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  1. This is the thing, 2 of my biggest bug bears were the markets, parking, over populated, and the towers. It's taken time - as things do - but it has been addressed and it's a very much welcomed change. At least now you know you can fly 1000m up to a market and not worry. there should also be a wider buffer at the markets, 5 km limit for tiles to 500m height. It's the price you pay for wanting to love so close to a game asset.
  2. Or intentional... At least they are getting a realistic number of those players that are still interacting beyond the actual player numbers they can see in game.
  3. I can't but feel these questions and discussions are what should have been had during Alpha... are we still n Alpha? The complexity of 'solutions' or alternative methods of gameplay just open more avenues for issues... the KISS methodology seems to have gone right out of the window. 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. As long as these solutions are focused and rooted in keeping money coming in, rather than enhancing the player experience and a 'fun' environment with minimal grind ... this will always head against the grain of expectations. Add an aesthetics shop, guarantee HQ as long as a sub is paid - then archive the player account and tile which can then be revived if the sub is resumed to the nearest tile from the original if it's now taken with all assets BP'd (buildings / ships) any additional storage is lost. A shop is almost a given now with most games... I don't see why DU should be any different, twitch drops, prime gaming drops, in-house events with monthly specials... engine covers, special voxels you can build and trade... Whether it's been 'Star Cititzen', 'New World', 'Icarius' or any other game that's dropped picked up huge player numbers then suffered from feedback... they have shifted from major parts of intended gameplay to suit the player 'wants'... It's great having a vision for a game, but if players aren't going to enjoy and find the time / reward factor high... it's pointless having these discussions if nothing really changes your main intention. Same with the wipe, there's so much that will be lost beyond the resources or elements. The years of hours that built the game to show it's potential, the ships that no longer have creators so ownership will be lost... vast constructs that took 100's of players to build. ADD THIS ---->>> KNOWN ISSUE : Placement of elements i.e Hubs on Screens doesn't work as intended. I personally won't be back until this is fixed. Fed up of it being ignored.
  4. Less than 20 posts of feedback, this is saddening. I get all the points here. I came back after an 8 month break to rebuild 2 ships, and then hit the issue of the hub not sitting correctly on a screen, only wanted the right to look the same as the left which worked fine. Just couldn't get past that so started another ship waiting for that to get fixed... second ship - smaller - couldn't get the screens to sit the same as they glitched out moving them across storage boxes. Simple problems that have been around forever, nothing in the grande scheme of things and compared to the work that has been done. But things that should not be there for a game at this stage. My fear, as much as love this game and have been there from the beginning, is that by the time it goes for release, it will be dated, there will be other options and the 'single shard' selling point just won't hold it up. Freedom is what we were promised, yet all I see are limits coming... you can't tame the universe, but you are trying to put it in a cage. I still have hope.
  5. I understand there needs to be some for of flatline, BP's are key anyway, but most of our BP's contain elements that we won't be able to purchase or buy for an age of rebuilding. What about ships we've worked to purchase from other players? I have at least 2 ships that I know I will never see again as the players just don't exist in game anymore. What about the player voxel store that has been a key place for old and new players alike to obtain or sample voxels? Places like this are as key to the game experience as some of the player bases and space stations that have become landmarks, these weren't just built in a day or even a couple of months... I don't know, 6 years of my life has been spent in this game building and designing a base inside a mountain, saving for BP's to build the industry I desired and working and working to get the parts to make my personal ships. Yes, the game was in beta, but it's not like there's a been a flow of new players coming and going, most of the core players have spent years getting to where they are. The game itself has come from basic mechanics to some really good content, but you can't deny that this game has been created by players... ALL the ships, all the events / Expos... to log in one day and find everything I've worked to create gone and a pocket load of BP's wouldn't be a thank you for your support over these years, it would be a big screw you, your efforts have amounted to nothing. I've wanted this game to succeed so bad and looking forward to release and some fresh Noveans... but this just sounds like a death nell for me, already I've seen so many talented players pack up and go. I guess maybe that's the intention... you just want a constant renewal of players and subs... no history, no legacy. How far from the tree we have fallen,
  6. The community spoke, you listened, you updated. Thank you.
  7. I certainly hope not. I've spent years getting to where I am now with assets and ships and bank balance to enjoy the game I want to. A wipe would be a crushing blow and leave the game empty. If there were to be a wipe I don't think the steps being implemented for salvaging would have been needed so early to prepare a sustainable future when it comes to tiles and cores. The whole idea of being part of the paid beta was to get that head start in talents and industry, I don't see the point at all.
  8. I really appreciate this post and although you explain quite well how to make a living selling T1 Ore on Alioth, you also highlight everything that is wrong with the current game mechanic. What about those of us that came to this game to design and build and now live on an outer planet? I'm on Jago and this update has killed my gaming entirely. I have spreadsheets, I generally do use them to keep on top of games similar - it's impossible not to. But is this what NQ wants, casual gamers are not going to look at this game at all or they are looking at one-time monthly subs never to be seen again. I'm still trying to get it to work, I've even invested in Industry as well as mining (60 Mil and counting) after the previous update killed the months I'd put into that - to make Warp Cells as the travel costs eat into any kind of profit I'm likely to make - as obviously Market 6 is the only place people go - utter crap (where are linked markets?) I have access to Chromite/Chromium and Petalite/Lithium - neither of which is selling on the market and the price just keeps getting lower as people try to sell. This week it's gone from 300+ to less then 100. So, I appreciate you are doing fine but there are plenty of people that are seeing the only option is to head back to Sanctuary OR become a mining zombie on Alioth. Talk about limiting your options. There is no passive play in this game anymore, it's a chore and monotonous mining tasks. It's great you have Alts, but for those that don't options are limited. I love(d) this game, why is it always punishing me so? Reach for the stars and go broke. The range of play in the game is so limited and restricted now I can see why my own Org and others have moth-balled and left.
  9. Agreed, I haven't done anything this last 2 weeks when I've been able to log on apart from sorting out mining units. Ive just been out to Thades and the tiles there are piss poor. I actually have a single tile there that has some Sulfur but a useless amount so I though I would go scanning.. 40 x (15 minutes) tiles later and not a sniff of T4 or T5 It;s just going to be an easier place for me to get Coal and Quartz. There's a lot of speculation from people and I agree with what you are saying about how much you 'could' make. You mention in your previous post that people mining T4 / T5 can make money - well after 10 days I have sold ZERO Chromium and ZERO Lithium the price just gets lower and lower. I didn't make enough last week to cover the cost of the tax on tiles - NOT INCLUDING the now 60 Million I have spent moving and buying units to actually mine this stuff. I have no idea when I will return to designing my ships or even be able to use any Ore for voxels. All my ships are going to be made of Chrome ^^ I'll run out of money soon and then just go back to Elite Dangerous.
  10. Yes I agree, not only that most players already have 'base' tiles they will need to pay tax on and these don't always give great values, let alone getting the bonus for surrounding tile so you will have to go further to find a tile and pay tax on that tile as well as others you own. I can see the logic in this update but it just isn't workable for casual players who may just want to enjoy the build mechanics of the game. If the bots for example gave a base price that you could cover tax with, this would force up the price of Ores / Pures so people could actually make some money. some more than others obviously, but there has to be a base rate so people can survive and play the game rather than be mining /ore haulers for a living before anything else. Most Orgs don't want casual players so if you are solo then I don't see what the game has to offer in terms of enjoyment anymore. that being said, I've enjoyed getting back into the game and setting up the new mechanic, even through I was lucky enough to have the funds to do so, but if I had a choice, in hindsight I wouldn't have as it's just not a workable solution. Maybe if I come back in 6 months when my talents are complete it may have changed for the better.
  11. You obviously don't understand now mining units work. They have a max of 100L/h (without bonus) so for a tile with 230L/h of resource you would need 3 mining units to take all that an hour. Show me a screen shot of 1 MU with a pull of 230L/h?
  12. Well I think I'm going to mark HQ and disappear for another 8 months. I've been mining Chromite and Petalite since the update and have sold 2,000 Lithium. Prices are so dire it's not even worth refining, in the case for Chromium and Petalite going with buy orders you'll get the same as just selling the Ore, for Chromite more for the Ore than the Pure. Utter waste of paying for refining schematics. It cost me 4 Mil in Warp Cells to just get form Jago to Alioth Market 6. I've spent about 60 Mil to get up and running and see no way of making that money back in the short term let alone paying for the 5 tiles I'm using for mining. The idea of getting more tiles on another planet for some T1 or T2 Ore is just too painful to think about and I'm not going to waste my time because IF I did this I'm sure those prices also would be as bad. Prices for Chromite and Petalite have dropped 50% since update and still falling and as soon as you reduce your price the next person does the same... This tax system should have been put off so people could at least get used to the system, markets settle and you know where you are. I'm broke. I won't be paying my tax monday therefore all the time and effort I've spent placing and setting up mining units will be unusable further preventing me from making any money. I don't see where my game goes from here. The game is dead for me at the moment. I've crossed paths with about 5 people at markets and nobody is buying. NQ is just forcing the bulk of players back to Sanctuary. Which in time will become another Lag Fest for new players. Nice work.
  13. Aye, seems we were never meant to leave... all those occupied Tiles doing nothing... now you need to set up a business before you think of venturing out. Good luck to all the newbies, because being on the back foot 'aint no joke. The future is grim for new players... But, I guess they could just run around their plot all day picking up Ore as the prices are pretty good for that. Should be a sub game... 'Ore Picker' ... until it evolves into the second release 'Auto Miner - Pay your Tax' ^^
  14. Speak for yourself, I've played this on and off for 5 years and I don't have a huge amount of money, I do however have a structure that spreads across 5 tiles. I design, I build and I used to enjoy. This update pushes people like myself out of the game unless I am screwed for tax in game while have to cover a sub in real life. Why worry about Orgs taking over swathes of the map, this game is moving more toward supporting only Org related play and players every-time there is a change. I pity the casual player that can't build that well has to rely on extortionate priced or crappy system ships as well as run around just getting money so his play isn't blocked. I don't like the direction the game is taking at all. It's not living up to the initial idea or promises of freedom to do what you want... because if you are poor this game isn't for you. And for a start every player should have been given a courtesy miner to start off with so they can test this mechanic, this is a 'beta' game after all isn't it? I used to have 7 friends playing this, we built a beautiful structure on Alioth, designed some amazing ships and they have all stopped playing. My home is Jago and I've had to deconstruct everything on Alioth so all our efforts at least for parts and voxels are not lost. My current funds if I don't start selling Ore for meager returns will last me 2 months, logging in daily will give me enough to cover 1 tile tax only. I have other things in life than this game and I feel the end of the road coming near.
  15. Not true, tax is payable on all tiles. Plus "..if the account in question is unsubscribed.." once the game goes live you may also lose everything. Imagine, 8 - 10 years of labour in a game - you want to take a break OR you can't afford the sub- and then you get rinsed by tax and lose everything. Wow, this how to butcher your player base. I have to agree, but I also sympathize there needs to be an element of decay and a limit to a monopoly in areas by a single Org. This news felt like a punch in the gut and the thought of losing years of game time and effort to a tax and decay system that is applied with no levels of consideration for player types has to be the worst idea put forward yet. Orgs aren't going to worry about this if it's actually enforced but solo / casual players won't last long in the game. In fact I doubt when the game goes live they would even consider playing. Christ, you play for the tile, you pay a sub... you pay extortionate prices for ships that are any good - not everybody can manage voxels - just doesn't sound like this is going to be any FUN anymore.
  16. A tax implies you are paying for services to a governing body, I guess the markets and services on the planets like shuttles etc... could be deemed as those services. But what about planets such as Jago? There's hardly anything there, certainly no lovely big market areas for you to wander round? So why should I pay the same tax for tiles on a planet that is mostly water? Why aren't people who have tiles on planets with the most sought after resources paying more tax? Why not increase the tax for tiles closer to the markets to clear out the detritus? As with any change I'm sure you are listening to feedback and I hope this isn't going to a one size fits all change because I've been playing on and off since Alpha and I'll be honest I have 45 Mil in the bank which I don't consider to be a lot especially when 5 tiles will cost 20 Mil a month?!? I love this game for the design element and the meager funds I have built up over this time was form selling BP's for a reasonable sum, I rarely mine unless I need something for Voxels so now I'm being forced to play a game the way I don't want to play it and not how it was planned or advertised... I have no issue with big Orgs paying tax on the vast number of tiles they own, But solo players who want to enjoy this game should have that 5 tile limit with zero tax so they are free to play how they wish, either by building a nice complex on one planet or having 5 smaller bases / tiles on other planets. And I don't see any mention of a tax rebate? F$%$% Capitalism! Screw your Tax! I paid for my Territory and Claimed It... it's mine.
  17. I've been offline for a while and moved to another planet due to all the Org players quitting the game. I want to come back but was waiting for a lot of the issues to be addressed and improvements to be implemented. Am I right in thinking then that that actual weeks of work mining and constructing these bases on territories will firstly empty my bank account with tax then make all my buildings and equipment available for looting? This is the first thing about this game that has truly put me off coming back if I lose all the hard work and innovation I put into this game. I have stored 1000's of voxels ready to come back and complete a range of ships and buildings semi complete. If this tax system is limited to Orgs then fine, but if you are forcing players to play your game or lose everything then this isn't a tactic I'm comfortable with.
  18. Thanks CM we know it's not a priority. It should be. Doesn't matter how many updates and extras you release for a game that doesn't work for part of your player base. I read one excuse that an issue for testing is because there's a year waiting list for a shadow account, I can believe it. Another Cloud gaming company is also sold out completley. https://maximumsettings.com/ This should tell you where your player base will be, cloud based. I appreciate you have nothing to offer but this should be a "hotspot" for NQ; do you have any idea how patronising that sounds? I've put part of my life into this game since 2016, been an advocate and banner waver, tutor and experimenter breaking boundaries with voxels and LUA. "Frustrating"? HA! This whole response from the beginning has been a gut punch.
  19. We've highlighted the issue here : https://www.reddit.com/r/DualUniverse/comments/nelz1j/can_we_have_an_update_on_the_situation_with/
  20. I've been paying £12.99 for the last 2 years. My last GIGABYTE Aero 14 cost me £1,700. After 3 years it's overheating and past it's max setting gaming days. Even paying £29.99 for 3 years is still half the price of any standard gaming rig. As much as I have issues with the price rise, it's still cheaper than any other method of gaming with the same specs and ease of access.
  21. Well I held out hope that after 3 months this update might let me finally play again... 76% this time instead of 70% and the game actually looked like it was going to load as the HUD appeared - CRASH. So it seems Shadow.Tech issue still isn't resolved. The game has been working for the last 4 years on shadow and 0.23 broke it. The future of gaming is cloud based so to imply it’s not their issue or that they won’t be wanting to be listed on Geforce Now on release is just ridiculous. If their update caused issues with NVidia GFX they would working non stop to fix it. Cloud based gamers may be a small percentage at the moment but to ignore this issue is not just an utter smack in face but will ultimately damage their credibility as developers. GTAV / CyberPunk . Empyrion / Elite / RDR2 / ALL EPIC games… ALL UPLAY games…. they work. But it’s Shadows issue obviously.
  22. I disconnected in space and panicked, yet when I logged back in my ship was stationary. I had visions of it floating off into space while I was logging back in. At the end of the day this is a game so the physics and reality are one thing, but playability and enjoyment is another. How is the tool 'not' working and and how are you planning to change it?
  23. Just realised I'm speaking to a ghost account, and now I'm hear talking to myself. Not sure what you want NQ when your avenues of submitting legitimate ideas doesn't want them and only seems to prioritise what is already 'in progress' or 'in roadmap'... As far as I'm concerned this is a UI failing and shouldn't even need to be requested. I'll just go sit in the dark recess of this thread and wait to see if anybody wanders in to switch the light on.
  24. Everybody I mentioned this to has said it's a great idea. I have 30 days of talents in queue yet sometimes I want to push a piloting skill and something to the top it's annoying and frankly disappointing that such a simple task can take 5 minutes dragging a wiggling the mouse just to get to the top of the list. I've added this as a request to the the new 'Up Vote' system yet on both occasions the suggestion has just been ignored, timed out and then disappeared... not sure what the issue is. Should be pretty bloody simple to implement and I dread to think how much time people waste on this.
  25. Aye, I came to this harsh reality after spending days trying to work how best to do this. I have ended up with an industry that creates almost all basic components that aren't sized [ SX ], [ S ], [ M ] etc...and then a separate area where players can set these parts in motion. I think there will always be a manual part of the process unless scripting everything. I just want a script to show the contents of 8 boxes and alert if they drop between a certain level... all these funky scripts and I can't even find that. Any pointers in the right direction would be nice. Cheers.
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