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5 hours ago, Kruzer said:

I beg to differ. This game is finished.

I truly hope the Dev will have an illumination and realise that the changes they have made since the end off beta are killing the game : speed curve, schematics system, transforming the experience in a timer game, forcing players to have to join organizations and forcing pvp. You can’t have a game be played in à certain way for 2 years and suddenly try to change everything with no worning and hope players will accept major changes like that. They seem to listen to a very small but vocal part of the community that believe those changes are needed but when you see players like Gottchar and Archeago quit you need to realise that you must be douing something terribly wrong for players that were that invested abandon your project. Lets hope someone at NQ will realise they need to go back to the original vision and stop straight laying to players by making annoncement like : charge burning is ok, bots were bugged we are fixing the problem and suddenly remove them and says it was needed for the game futur or making an annoncement saying the building height would be capped at 1500km and suddenly you realize space tower are starting to reappear. 

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