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  1. Former Landmark player here. I still miss that game from time to time. Yes, the apparent similarities in building caught my eye too. I'm not sure I will hit the ground running myself, but I am looking forward to seeing what can and will be done. Like Landmark, this feels like unchartered territory. Something new, and intriguing with promise.
  2. There will be a nation. It will be called Astrum, and I will be it's Queen! *creepy laugh* In seriousness, I think it's possible that nations will be formed and ruled by more than 2 or so legate. Personally, I have very long term ambitions for a city, which would be a peaceful haven, and a war-free territory, and it's possible I'd want others to help with it, but sometimes power corrupts and it's best to keep the usual pyramid structure, at least for security reasons. That said, maybe someone can start a Free People's organization where everyone has equal power and equal say in what happens. Could work, or perhaps it would be chaos, but who knows.
  3. Yes I would like one of these in my civilian city. Not every mode of transport has to be ships after all.
  4. Human bean sounds even better. I wonder what a human bean would look like. A human head with a jelly bean body maybe! I voted pay to play. Hoping it will ensure a reasonably mature community but that's never a guarantee.
  5. Personally I feel games going the F2P (let's nickle and dime everyone to death) route is taking the soul out of MMOs. Any game that used to be sub and has gone F2P I've been unable to stick with. I would rather a sub with a solid gaming experience behind it.
  6. Velvet and leather...maybe with some lace thrown in would be nice!
  7. Hehe it's my ninja fingers at work. I agree, all is balance Sometimes the good guys look like the bad guys and the bad guys look like good guys.
  8. Hehe I think it's fair to say there will be politics and deviousness afoot. Personally I'd rather focus on creating beautiful things and having lots of fun.
  9. I think a fixed size limit would help. Oversized signatures detract from the beauty of the graphics. But as others have said there is an option to hide signatures. I don't have it on personally but the option is there nonetheless
  10. All a lady can say is: loyal friends will be very important in Dual Universe.
  11. Don't worry friendlytyrant, just do what some people do and make up lies and rubbish behind the scenes, then pretend you're a decent person on the forums.
  12. Shameless bump. Ex-pirate though I may be, I still want to see outlaws of all varieties ruling the roost! Jump on in pirates, privateers, scallywags, bounty hunters and all those in between! Have fun
  13. I'm glad this has been clarified Nyzaltar, with or without COPS, this was a frightening prospect lol, so glad this is not the case!
  14. Good luck all, thank you to those who supported us. I hope everyone finds the place they feel most at ease and most comfortable. It's still early development and many things can and do change.
  15. Let's all save time and get drunk now! ....hic! *knocks drink over*
  16. Considering pirates have come in here of support of this, I'd suggest perhaps not doing so
  17. I feel as if a few of the space orientated games out there at the moment have little to no real character customization. I hope Dual Universe will turn that on it's head. Hairstyles and clothing/armor variety is a big draw for me in many games.
  18. I think it depends, if you have a few bigger organizations that are allied building near or next to one another, for security, support, or the combined goal of building a big settlement, you could have urbanization forming. For me it comes back to how willing are people and organizations to work together, instead of against each other. That said, resources will get used up, so large urbanized areas may or may not be ideal.
  19. Good to have you on board Ryoko! And our 70th member too! Harlock would approve!
  20. Some combat and more showcasing of building tools would be great.
  21. Great stuff, thank you Peregrin, I was very pleased with the description.
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