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  1. Attached is a screenshot taken about 10min ago of a Sell Order I've been watching. In the past 48hrs. this seller has made approximately 2billion quanta off of NQs "mistake/bug/glitch." Call it what you want, but that's a lot of capital to benefit from when it can be researched and fixed. It is unacceptable and should be investigated further. I looked at this sell order on Friday and he had 112 for sale. He's now down to 18 left. That is some serious cash for 0 work.
  2. I've been watching this and other Sell Orders. The seller in the attached screen-shot purchased over 112 Warp Drive Schematics due to NQs mistake and will profit easily, but approximately 2billion quanta. This has got to be investigated and fixed ASAP!
  3. ... why you gotta bring me into this... "as another sync"
  4. Looking forward to more updated promotions of DU, but i get the focus. Keep it up Team!
  5. Invasion The initial invasion of every plan is well thought out and coordinated. Knowing that the enemy may have a Protective Device casting a force-field over their Construct(s) is part of that plan. However, it is not known how reinforced said "bubble" is. I propose the following meta: If the base being attacked has a Large Core, then the owner should have or be required to have, a Large shield. Of course this item should be Tiered as such Core: XS-Tier I shield S-Tier II shield M-Tier III shield L-Tier IV shield The attacking force would be required
  6. discordauth:Rm2XJYOB6WzTDUrdcUhCevNiEVEKs6qvJuxUKbklUkM=

  7. Sooo excited to play DU now. Been creeping around for a long time. Looking forward to joining a massive faction and terrorizing the universe! Sync (Discord: (ACP) Rook)
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