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I'm not sure im real. There is a possibility the world we live in is not real and just a massive simulation where we all think we live but infact are semi programmed or build to exist within a massive world generated by massive AI units in a single chard universe where we have a maintenance almost daily where our internal sensors shut down and we appear to be active again after about 6 to 8 hours.

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English (deepl used)
Hello, Aaron,
you're right we live in a MATRIX, I tried it myself. You can suppress the shutdown of the sensors and after a few days you see the real world with all its spirits and syrreal things. Only when you shut down the sensors again, you are established again in the MATRIX. Therefore, be careful never to take the red pill.


German (original)
Hallo Aaron,
du hast recht wir leben in einer MATRIX, ich habe es selbst ausprobiert. Man kann das herunterfahren der Sensoren unterdrücken und nach ein paar Tagen sieht man die reale Welt mit all ihren Geistern und syrrealen Dingen. Erst wenn man die Sensoren wieder runterfährt, wird man wieder in der MATRIX etabliert. Daher Achtung, niemals die rote Pille nehmen. MATRIX


Die Waldfee

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I'm not real. You're actually having a psychotic breakdown and I'm a figment of your imagination.


Or maybe that's just what I want you to think



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