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  1. How cool would it be to be able to import cad models for custom element skins. or submit them to be accepted.
  2. from what I have seen with Lua scripts creating a drone swarm would be completely possible with a simple flocking script. in addition from what I have heard from dual turrets and aI weapons will be a thing weather effective or not. Using a flocking script to maneuver flying turrets you could easily setup a drone swarm.
  3. @QueejonInstead of having to use a separate Cad program dual should have an in game program accessible via an in game “cad bench”, in this bench you would have the ability to use a simple cad program (similar to Onshape) to create ships and structures. The assembly tab of said “cad bench” is where you would insert elements such as the gyro, engines, cockpit, etc... sadly dual has said they will not allow imports to the game so an in game “cad bench” would be one of the few ways to create more complex, persice and dynamic structures and ships. An even better way to specialize in building.
  4. I have to agree with Virtuozzo, this game will be a somewhat free for all and avoiding pvp will be done through either being part of a strong faction to discourage others from attacking you or utilizing the safe zones
  5. Thainz

    Combat Style!

    As scales goes up weapons and pvp become more and more of a number game, however I think as single person combat goes I agree with xWolkx, it should be more skill based. the Devs have left this open as on option and I hope it gets carried through. I also think that smaller craft and weapons should also be somewhat skill based and numbers based. skill will make it so that as a small quick craft you have different tactical advantages over a large slow craft. I am not sure how craft speed etc... will effect weapons and battle outcomes but I hope it does have an effect. Maybe the lock on for turrets will have to be manually aimed and locked on or something of that sort.
  6. @CodeGlitch0 why could these functions not be achieved in a voxel based engine? If applied to standard building a single unit would be the same as a the side length of the core it is attached to. In addition, I was thinking of something more similar to the lua functionality in dual universe, where there is a lua control panel where people can utilize advanced codeing. Instead of a control panel for code, there would be a cad station where you could use a cad program to create more specialized ships, then export them as blueprints, to be built by manufacturing units. Elements (Rockets, cockpits, etc....) would be put into the ship through an assembly feature as another part, (just like Onshape) and then exported as part of the ship. by the way I love Onshape!
  7. YES! great point. I think that auto turrets should be expensive and inefficient, but they should be there. people who do just troll will most likely be deterred by auto turrets while those who really are playing the game will brush them away.
  8. Thainz

    Cloaking Tech

    IT seems to me that cloaking devices are in the works, they are listed on the elements page of the wiki. However I think that cloaking should be like what @Lethys said, done with separate blocks/ generators. For example having a thermo shielding would protect against heat source detection, however it would take energy so the ship would be more susceptible to energy scanners. If a ship is radar jamming it would also have a large energy footprint. If a ship is energy jamming then it puts out a large magnetic field and so on. If a ships goal is to be very/completely stealthy, and block all scanning equipment, it could require an huge amount of fuel/ power and require little to no movement. the same goes for those who want to be able to scan for everything, it will take an enormous amount of power, and or require little movement for clear detection, making them sitting ducks. This could make cloaking much more balanced, and will force more tactical and planning as well as team oriented Approaches to battles, as far as sneaking around goes.
  9. I think that this already exists, there is the Lua script in a Programing board, and there is lua scripting in cockpits aswell. In addition there will also be logic gates. There is also a gyro for telling orientation and a telemeter for measuring distance, you could use these two to create a way to tell altitude if you wanted. Here is a link to the wiki on interactive elements: https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Interactive_Elements here is a link to all known elements : https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Element
  10. That would be amazing! it was chilling to see the smoothing tool used with such remiss to try and create smooth faces. I still hold out hope that a drafting or planning station could be created. or at least a sketch and extrude tool.
  11. in addition @NQ-Nyzaltar posted in the Devlog on building, "Virtual Simulator: enabling player to enter a virtual world (call it ?inception syndrome?!). While in that virtual space, the player would be able to design any construct, in a completely peaceful setting. This would help builders to design their construct and create their blueprints safely, without being interrupted by any PvP action. For ships, it will also be possible to test their flight mode, without risking a crash or wasting resources!" So again I think that having a cad like format/drafting tool will make the creation of ships and constructs that could be immensely more complex, smooth and creative for those who wish to learn how use it.
  12. @Lethys I found this in the wiki and it seems like there is a possibility of a separate simulator where blueprints and designs can be made. this makes me think that a cad like blueprinting station could be possible in game. A Virtual Simulator or Creative Mode where builders could design constructs in a peaceful environment.[9] For flyable constructs, they would be flyable without risk of crashing or wasting resources.[9] This also would provide a safe space where constructs can be designed without using a massive amount of resources.[10]
  13. @LittleJoe and others interested in this topic take a look at this post Advanced Building - CAD blueprint
  14. I am confused? I was proposing this as an idea for dual universe.
  15. @Lethys This would be in game. Similar to Lua scripting where you have a access point to code, or a computer station, there would be a cad design station where you could make a blueprint. If you really wanted to you could build these features into the voxel building mechanism. Or just have simple cad like sketch and extrude with simple curves, or filet or loft sweep and revolve if you want to bring it to the next level. As far as resources go, the robot that builds the structure would have access to storage for the materials it would use, and like a 3D printers uses filiment, the robot would use resources.
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