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  1. Hi, How do I cancel my subscription? Try to look on the net and cant find anything. Thank you
  2. Seriously, wtf?????? Graphics are real bad, looks cartoonish and from the 1990 really??? Not only this game crashes, lags like hell and so much more, the graphics are the worst. Took a 3 month plan and for me that will be it, will not comeback to the game. Waste of time and money, and I know for a fact that a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt of players around the world will do the same like me. This game should not have been out that soon. Also bad, real bad did I say real BAD optimized. Enjoy another game like Star Citizen.
  3. Je crash sur le bureau et c'est tout. Merci
  4. I have 32 gig of ram GTX 1070 TI 8gig , i7 8700K 3.20Ghz OC at 5.20Ghz
  5. Hello, Bought and install the game yesterday, but the game is basically unplayable even tho if all settings are to the lowest, FPS are ridiculously low. But also the game crashes every 15 minutes I would say. Any ideas? Also I did the tutorial step by step but when they ask me to deploy my speedster its all red, why? If im missing something it shouldnt happen cause I did follow tuto step by step. thank you
  6. Salut, J'ai téléchargé ce jeu hier, et je suis incapable de jouer avec DU. Autre le fais que les FPS sont ridiculement bas meme si j'ai tout mis au plus bas, le jeu lag solide. Aussi je ne peux que rester connecter qu'environ dix a quinze minutes le jeu crash tout le temps. Vous avez des idees? Merci
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