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  1. SAFA001 - ORACLE Organisation, many thanks.
  2. What’s stopping you signing a full alliance with an organisation you have just met, then turning on everyone when you feel like it, nothing, this was written to initiate a relationship, with small but efficient gains, no strings attached, if that relationship blossoms or wilts that is for the future, however we saw too many orgs making binding promises with people they don’t even know, we were not willing to do that so we created this, take it or leave it, if you do not want to sign, then don’t sign it. If you do, then perhaps over time the SoA and whichever orgs sign up can develop great trading agreements or more. this is not a over arching agreement, all who sign only agree to deal with SoA, not anyone else who has signed, This is a 1on1 agreement. Simple to the point. Cheers.
  3. Aeonian Federation SAFA001 - Friendship Agreement Application. Authorised by Science Of Acquisition Senior Management. May this encourage future endevours together, and prosperous business. DUE TO THE COLLAPSE OF THE AEONIAN FEDERATION THIS AGREEMENT IS VOID
  4. NEW GENESIS - Also applied to use the SoA Official Document format, which was agreed, as shown below it has been tailored for their organisation.
  5. Greetings Pilots, Explorers, CEO's and Construction Workers, Below is listed the Science Of Acquisition's Friendship Agreement, (please open image in new tab to zoom, each document is A4 in size for easy reading.) SoA has seen a plethora of alliances and agreements fly through the interstellar text, we have been approached by multiple organisations to become a member state, join the ranks, ally under, many different forms of subjugating another organisation, with no exit clause, it is binding, which will inevitably cause offence or issue when / if a group decides they no longer wish to walk that path. upon our investigation, many of the organisations wishing to offer us these agreements, had very few members solely in their organisation, many had more than one and over 50% had 5+ this is not a true representation of an organisations strength, when the game goes live, 24/7 each will dedicated their time to the org they have most trust or affiliation with and many many orgs and agreements will crumble. Therefore, SoA has designed the Friendship Agreement, non binding, an acknowledgement of increasing relationship, to develop friendships that may one day turn into alliances or business contracts. With Rewards to satisfy those trade hungry organisations and minimal requirements to offer. organisations can withdraw at any interstellar moment. please see below, our agreement, Any organisation who wishes to use the TEMPLATE or the TEXT is free to do so, we ask that you simply message ZORODEK or JOOSTAN to request permission, we can supply a word document with the text, and blank templates for the document. Thank you for taking the time to read our agreement, we hope that it is accepted in the way that it is written, to encourage economical growth within the region, SoA will endeavour to aid and assist in the economical strength of all Organisations within its Region/System. Fly Safe All. Zorodek Science Of Acquisition. Successful applications will be posted below.
  6. discordauth:0zmoucl_w5yqFWgNjvXY-VaF6pO2aN-06dm5q_Sg67s=

  7. Zorodek

    Bike seats

    Greeting pilots, my thoughts immediately turned to building a quick run around vehicle, to get from A-B minimal if any storage. Hover Bike, is where i found my thoughts aiming towards, the design is possible, the flight mechanics work, just in case it has not been thought of, the idea of a saddled seat, with a controlling 'Bar', lever, control unit. Hover Bikes, Rocket Cycles, Light Cycles. tandem seats anyhow, i had a quick scan and have not seen this mentioned yet, if it has my apologies.
  8. Just remembered this old idea and thought it was still a relevant idea. simple. Holodeck style offline voxel construction room, limited to small designs. possibly blue printable for use in game at a later date. really like the idea of playing around with designs offline, seeing what can be done on a small scale.
  9. Oi how come your more popular than me? ?

    1. Zorodek


      When am I not? Muahahaaaa 

      looking forward to integrating once I’ve experienced the pre-alpha

  10. For extra info I was in the same position. Silver founder. By upgrading to patron I paid full price however I get all patron rewards plus all original silver backer rewards. Cost is more than covered in DAC's Enjoy
  11. The universe review has just started, they have released 1 episode and have had over 150 followers in 5 days, the track is getting loads of listens as well. suggest most anticipated games on their twitter then dual universe will get mentioned again haha. it seems quite casual, good fun. - cant wait for more news on alpha here tho.
  12. these lads just did an open world games episode. and Dual universe received an amazing honorable mention at the end (as its not out yet) https://soundcloud.com/the-universe-review/open-world-games OPEN WORLD GAMES @UniverseReview5
  13. We are holding a Random steam game code giveaway tonight! visit our curse server! Legate Tenacity Defence Force
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