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  1. Since launch they removed more than hadded stuff, for when removal of that new schematics system, removal of the speed curve and bringing bots back, those would be modification that would actually be appreciated
  2. I truly hope the Dev will have an illumination and realise that the changes they have made since the end off beta are killing the game : speed curve, schematics system, transforming the experience in a timer game, forcing players to have to join organizations and forcing pvp. You can’t have a game be played in à certain way for 2 years and suddenly try to change everything with no worning and hope players will accept major changes like that. They seem to listen to a very small but vocal part of the community that believe those changes are needed but when you see players like Gottchar and Archeago quit you need to realise that you must be douing something terribly wrong for players that were that invested abandon your project. Lets hope someone at NQ will realise they need to go back to the original vision and stop straight laying to players by making annoncement like : charge burning is ok, bots were bugged we are fixing the problem and suddenly remove them and says it was needed for the game futur or making an annoncement saying the building height would be capped at 1500km and suddenly you realize space tower are starting to reappear.
  3. Sadly release is clearly not the finish product since they still change key features of the game without notice
  4. For now the speed change completely killed M and L core ships, considering the cost of those ships it is not interested to even risk bringing them in pvp space. In my opinion most of the changes made pre launch were mistakes ( speed change and schematics) they did not make the gameplay bether but worst
  5. For me this new schematics system is a terrible mistake, I guess I will discover it wen it comes live, since yes I know it will be forced to us, but so far I can only imagine it as a mindless repetitive task, another way to charge us a taxe. at this point the only thing I want to know, when is this wipe going to hit us, or are you guys traying to make players abandon the game update after update so that once no one will be left ppl won’t be upset to lose there stuff?
  6. at this point why not keep the actual schematic system but allow us to use that new system you guys made to purchasse them instead off running all over the planets to get them and forget the consumable part. this would be a compromise most ppl would agree on
  7. Since asteroid in pvp space got abandonned, they changed the speed on ships missions were abandonned, i guess its there new attempt in pushing pvp
  8. i guess i might not understand correctly how this new system will work but so far it sounds like a mistake, the fact that the schematics are consumable more specifically sound like a mistake it will simply get things even more complicated to manage. Keep in mind that the best limit we had is that players with high talents are able to sell items for cheaper than the cost in material a player with no talents could build an item. That alone forces players to specialise in industry if they are serious about it. For now mining units can supply ore easely since the amount of players is verry low but with a greather amount of players that situation should change and help to sell ore at a reasonable price to stimulate the economy. As of right now it sounds like a system that will stimulate the creation of alt accounts so that players can have easy access to the schematics talents tree
  9. In my opinion if NQ wants to wipe the servers and restart fresh, not that it’s what I would like, it should be done as soon as possible. This way players that decide to stay would be able to restart building and it would give them something to do. Right now players that are not in to pvp don’t know what to do because there is a strong chance we will lose everything anyway, that puts us in a situation that we would like to play and create stuff but there is no real point in douing so. When the game will be released new players would also come in an environment where they have buildings and ships already created that will show them what is actually possible to do. In my opinion NQ decisions concerning the wipe is something that need to be clearly stated, the community needs to know what to expect, NQ staff as alwais been super nice and helpful but by delaying this answer you are destroying all the good work they did with us since the beginning of this adventure and you are clearly not making that players want to recommend your game since the image you are giving is of a companie that can’t decide what to do with there project.
  10. Missions are completely dead since the speed change, for me it’s was a good way to combine the fact I like flaying and making money but since the speed change the mission I liked to do would take me 4h of flight in pvp space, witch at the time a found to long but a least it would pay for the risk, now if the mission still existed ( witch is not the case) it would take me 6h, so maybe for you they were bad but for me it helped me pay those taxes and make money to allow me to build different buildings or ships, they changed the speed to make more pvp targets now they are dead, like asteroid in pvp space, at one point they will realise it’s not every one that want to risk there ships
  11. Sad part is that the community has 2 very different vues on what they would like this game to become. Sadly if you read the NQ channel it is very obvious that the wipe situation has become very toxic and made that most players that are against it do not post anymore since it does not seem to Mather anyway. I would simply say keep in mind it’s not all players that want pvp to be the center of this game, a lot of players were attracted by the building freedom this game provided
  12. T4 and t5 should not be only in pvp space, a lot of ppl seem to believe that asteroid got abandoned because of auto miners but it is not the only reason. As of right now a lot of players abandoned asteroids because the good stuff is mostly in pvp space, it’s a lot simpler in this type of situation to make alts and use auto miners considering we have no risk to lose our ships, if you would have t4 and t5 ore in good amount inside the safe zone they would be a lot more popular.
  13. The game is daying since Demetor, they are turning the game in a afk experience. Raising talents takes monts, MU can give you some income but once again you need to wait, on asteroid most of the good stuff is in pvp space witch makes players abandon them. A lot of players do not feel like restarting the grind from 0 so this wipe make others quit since there is no point in investing time in something we will lose anyway. They are pushing pvp to try to save the game but pvp players were a minority and the changes they made to boost pvp pushes the other players out, for exemple speed limitations.
  14. Ppl seem to forget that what you call cheating in most situations was made by players using the mechanics of the game, for me mission running for exemple was not a cheat since it was included in the game itself, not saying that nobody cheated but It is not a majority of players. I just feel that like you said we will lose all are work because of a minority of players
  15. That is so true I completely agree with you on this one, could not have said it bether myself
  16. One of the great thing about this game is that there was a bit for every type of players ( builders, industry, miners and pvp ) now it seems like the only type of players they want to keep is pvp sad to kill a great game like this update after updates
  17. A large amount of ppl, for a lot il will actually determine if we keep playing or not
  18. En débutant merci d’avoir publié cette nouvelle pour nous mettre au courant de la direction vers laquelle le jeux ce dirige. Vous aviez et de loins un des jeux les plus intéressant et addictif que j’ai vu en une longue période de temps. Lorsque j’ai débuté le jeux j’apprécierais miner sur différentes planètes pour faire de l’argent, demeter est sorti ce qui a rendu cette opération inutile, j’ai donc décidé de me convertir vers l’industrie, avec l’économie actuel sa me coûtais plus chère à produire que le prix de vente, je me suis ensuite converti pour faire des missions, avec la modification de vitesse le risque est désormais rendu trop grand. Donc en gros pour quelqu’un comme moi qui n’est vraiment pas intéressé par le pvp ce jeux n’est simplement plus pour nous. En espérant que votre prochain projet me rejoigne plus.
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