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  1. We do appreciate being able to voice our concerns, and inevitably there's going to be heated debate over these tweaks and changes.. as a software developer, I really do think it's amazing what NQ has accomplished, as well as what the community has accomplished.. and I have to thank everybody at NQ for the crazy amount of work done behind the scenes. I love the game and ya'll. We are going to need to work together to build some community and civilization in this civilization game. Honestly I'm sorry for even smugly pointing out smugness, ya know? About these game-making-or-breaking decisions the Dual Universe depends on though... Ultimately, I still want to know why we need to err on the side of resource scarcity beyond the players time. Dual Universe is the only game I've played in over two years, and I've played it pretty darn consistently (as far as my free time goes)... But I have yet to even see PVP combat, beyond getting a months worth of my game times work blown up out of nowhere by space pirates while I was tinkering with LUA... and that's emblematic of my exact gripe with the game in its current state. I, as a player who can't devote large (every gamers got a different version of large) amounts of time to a hobby like this one, can't risk loosing what takes so much time to build. I love building, that's primarily why I'm here, but I'd love to be able to see and be part of a giant space war at some point, right?? Like, I was hoping I'd have seen more of that in two years of playing than a twitch recording of some white radar dots. I know there's plenty of space pirates out there and people solely devoted to space fights that have seen lots more action than me, but I really do hope that PVP can one day be the resource sink this game needs, and not some tax system that only really extends the grind, and might ultimately prohibit any of us from ever seeing really FUN space combat... I'm getting off track... This, having to run around babying mining units every day to keep your head afloat thing... has to change. There's got to be longer periods of time that these systems can run before we have to check on them again. The math's all there to shift L/h productivity, calibration deflation, and charge capacity to basically keep the same overall productivity rates, and move to a timeframe that is more like a once-weekly chore, and not a daily chore. I would really like to spend my time in the game creating content for this universe and exploring it, and not stuck to my small number of tiles that require daily upkeep. I'm not even that upset that it looks like, based on the number, and rate of charge calibrations I now have, it seems like I'll never even spread out beyond my 5 tiles, due to not being able recalibrate the number of mining units it takes to sustain 6/7+ territories... I'm more upset that my (precious to me) game time consists of replaying the same mini-game/algorithm 6-9 times before I can do anything else. I used to be able to hang out in my space station for a week or two and make upgrades.. In this system, with the tax system, I'm afraid I'll be stuck to my same tiles, trying to save up for my two week vacation, like a 1970's career man, while being too afraid to spare the gas to even make it to orbit, let alone the warp cells to travel the star system.. again, far too afraid to take my chances of loosing a large ship to any type of PVP encounter I know there's players that can spend copious amounts of time in a game like this, and become dominant giants if resources are too plentiful, but I'd honestly love to see some of these players giant builds, and giant wars, fueled by their riches. Whatever the changes, I hope NQ errs on the side of giving players the tools, resources, and time, that we need to build this universe.
  2. Unhappy as well.. The need to login every day to recalibrate my mining units is making me question whether I finally give the game up.. I was hoping they would relieve the boring part of the game, in order for us to be able to focus on building the exciting parts, but since the update, every time I log on, I play the same mini game 6-9 times, and then question what I'm doing with my life and free time. I really think the answer, to my problem with the update at least, is to shift the timeframe we need to recalibrate things from a daily chore to weekly or bi-weekly chore. The thought of needing to login every day to play the same mini-game is killing my desire to anything else in the game.
  3. I agree with the original post completely.. resources need to be plentiful for this game to work. I thought I would have more time and freedom to actually make this game more fun for myself and everyone else with automated mining units, but instead I'm stuck on my same 5 tiles, playing the same mini-game multiple times every day to just keep things running.. I'm much more interested in doing everything I can to change the current dynamics here on the forums than play the game any more.. I love what DU could be, but we need resources to be plentiful, and not taxed away into oblivion, for us to be willing to loose our creations in actual fun PVP gameplay.
  4. Childishly smug condescension aside, I agree with Cergorach's suggestions here. I'm already extremely sick of feeling like I need to log in every night to play a boring calibration mini game just to keep my head above water with the new tax system.. Please NQ, cut us players who don't want to or can't play every single night some slack, and let us save up some more charges.. I'd love it if the calibration didn't start decreasing until something like 7 days instead of 2, but I'll admit, I haven't done the math, and frankly don't care to.
  5. I've been super excited about this new Update, and really ready to toss out the manual mining picks and shovels... I am highly concerned however, after seeing some of the specific numbers and contemplating the consequences... I'm glad taxes will clear up some of the unused tiles for more serious expansion.. but the taxes have to be lower! Without constant upkeep, even dedicated players will find themselves homeless on the tiles they worked so hard to acquire. The main reason I was excited for this update was to hopefully see a larger surplus of ore for the community to process, build and blow up... you know.. the fun parts of the game. For this, I think the rate of extraction needs to be higher! Even tiles with low amounts of ore should be able to pay for themselves when furnished with mining units.. at the current rates, it is unclear if we'll be treading water, barely staying afloat, even with mining units that we've somehow pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps to afford. I love the performance improvements that are already apparent from not making my graphics card process every single mining expedition every player has embarked on around my base, and really appreciate not having to spend my precious free time mucking about like a slave in the mine pits.. so bravo on making the bold move to leave manual mining to asteroids. Everything else I've seen in this update on the PTS looks and feels great, but my main concern is the arbitrary scarcity of resources NQ is maintaining via low productivity of mining units and high taxes. To really build cool stuff, and have enough resources to risk PVP encounters, we, as a player base in general, need a lot more resources pouring out of the system to really have a good time, and show the rest of the gaming world how cool DU can actually be. Do you really want to keep players running back and forth between mining units in perpetual tax holes to maintain scarcity, or do you want grandiose and beautiful constructs, enough quanta and ore to build, buy and showcase them, and actual space wars? What do you think is going to make for good twitch streams and actually draw in a sizeable player base? We need plentiful resources to actually make this game fun and exciting!
  6. Thank the beta Gods! I've been waiting for this change since I started playin pre alpha... I'll finally actually recommend this game to friends! No more wasted life role-playing as a mining slave! I've been recommending these exact changes from the beginning, and am so excited to see how this shapes the future of the game... We've needed automated mining the whole time, so we don't have to be so darn attached to our creations, that we can actually start having some fun with them! I've wanted to get into PVP for literally years now, and finally will feel like I can take some chances that won't end up with my toiling back in the damn mines..
  7. I've been talking about this from the beginning... luckily some kind of automation is planned in a coming update. The current mining gameplay is actually pretty fun for a while.. but, yes extremely tedious, and pretty impactful on the overall fun-factor after a while. I'm hoping we'll see this 'automated mining' system work by holding territory, and then provide enough resources to actually fuel some fun territorial combat.. otherwise, we won't be seeing very many fun combat engagements in real life, or on streams, as we all value the ships we basically had to mine by hand too much.
  8. Thanks guys! Looks like I can keep expanding! For the good of the flight path's around Market 7 on Alioth, though, I'll take it easy expanding the height of my tower... ha.. it's getting pretty dangerous with everyone's towers loading out of nowhere
  9. So, like many of us, I've spent countless hours mining, and crafting, and building, and mining, and crafting, and building... I'm not upset about this game-cycle... in fact, I still love it. The problem now, however, is that I'm maxed out with 15 active cores. Sure, I probably went a little crazy stacking so many core units into my tower on Alioth... but, in order for me to keep creating content for this universe, I need to be able to keep placing cores... Does anyone know of any good ways for me to keep expanding, without creating a second account? Can I give my cores to an Org I start? Do I need to give them to a friend? Has anyone else gotten past the 15 core unit cap?
  10. Ha, yea, they say do what you love and you'll work every damn' day of your life, right!? or is that how the saying usually goes? But for real, that's why I'm here and playing Dual Universe.. to be part of building a whole new world... it looks like a lot of people on here are forgetting that this world will ultimately be built by us, and not Novaquark... the fun part to me right now is seeing such a large, blank canvas of a digital frontier that all of us creators are going to vie to direct. I totally understand how this version of the game isn't fun for most types of gamers compared to so many other fast-paced, ever-rewarding games out there.. but DU is undoubtedly going to get cooler and cooler every day from people in the community who just love creating... after enough time, we'll all figure out better and better ways to create objectives and different forms of gameplay for each other, but everyone is going to have to give NQ time... whether you give them money, if you're not that interested in being part of the creation-process, is up to you
  11. As a programmer, I just have to say how impressed I am with what NQ is doing.. things are going to continue to be bumpy for a long time, but ultimately, it's up to us, the community to really build cool experiences for each other
  12. What we all need to be doing at this point, is getting creative, creating things for each other to do... take this opportunity to learn to code some LUA, join an org that has some interesting stuff going on, or hone those voxelmancy skills. This really is the community's game... all this is easy for me to say, however, as I've already established a sufficient transport ship and base while I could craft everything myself... the big org's better start getting creative with guiding new players to some decent gameplay before the whole project fails though... It does seem like it's going to be up to the community to carry this game forward... but wasn't that what this was all about in the first place?
  13. It's a drastic change.. but I still see and believe in the vision of NQ. As time progresses, these monopolistic corporations will develop fun and exciting styles of gameplay for old and especially new player's they'll be trying to recruit... I still think the thing this game needs is automated mining/extraction systems, that way, we there'll be some way to keep an excess of material flowing for players to blow-up in much more fun gameplay
  14. Seems to be around the same for me over here in Colorado USA.. just chiming in.. DU's worth the wait, and finally getting to some promo art for a new org while I Wait
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