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On 11/9/2020 at 3:55 PM, NQ-Naunet said:
  • Archiving older, pre-Beta material.

It was agreed by NQ to leave the NDA channels available as read only once beta started. Why was this reverted with all the information and knowledge stored there (much of it very useful still and not actually NDA as it is public and open to anyone now in beta. 


There are a good many threads there which contain work and contributions by backers still valid and useful today. 


It would be good to hear from NQ why they feel it was needed to paddel  back on their commitment here and archive these forum sections and even if there are valid reasons (which I do not believe there are). why there was no grace period allowed for us to save the important information we may have there for future use.


Not everything in that section would actually fall under NDA unless it is published as "used during Alpha". There is also code and information there which is in fact not owned by NQ and it could be argued they are now blocking the rightful owner from accessing their IP despite made commitments to not do this.

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Greetings Noveans, This is your newest Community Manager, NQ-Naunet, reporting for duty! 🚀 It’s no secret to all of you that Dual Universe has undergone some changes in recent months;

You get to ask questions. NQ gets to pick if they're worth answering.   You get to ask detailed questions and get detailed answers. (maybe)   Others get to add their opinions to it

I personally love forums and find them quite useful. They're the perfect spot to house (and organize) information long-term.   Discord is obviously great for quick, real-time communication. When NQ

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Please correct me if I am wrong but I think I am not supposed to subscribe to 10 different you-tubers and 20 twichers to get the information about the game I am playing.


The current communication is just an utter disrespect to the player base. This is a PVP open world game. Any detail/future patch knowledge is advantage. 


Currently you need to watch 5 discord channels and regularly hear the boring 1-hour videos to get a glimpse of what's actually coming so you don't suddenly login and all your industry is nil because you missed a message at minute 37th of 4th Interview with MrBigYoutuber that was confirmed on 24th minute in 2nd interview with MrBigOrgLeader where someone from NQ says what it is gonna be with the industry.


There was some event where people were supposed to solve some kind of a problem and then dig something. I don't even know what the task was let alone trying to solve it. The communication is just beyond non-existent. 95% of the playerbase didn't even know about the event.

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queue the "but we now have upvote" excuse in 3...2...1..


NQ is and I fear will remain oblivious to the fact their communication is abysmal when it comes to keeping their userbase updated on where they are, what they are working on and when we might expect some of that in game. Funny story.. The Trello is still up, they have had that available for nearly three years now but never bothered to update or use it really, now upvote is used with a horrendous design which makes it headache inducing to read and/or make sense of.


There is no plan, no goal and NQ seems to making up the story of DU as they go. In many ways DU is a ship without a captain, there appears to be no central project management of any sort and everyone just seems to be doing "something".


Frankly, and IMO, DU deserves better. It's promise and possibilities are massive and "insanely great". But NQ seems not able to get a grip on the development process and has yet to come up with an idea on how to sell the game, probably because up until not to long ago, DU was really the POC (and thus had no requirement to carry the company) for the "multiverse" server tech which they hoped would become the big money maker.



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On 11/10/2020 at 11:45 PM, NQ-Naunet said:

Oof, that doesn't sound fun at all. I can see why you're frustrated.

Have you submitted a ticket about this? I personally haven't heard any widespread reports about the game crashing when you're killed in PvP, but I'm quite new - it could be a known issue. Best to double check with support!

If/when you find out more, please update me. :) I want to know how you're getting on with it.

(I'll also do some digging internally and report back if I find out anything of note!)

It is not when you are killed, it's when you kill.


The gunner that has killed someone is crashing when he kills him. Sometimes he crashes when he kills the core too(probably as killing the core kills the player aboard enemy ship).


It's almost 100% crash when you kill, I can provide a video when we are killing a ship and the video is cut into 3 peaces because each time my gunner was killing the person aboard that ship and crashing so the video stopped. The gunner log shows the kill of the player in the last seconds of each video.


The other bug I hear about is that radar skills work opposite: When you train a skill, you lock targets longer (opposite to what it should be)


With current limited and very hard to get PVP there will not be many reports as most people, even if they try, can't find any PVP...

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On 11/14/2020 at 8:59 AM, Gottchar said:

Regarding the forum, I think it is a very bad idea to have general discussions so high up.


By having it at the top, even including the "for stuff not covered by other forums", everybody just posts there. If you really want people post in the correct subforum, the rest that isnt covered by other stuff should be at the bottom of the page. 

Will write some more detailed stuff after the weekend, but that one just stands out, a lot.

Really great point! My loose plan is to see how the new categories perform/where the most activity crops up for a couple of weeks, and then I'll make some adjustments. 👍

I look forward to reading more of your thoughts! :) 

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On 11/9/2020 at 10:49 PM, NQ-Naunet said:

players seem to enjoy the DU Feature Upvote page more. :) 


The one where I added a suggestion (which was not present, at least by searching for keywords, and even looking at most of them) but it then magically disappeared and is now nowhere to be found?

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11 hours ago, sHuRuLuNi said:


The one where I added a suggestion (which was not present, at least by searching for keywords, and even looking at most of them) but it then magically disappeared and is now nowhere to be found?

During my initial audit our various community tools/spaces (like the forums, Feature Upvote, etc.) it seemed players quite liked the format of Feature Upvote. Now that I've spent some time in the forums however, I'm learning that it's truly not for everyone.

Feature Upvote often receives a lot of similar ideas, resulting in them being merged into existing posts. It could be that your suggestion was merged, which is why you did not see it posted.

If you aren't happy with Feature Upvote, I strongly encourage you to post here to our Idea Box section. I collect suggestions from that space and pass them along to the NQ team. :) They'll never disappear here, and they don't need to go through an approval process.

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