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The Unnamed Warehouse -Services offered-

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Good news everyone ! The Unnamed Warehouse has opened his services offered !

Im going to show the sketch of our warehouse and the services we intend to provide to our customers. To the people who dont know who are we, and dont want to go to the original thread (First post) I will explain short : we are a safe depot, with some more services, where we grant your anonymity and we ask nothing about you, your reputation or what are you going to deposit. Our ORG also pretends to offer all the static services (like storage units and workshops) to all those nomadic ORGs and little crews. Everything into a pure neutral zone.

It will explain the basics of the different places where you enjoy our services, but it is not the complete complex, its only the structure you can see from outside of course. We difference our warehouse in 2 zones :
The hexagonal complex
The core complex





Storage services

Level 1 : You get a storage unit into a hexagonal complex, at the external ring, at Xquark/storage unit. This warehouse will count with entrance control via RDMS and will have a medium-small size ship entrance. You will get a personal storage unit inside. This package will be intended to store your low value assets or to store your raw materials/unrefined ores until you place it in a bigger ship. To say it short it would be a fast access place were you can come to take your heavy-weight tool you cant carry or to unload your charge and keep working.
The security of this place would be mainly with light point defense auto-weapons to ensure people dont destroy the place and will not have a middle man involved into the movements inside this warehouse nor the security guys.


Level 2: Inside the hexagonal complex, into a inner ring. The facilities of the complex grants medium security enviroment, take care of the privacy of our customers and the security guys will take care of the place. If you need to, we can schedule the visit to your depot so no one will see you.

level 3: In the core complex with human supervision. That means: you have to surpass a employee who will give you access to the storage unit, it grants you have something like 1 soldier taking care of your storage; and higher priority defense in case of attack. This package also includes that we can bring your storage, or the items you want to take from the depot, to your ship so you dont have to enter (You dont need to get out of the ship) and vice versa. *This service must be scheduled*

Level X: The supervision was made by one of the partners. That means only the partners have acces to your storage unit and will be in the more safe zone of the core complex. This wont be implemented until others were functional


Work places services

Work room 1: Access to a room with all the workshops you may need. There will be more people and if they are cheap ( I mean if they are just too big to be into a ship, but not so expensive) this work room will just be at the hexagonal complex between the 2 storage rings; if not this work room will be into the complex without direct acces from outside.

Work room X: Just private rooms with designated workshops. You can schedule your visit to have the room reserved and with the storage unit you need ready in the room. Again it depends on how workshops works, so the dynamic of this service may vary.


Hangar services

Hangar 1 and fuel unit dispenser: Situated at the roof of the hexagonal complex there are a place to store your ships. . This service is intended to work like a meeting point where the individuals of a crew could park their ships to take part of a crew in a larger one at the space hangar; or to rent faster ships. If needed we grant transport to space hangar.

Hangar S: Situated in the space, over the warehouse complex. Inteded to dock the larger ships, refuel them, or get the crew ready to the haul services. We provide here light transport to travel to the warehouse complex. Here you are able to rent light/faster ships. this service may vary when we see how this kind of stations works at release.

Hangar X: This hangar were situated at the top of the core complex, supposed to be a high security individual hangar.
Meeting room: private meeting room inside the main complex with special access. Is conected to a cargo dock, probably situated at the bottom level of Hangar X. Intended to scheduled meetings with cargo involved (or not) into a neutral zone.




We are going to get this thread to update the services we are going to offer. Enjoy!


P.D.: In this thread we are looking for partners. Feel free to take a look.

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Begins plans for how to blow up the building....

Most likely plant charges at hangar to allow land vehicles to swarm in, or destroy the bottom part of the surveillance post (to neutralize any turrets, and kill any potentially stationed guards) that will hopefully collide with the structure (if collision physics are added) then slowly take it over.


If turrets are stationed on the sides of the walls, drop-pod into the middle of the structure and have free reign on it.


If the structure is combined with other structures (why else would it be a hexagon?), then attack on weakest side or again, use a heavily armoured drop-pod to drop into the hex with the least turrets.


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One thing bugs me:

How do you make sure I get the money from you in case someone stole them?

to be realistic I play with 2 thing about how to work if the money is stolen.

- Obviously first, dont let them to stole the money. I am going to work with the confidence of the customers, and I will win their trust so, working on that, I will prove that the warehouse is safe enough and I will deal with any problem with profesionality.

- In other matter I really dont think ppl will let me their money. We are not a bank, nor a loan or insurance company. We are just renting storage units. what you put into is your business; not mine. As you have read we have different defense levels, so if your item, or whatever, is valuable better take a high defense one.

extra: If the things are going well, probably we will include some kind of insurance over determinated storage units. But this is something we are not thinking at the moment.


After clarificate what I think was the most importante part, I know its probably not the most efficient structure but I see it affordable to be built once we reach the space, and I have to say that this sketches are what people would see once they came closer enough, or come to see the facilities we offer. I have determinated where the defense structures and defense points will be, but Im not going to upload these :)


To the destroyers: I really appreciate all your sugestions on how to blow up the complex (thanks for make me think in collision physics @Kuritho). And I really hope people try to blow up the complex. But I expect more originality if someone is going to try that because as I stated that is just the outside, and the surveillance post is just a place to have panoramic vision of the complex, and the hexagonal complex have nearly zero defense systems. We could say that almost everything that is outside the main complex is likely... expendable. As you see in the descriptions its a low security area. The hexagonal complex is not intended to work as a "wall" (what a useless wall if you can surpass it flying, or dropping inside no?).

About the hexagonal shape, it is polygonal just to simplifycate the work when we receive people from different places or different ideologies. We can in this way have them in a oposite sides of the polygon.

To make more clear a point I think you are focusing into: The hexagonal complex is like the public complex. I expect that the hex complex will be a very populated area so we really cant have control at all over every person who is into. It is going to be like a bay port located in the best zone you could imagine, where you can dock your ship and make your bussines but if you want something important you have to enter in the mayor fort and ask him.


Have a nice night!

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Perhaps you could make a modular hexgon-based system (Hexagons can be easily snapped with other hexagons), with multiple types of storage (storage specialization, more-so).


Explosive Storage will obviously be covered and well-vented.

Gas Storage will also be obviously covered and potential pressure rooms (assuming gas physics will be in the game eventually)

Weaponry Storage would be extremely accessible...


You know what I'm getting at.

Make modular storage parts for private companies

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Ok, so I'm giving you my items which may be very valuable and pay you a lot of money to keep them safe. But if they're stolen I don't even get a compensation for it because there is no insurance.

So the whole risk is on me AND I pay for everything (including the fact that I pay you to keep them safe. which in this case didn't work).....


Either it's a scam or you haven't thought this through

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Ok, so I'm giving you my items which may be very valuable and pay you a lot of money to keep them safe. But if they're stolen I don't even get a compensation for it because there is no insurance.

So the whole risk is on me AND I pay for everything (including the fact that I pay you to keep them safe. which in this case didn't work).....


Either it's a scam or you haven't thought this through

Lethys, that's why you always upload a virus to their Mainframe so you can always assume direct control over their constr-


Or just make your own stash. It'd honestly be safer.

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You need to give me a reason to use that. In safezone is pointless, in warzone it will go down and if you're able to defend it, your military expenses will be higher than the warehouse gains. So my tip is to create a mobile defensive station (a big carrier ship), possibly with cloacking tech and low power consumption (to mantain costs low and improve your gains), that you hide in space and share coordinates only to trusted customers. And you could add a transport service to that, so that you can deploy assets anywhere for your customers, if they need it.

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Well, at the moment I dont think they implement that kind of particularities to the storages, I think you just have like stable units of your item i.e. a stable unit of gas into a container. That kind of things are really interesting but we can not make too much plans about it until release. Also your modular scheme really likes me (seems like we can really be more efficient in land use and help in case of hacking others storage was a reality), but again if ships are not able to do vertical landing could be a problem.

About your comment of the safety I have to say you could have a more safe container but I can answer with 3 easy points: discreetness, privacy and logistics. The first two points are about you having a personal stash out of your main base/ORG/city...and the reasons for that are just for you. The last point is just for little crew ships/nomade ORGs and great ORGs who need a place to stop in the long travel they are making. I really think it is going to be useful.


Here seems I could not have explained myself well, sorry for that. In my last post when I refer to  I will deal with any problem with profesionality Im talking about that, so im going to expand this point: The only way to get your trust is making a great job what in this case is when your storage is stolen we can act in 2 different ways:

  • If you have a storage unit in a lower level, you get a stablished amount of money per unit just becasue we dont know what is inside (and dont want to).
  • In the case you have a higher level (in the core complex in this case) AND we know what have you depositated into (you have informed and so) we are going to indemnify you. That means we replace what you get stolen cause I imagine that if you stored here something probably you does not want just money for it. Also we are going to compensate you for every day you dont have access to your item until we replace it.

And now looking at it... yeah, it seems like a insurace work. :rolleyes:


I know I dont have stated this before, just because I think it is still early to make this kind of statements that may change with release of the game but when I talk about professionality I mean we will work hard to make it real and create a gameplay around it.


Its just for marketing purposes, I hope we get enough reputation that everyone knows where we are.


The reasons to use it have been stated before in this same post, and about the location of the warehouse is clear that it must be near enough of big ORGs to be efficient but also far to not get harmed in case of a war. it is of course a point to work at.
Your idea about the big cargo ship is interesting but I dont see it viable. The point for this are mainly protection bubbles what makes the static buildings way more safer in my opinion.
Also I have to say that waht you say about that ship reminds me when in Ogame you send your cargo ships away when you are being attacked :)


Thanks for your thoughts, and if you still have any thought about it as scam please let me know.

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