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If this isn't in game already:


Small, compact bike seats that are placed in line with the cross section of a construct; a block that covers the form of a person seated as they would on a motorcycle. I wouldn't just add a cushion and call it a job well done, as then the players legs could potentially clip through any other parts.



The outline in red is what chunk the part encompasses


Mostly just for looks. But it could open up avenues to make lighter and more streamlined vehicles.


I see some potential form issues due to the shape of the legs. It may be hard to sculpt the form of the vehicle around it.

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Greeting pilots,


my thoughts immediately turned to building a quick run around vehicle, to get from A-B minimal if any storage.


Hover Bike, is where i found my thoughts aiming towards, the design is possible, the flight mechanics work, just in case it has not been thought of, the idea of a saddled seat, with a controlling 'Bar', lever, control unit.


Hover Bikes, Rocket Cycles, Light Cycles. tandem seats :P 


anyhow, i had a quick scan and have not seen this mentioned yet, if it has my apologies.


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8 hours ago, Kuritho said:

But there'd have to be more smaller elements that could allow a smaller ship/hoverbike.

Definitely !


I also love the idea of having some form of "hoverbike", my minimalist HV constructions have tried to achieve that, but the result is never smaller than a RL SUV, lol


The size of the voxel building blocks counts heavily against small constructs in DU, so something like a 1-man hoverbike would probably have to be built mainly with pre-made elements that are pretty much dedicated to that specific vehicle type. It would require a lot of artist time to be focused on just one specific construct and the elements needed for it, but it would be a great addition to DU ! :D

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Neat idea.


Not just a backdrop seat, but mor eof a biker seat.

Could make alot of fun hover bikes :3.


And probably shouldn't take too much dev / artist time.

The easiest way would be to just make an slim objet, thatlooks like the seat of SirJohn's pic. ^

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On 8/28/2018 at 2:38 AM, Kuritho said:

Love the idea. But there'd have to be more smaller elements that could allow a smaller ship/hoverbike.

I just thought: "Sounds nice, what could I build with that."
Then I imagen it and added parts in my head until I realized that I need a fuel tank...
We are not ready yet xD

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