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ASK APHELIA EPISODE #1- Discussion thread


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To be honest its their first one so it was always going to be hard to make it a good one. I think it would probably have been better to wait until release for this kind communications though.


As for not answering the wipe / no wipe question I am not as fussed over that so much has what I will get to keep, since for me the main thing is my core blueprints. These let me make my ships again, which I spent months making, just by having the parts. To be clear I really liked the challenge of making them but challenges like that are only really fun once - you cannot go back and enjoy it the same way a second time round. So I not saying I would not play but it likely would kill the enjoyment of that game aspect for me until I get to something new and  this aspect is a big part of the game at present.


I'd also like a 'magic blueprint' in what ever form is require to make it fair since that's going to make me enjoy other aspects of the game to unlock it (I assume an unlock barrier of some kind), instead of spending ages acquiring all the parts needed, which is not a grind I'd like to face again for something I have already done. This would keep me playing with a slightly different goal in mind and keeping things fresh.


As for Skill points, my main issue with loosing the skill points is I'll never remember what I trained and in what order so it will be a faff choosing what to train in what order. I feel like I would like to keep them but part of me also feels like I would be happy with loosing them and simply having a list of skills E-mailed to me stating what skills I had and what order I trained them.


I have no issue with them using pod casts to answer the not as important questions to the community since the other questions will be done to death (and are) during two way communications between NQ and the community.

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  • NQ-Nyota changed the title to ASK APHELIA EPISODE #1- Discussion thread



There was one question the community wanted answered, and you failed to deliver on that yet again. At this point "we hear you" is not enough. An actual answer is long past due. The community - your customers - are suffering.


Please, let us know what will happen going forward, in a detailed manner, so we can plan accordingly.

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On 5/14/2022 at 7:09 AM, ADCOne said:

To be honest its their first one so it was always going to be hard to make it a good one. I think it would probably have been better to wait until release for this kind communications though.

Actually they have done several dev vlogs with video and audio. They want to make it appear that they are doing something new, but in all honestly I don't think they liked the community seeing their body language as they laughed at our frustrations before when NQ-Pann was around. To me it seems they want to control just how much info we can see, in their format of communication. 

It didn't even really seem like actual dialog, more pre-scripted/recorded answers spliced together to make it seem like a conversation.

Just red flag after red flag.

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I think the number of responses in this forum says it all. There are a total of 30 comments across three days (31 with this post and two of those days were over a weekend) and the OVERWHELMING MAJHORITY of the response is...


Dear NQ;

Please give us the answer we have wanted for over a month.


This content might has well have been no content. I think some of us would have felt better if it wasn't made at all. Yes you are working toward a goal. A goal with no timeline that your community knows of. Yes you are working hard and the work is not necessarily easy to complete, However if you "hear" us then the perception is you don't care, or the leadership does not care. Please answer the question we have asked collectively as a group over and over, or let us know when you will have the answer.


I think what is more telling in the feedback forum though is that a significant number of the usual characters have not even bothered to give you "feedback" precisely for the reason that you don't care. Perception matters and that is the perception I get from reading this entire forum. As a player since the start of beta I have canceled all of my subs and will not be logging back in until we have this answer. Really at this point I am not even angry any more just sad

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