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Hello Noveans!

We’re thrilled to introduce our newest, most innovative feature yet: Boxels!

For years, we’ve marveled at the boundless creative expression of our community using our voxel tech, from the reactor days of voxelmancy, to the VPT and beyond. Our players have built epic worlds, intricate machines, warships, factories, and flying insectoids. But, alas, even as we’ve enjoyed the countless masterpieces crafted, we couldn’t help but notice that something was wrong.

Our voxel technology, while enabling creative freedom, was paradoxically restricting the true artistic potential of our players. With a near-infinite number of possibilities, it was simply too daunting for players to express themselves properly. The number of choices was overwhelming, leaving players adrift in indecision while building in-game. That’s why we decided to think outside the voxel and give you: BOXELS!

We're upgrading our voxel building technology to Boxels, a set cubic shape for enhanced building in Dual Universe.







Here’s what our producer, NQ-Deckard has to say on Boxels:

With DU's existing voxel systems, you have the freedom of moving any vertex of a voxel on a 3-dimensional 253-point grid; we do this in such a way to store a single 3D coordinate into 3 bytes of variable data.

But with our new Boxel technology, we've gone the extra mile to achieve higher levels of cubeness. As the Boxels are always just cubes, and nothing more than cubes, we decided to go above and beyond traditional precision for the never-changing corners of each Boxel by dedicating 4, 64bit, double precision floats to every single corner of every single Boxel. (The fourth one allows us to proudly say we are now the first 4D game!)

If you suffer the effects of high gas prices, don't worry, we've got you covered. Instead of using gas to heat your house, with Boxels, your CPU and Memory will now provide most of the heating your home requires.

Boxels are your inner artist’s ticket to liberation from the oppressive chains of choice. No longer will you need to worry about crafting the perfect shape because our team of geometricians has created it for you! You’re guaranteed (but not actually guaranteed) to find the Boxel to meet your building needs.

With Boxels, you can confidently build knowing that our extensive (but not extensive) shapes library will ensure you’ll never feel overwhelmed by choice again!

We can’t wait to see your Boxel-based masterpieces in Helios. Stay tuned for more updates on our groundbreaking and innovative Boxel technology. Remember: When it comes to creative freedom, sometimes more is less!

Happy Boxel-ing, Noveans.

Yours Cubically,
The Novaquark Team



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35 minutes ago, Virtualburn said:

The fool is you as this should be posted prior to 12pm.... ^^


Well, I posted it first thing in my time zone and it's still April 1st two hours later.  :) But I can see how I can be the fool in this case since it's not your time zone. 😇

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Nice April's Fool posting!

I heard, that there is a new game now coming out in Alpha, that is very similar to DU, but with slightly different game rules. They use the same voxel editing technique it seems, and also having a voxel-based landscape with several solar systems. There are alien life forms with which it can be interacted. Unfortunately, there is also PVP possible everywhere - something I don't like at all. But their PVP is based on factions and how their members interacted with others. Currently, they say, there are 320 thousand players already registered for this upcoming Alpha of Fool's Universe.


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6 hours ago, spaceguru said:

Hope this isn't an April Fool's joke. I would be happy about Boxel in Dual Universe and probably many new players too. I ask for clarification


It is definitely a joke.


But all you need to do to have this "feature" is to only place standard square shaped voxels.


The voxels have the ability to take on many shapes, allowing us to build incredible unique constructs.  But you also have the option to just work with simple squares if you prefer that.

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