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Found 25 results

  1. i know i need to use a programming board but cant for the life of me find a tutorial on exactly how to accomplish this, id be super grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading and good day Novians
  2. "Vorwort" Drüben im andern Thread sind wir massiv ins Off-Topic abgedriftet und als ich dann gemerkt hab, wieviel man zu diesen Fragen schreiben kann, hab ich beschlossen lieber einen neuen Thread dafür zu eröffnen Die folgenden Fragen beziehen sich auf den Wiedereintritt in die Atmosphäre, das Bremsen im freien Fall und Flugeigenschaften im Allgemeinen. Wird etwas länger, aber am Ende gibt's Kekse. Begriffe die ich hier ein wenig durcheinanderwürfel: Gieren = rechts/links = Drehung um die Hochachse Nicken = hoch/runter = Drehung um die Querachse R
  3. So im having a terrible issue where the wing is not moving into the correct placement. it is as if there is a 1/8th of a voxel somehow bumping the wing out of position. so i am forced to place the wing in a position 1 click away from where it should be. i know the tricks for placing them on a flat surface and just clicking them over. i can place 100 wings correctly without issue but for some reason i have just 1 spot where i cannot. i tried building a new wing but no dice. the outline of the wing does not match the physical object. any help would be massive
  4. Shadows-Lights Corporation est une Organisation Francaise qui a pour but de rassembler et d'unir les joueurs autour d un theme Repousser les limites de la Créations Humaine que se soit en Matieres de Constructions,d'explorations,d'avancées technologique ou meme de politique.Un seul mot d'ordre la bienveillance et la protection des nouveaux venus. Retrouvez-Nous sur Discord:https://discord.gg/pFZJ42k
  5. Hey folks, I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to build a construct (thinking along the lines of a space station) on the ground, get a blueprint for it, and then make it from the blueprint in space to avoid fuel costs from going back and forth to space. Let me know if you guys have tried this or just know why it wouldn’t work
  6. Hi All I want to discuss an idea to maybe counter a problem that will prohibit us from building massive projects. Monorails, bridges, infrastructure, roads, anything not needing complex elements but only the basics and voxels. The problem is we are now limited to build in a box that is limited by core size. If we want to build civilization including roads, bridges and everything we will need to place a massive amount of cores. What i want to propose is a system where you can build outside a core with basic materials. The startpoint of the build must be in a c
  7. https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/04/06/new-build-preview/ Big features like scanning, mining, markets and money are coming along with some changes for engines (vboosters may have been a tad overwhelming). This tells me NQ have been very busy behind the scenes this year What are your thoughts on the next build?
  8. Hello, I would like to propose an idea of upgrade (or another type) of the actuals fuel tanks. It should will allow us to create much more complex and better vehicles, especially the spaceships in wich optimization is very important. I propose : Differents "tanks controllers" like "small/medium/large/mega tank controller" where small could be like a cube of 0.50 m. These different tanks controllers provide the lua control slot and the fuel out slot. After placing this tank controller, it allow us to place the "body" of the fuel tank, in the form of voxels we will c
  9. Curves and complex shapes are hard to do in a voxel based building system. Although they make building much more simple for most, for many it will limit the creativity possible. Would it be possible to import cad files? if the cad file was in an Stl form it would be easy enough to transform via slicer a complex object into voxels. This would allow for increased market value for ships and structures that can be dynamically built with more complex shapes. Everyone has axes to cad. personally I use Onshape, a free cad that can be run on any computer with chrome. I think this could be very useful
  10. Hello NQ staff, As a former Landmark player I see the need for a feature very similar to what was used in that game. To more easily view constructs of other people. Over time and especially when the NDA is lifted I can see the need/desire for players to show off their build and for other players to browse and view all the cool things that people made. I can already see this now as players are flying by and getting out of their ship to take a closer look at a house or ship someone made. Over time more and more builds will be far away and the location of many of those wil
  11. So I was wondering if the following would be something people would be interested in: What: A competency certification for the various building disciplines. Why: DU is giving a LOT of space for player creativity. This will mean that the 80/20 rule will be in strong evidence. Every one CAN build, but not every one can build WELL. If you cant build and you are looking for some one to build for you, it would be nice to have some prior knowledge of what they can do. Auditions are not practical, especially if it involves expensive materials. How:
  12. Who am I? Currently a student in a software engineering major. Why are you here? Well to make fast ships and big guns. What do you plan to do? Build ships for deep space exploration and hopefully write some good code while I am at it. What role do you plan to play? Deep space exploration and ship design/programming. Are you a lone wolf or "team" player? A little of both. If an organisation wants my skills and thinks I could be of good use, plus can compensate me accordingly, I would be more than happy to join up. As long
  13. I wonder if you can build a space elevator in the game I can think of a few ways, how would you build one?
  14. Looking for some information about what we will need to build or craft our things I found this info from a year old post: But I have some questions: - Those units, like the one to refine, the 3D printer or the assembly unit; are they items at our inventary or we need to have them like a workbench in order to use them? -Are they mobile or they are building using something like a Static Core Unit? - And the last, they suffer from use? they need to be repaired or have maintenance? I don't know if they already answer this, but i can't find answers to that. Thanks!
  15. I would love to see some early Ideas people have for Starship designs. Ive been dreaming of Starship designs all week. Been looking up references too! Post Starship photos here and lets drool over the idea of creating Awesome Starships. Pinterest is a great way to gather reference images and save them for further use. I'm going to create a Pinterest Gallery for Spaceship designs. SaveSave SaveSave
  16. Could we get an open-topped cockpit for planetary travel? Yeah, I'm talking hover-bike style cockpit, not unlike a speeder or motorcycle. Here are the potential benefits: -It would look totally sick! -Less resources and lighter weight means easier to build and easier to propel ~faster -The exposed nature would allow players to shoot you dead, despite being in a construct. Since Construct vs Construct combat won't be there at launch, this would allow lower-level play to include some sort-of vehicular combat. -Can't go into space with it -This would allow players to have
  17. Hello all, I have been watching Dev videos and have seen so mention of underwater base building (Would you kindly...) and I have one question so far. Would we be able to make man-made rivers, waterfalls, and lakes by directing water flow?
  18. Welcome to the Link to the organization community page : here Introduction It is my pleasure to present you our brand new organization : the Stellar Trade, Affairs and Recreational Society (acronym STARS). We are a neutral, non-interfering society thriving to offer the best available services to the community for an affordable price in secured oases of peace throughout the universe. We wish to offer in each of our bases: - A banking system for you to store your items in a secure and convenient location. - A free open market for everyone to visit or sell - A transport service for re
  19. T h e A l c h e m i s t s -A Profession-Level Org -Not a Government -Does NOT require loyalty or Sovereignty -Not a Mutually-Exclusive Org -Not a bunch of jerks! If you consider yourself mainly a builder, then you belong in the Alchemists. We are a profession-level org, that means memberships indicate to potential employers that you are a specialist. I will be managing contracts with other orgs to craft and design Blueprints for military or civilian tech, and members of the guild will be welcome to collaborate on these contracts or form contracts of their own. In essence this
  20. A little survey to open several issues about builders user experience
  21. Building will be a major factor in dual universe and you will have to build something at some point, so what do you plan on building if anything?
  22. Ability to build on physical moving space ship kinda tinckles me We know the creation mod at first create non physical voxels until you activate its physics Will the created voxel stand still on xyz position untill one wall of the ship bumps into it, and stops the whole spaceship? Will created voxel automatically and instantly be linked to the physical properties of the ship, so that will create a physical voxel that will start bumping on the floor? Will created voxel automatically and instantly be linked to the ship but with non physical properties, considering the air in betw
  23. I would like to introduce an idea about using the paint tool to create some bump maps textures for our builds: The concept is using the paint tool and having the possibility to switch to texture or bump mod. Normal maps would be too complex to paint by ourselves, so preferably using bump maps system, painting in shades of greys over our texture painted model. An Invisible painted information layer to anyone's eyes on a finished build but renderable by client side lights information calculation. This might greatly improve the appearance of any constructions And why not doing the same
  24. How about adding physic to constructions, by adding some gravity, weigh and strength to material, so for larger scale building constructions on planets, players will be forced to recreate a stable structure to build on. Making impoosible to build bridges without pillars, suspended houses with a triangulated structure, or even a floor without a certain thickness, neither a dirt tower.... As i understood Voxel builds is composed by millions of tiny tiny pixels cubes, so it might not be difficult to make calculation to make cunstruction horizontally collapse based on distance of last cube fr
  25. I wonder if you can build a space elevator in the game I can think of a few ways, how would you build one?
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