add oustide of agreement with what has already been said in this tread. If what they show is a small growth of what we have already seen in the other videos it will most certainly spark hype in those who know nothing about Dual. If they show more, like combat (even in the simplest form) there is no doubt we are going to see a huge rush of people to the forums to sign up. The more information, the better. I am trying to work with members of COPS to adapt to new information we get from Novaquark in making this process as streamlined as possible. Exciting stuff to say the least!
  15. Excellent idea FHG_Steve! You have the full support of COPS. I for one do not want to see a barren wasteland everywhere I go. Even if it's a longshot it's worth a try. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke
  16. COPS video intro. ​This is my second time to use After Effects and first time mixing audio so this is probably subject to change. Fun stuff, tons to learn. Enjoy. ​********WARNING: TURN DOWN SOUND...MY AUDIO MIXING IS BAD********
  17. This makes sense to a degree. From what I understand, there will be no 'healing' of terrain so the damage will be permanent anyway, but the Earth does heal over time. I know this takes hundreds if not thousands of years but growth and dust form new layers of Earth over craters, man made structures, fallen fauna and flora etc. I would like to see the land "heal" personally over a period of maybe 2 months or so or allow us to paint in grass and dirt the players could fix ugly battelfields. We'll just have to wait and see.
  18. I appreciate you extending this feather of support. Although we may not be allies, the enemies of my enemy are my friends, and to this you have our support should you need it. Thank you, Pirate Kiklix
  19. We do not know as an absolute what NQ can make or desires to make, but I do believe that random brainstorming often leads to some of the most inspirational ideas that are so off in left field that the only way to find them is to randomly brainstorm. I imagine NQ can not do 90% of what is being asked here, but it does give some insight into what players would like to see and it helps bring out ideas that maybe even NQ did not think of. At the end of the day, it can only serve to help make a better game.
  20. This is not really that hard guys. I laid it all out in the OP, with video links. Dhara has a link that helps to describe the kind of pirates we are (Noble Pirates). Keep in mind, you all are thinking sea faring pirates, not space pirates. http://futurewarstories.blogspot.com/2013/03/fws-topics-space-pirates.html We are in fact, a Coalition of Pirates & Smugglers...with some tag alongs.
  21. Video is nice. Love the CGI work, music is a bit over the top for my tastes but it works. I am guessing you used stock footage for the live clips? My only complaint is that you need to adjust the kerning on most of your typography. Much of the type reads terribly. This might escape the eyes of most but I picked up on it without looking for it. Outside of the kerning issues it's well done!
  22. Welcome Wilks. Don't pay no attention to the guy above me. If you need an alliance and protection from pirates...we are your answer cause if you don't join us...prepare to get raided...muugghhaaaa....haaaaa......haaaaaaaaaaa JK. Welcome to the forums. Dual looks like it could be a ton of fun. I tried eve once, but it was confusing and a bit intimidating so I gave up before I really began. I have been building spaceships in Landmark (a small voxel building game like Dual is going for) for the past 2 years, but they can't fly or do anything there. I cant wait to dig my heels in here and start making some cool pirate ships. See ya around!
  23. I'd rather start a fire in the fireplace, cozy up with my girlfriend, and sip a mug of hot tea or hot chocolate.
  24. No question that some toxicity has been going on, it's usually the same group of people. I would not put too much stock into it, just ignore them (or report them) and move on. People who argue just to get the last word vs engaging in a thoughtful discussion are simply not worth the time. You will also have groups of people who fail to see the forest for the trees, with these folks you just have to move on. They are incapable of comprehending the greater view more often than not and are stuck in their own bias never realizing a wider perspective, or understanding the crux of the conversation. ​
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