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  1. Thanks guys! Looks like I can keep expanding! For the good of the flight path's around Market 7 on Alioth, though, I'll take it easy expanding the height of my tower... ha.. it's getting pretty dangerous with everyone's towers loading out of nowhere
  2. So, like many of us, I've spent countless hours mining, and crafting, and building, and mining, and crafting, and building... I'm not upset about this game-cycle... in fact, I still love it. The problem now, however, is that I'm maxed out with 15 active cores. Sure, I probably went a little crazy stacking so many core units into my tower on Alioth... but, in order for me to keep creating content for this universe, I need to be able to keep placing cores... Does anyone know of any good ways for me to keep expanding, without creating a second account? Can I give my cores to an Org I st
  3. Ha, yea, they say do what you love and you'll work every damn' day of your life, right!? or is that how the saying usually goes🤔 But for real, that's why I'm here and playing Dual Universe.. to be part of building a whole new world... it looks like a lot of people on here are forgetting that this world will ultimately be built by us, and not Novaquark... the fun part to me right now is seeing such a large, blank canvas of a digital frontier that all of us creators are going to vie to direct. I totally understand how this version of the game isn't fun for most types of gamers compared to so
  4. As a programmer, I just have to say how impressed I am with what NQ is doing.. things are going to continue to be bumpy for a long time, but ultimately, it's up to us, the community to really build cool experiences for each other
  5. What we all need to be doing at this point, is getting creative, creating things for each other to do... take this opportunity to learn to code some LUA, join an org that has some interesting stuff going on, or hone those voxelmancy skills. This really is the community's game... all this is easy for me to say, however, as I've already established a sufficient transport ship and base while I could craft everything myself... the big org's better start getting creative with guiding new players to some decent gameplay before the whole project fails though... It does seem like it's going to be up t
  6. It's a drastic change.. but I still see and believe in the vision of NQ. As time progresses, these monopolistic corporations will develop fun and exciting styles of gameplay for old and especially new player's they'll be trying to recruit... I still think the thing this game needs is automated mining/extraction systems, that way, we there'll be some way to keep an excess of material flowing for players to blow-up in much more fun gameplay
  7. Seems to be around the same for me over here in Colorado USA.. just chiming in.. DU's worth the wait, and finally getting to some promo art for a new org while I Wait
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