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LUA Synth Module


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I know that "predefined sounds" is on the "Considered" list on Trello: https://trello.com/c/HVdTjEsH/51-functional-scriptable-speakers-able-to-play-predefined-sounds 


While I think that would be cool, I think it would be cooler if we had access to a synth sound module through LUA to build and sequence our own custom sounds. 


Writing sound synthesis by hand isn't unheard of in LUA, for example:




And even more, here are some tracks composed entirely with LUA:


I think that giving us the flexibility to define our own sounds with such an approach would be incredibly more valuable than choosing from a list of predefined sounds. 


In case anyone is wondering, yes I am suggesting this because I want a night club in DU.

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This would breathe a new kind of atmosphere to player-made LUA content. It's not just night clubs. Think of all passive and reactive noises that come from a ship control room in your favourite sci-fi movie. 

In My opinion, any MMO where players could create and play their own music, usually through obscure notation systems like .abc or MML was always more engaging for a longer time, compared to those where you could not. 

Needless to say music brings people together. 


As a side-note - this would allow me to finish my Super Hexagon recreation in DU's LUA boards. :) 


P.s.: I have never seen a large-scale MMO that allowed you to create your own Sounds. They always either have a watered down midi system, or pre-defined sound packs. This would be a first MMO for me personally, where you can write your own synth. Reminds me of the Atari electronic music producing infancy. 


P.p.s.: Here's another cool example of what can be done with LUA synth.

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21 hours ago, Lethys said:

If i can choose to turn it off, sure why not. 

If it's implemented without that option then I'll just troll people with noise or with useless and very Bad music

Not Banarama again???!!! :o


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Tagging this library here, as something like this would be necessary for this idea to work:




A small embedded C synthesizer module that can do wavetable synthesis for MIDI, provided that you have a soundfont available for it.


We could, in theory, also use this for playing raw midi files (who remembers those days?). But this idea is specifically about using LUA for interfacing with it to create music and sound fx on-the-fly. 

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