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  1. woodster

    Bike seats

    imagine a desert planet, totally empty for miles around, apart from you (the player) driving on a hoverbike to your isolated base with sand billowing out from underneath
  2. Besides, you could ask an org. for help on your dyson sphere
  3. the ability to add your own screenshots to frames to act as decoration
  4. P.S. to the moderators, I would like it to be in the beta release but i'm not expecting it
  5. the last one or the 3rd to last one
  6. if they attack you straight away then there would be no need to communicate
  7. and the video bit was a bit far fetched
  8. of course viewing distance because if an unidentified ship enters your org. territory you kind of have to know why and what they are doing there and if it was anywhere that would be a global chat and a global chat is already on the rejected list on the trello
  9. oh it would be cool though
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