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Hi everyone,


I am Dociel.


Thank you for your attention.






Ok, that was the very short and lazy version! For the longer, read below. :)


A bit about me, bullet point and random style:

- I love sci-fi (books, movies, games, you name it)

- I am getting (too) close to 30 y.o.

- I live in Ireland, but am French of birth.

- I was a huge fan of CCP Dust514 until the shutdown of its server this year.

- I ride a Half-Bike, and that is as cool as it is dangerous.

- I am waiting to play No Man's Sky, which will allow me to wait for DU!!! (plus DU is a french developing team for once! :wub: #proud)

- I am learning to prepare awesome meat marinades and rhum arrange. :P

- I got a basic ship for Star Citizen, but the feeling is not the same as for NMS or DU. It's a "pay to see", sort of.

- I am the sort of person that is having a lot of projects and ideas, but never actually does them.

- My favorite color is orange.

- I dream of building a cloud city in DU, and will probably end up drifting naked in space.


Well, I guess that's it for now!





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