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  1. I now have this same issue. Uninstall reinstall does nothing. Anyone find fix?
  2. So the missions will have a predictable flight path and pirates can just sit and wait.... yeah this going to to go so well.
  3. I can tell you now, I won't even open this mission screen. Hauling...lol what a joke. Everyone has a friend/org mate that will haul them and their items.
  4. You mean like punishing Scoopy and the players that dismantled a base because of a mistake NQ made? What is it that NQ keeps drilling into us about RMDS rights? And they leave their own rights open then ban players. Tell me again why taking action against players is bad?
  5. The players complaining... Not the ones that exploited... weird.... Scoopy and several other players were banned for NQ bad coding.... Why aren't these players being banned?
  6. Was this the devs not wanting to put in the time and grind to earn quanta to buy schematics? It seems awfully odd that this would change one day....... Why did it change... seeded wrong... weren't they seeded long ago with patch .23? I smell something very fishy. Do they not want to do roll back because devs created and used exploit for their own personal fun?
  7. Hmmm doesn't seem this game is for any sort of casual player....wonder if it is noninclusive events like this that turned so many off already.
  8. Cool another event just for large orgs. They will shut everyone else out of event. Just like Thorium.
  9. Had the idea to add thrust cones (maybe translucent blue cones and you can see the item/s causing the obstruction, or part of cone turns red where issues are) instead of just small arrows behind flight elements add visual cue as to the area they need clear in order to have no obstructions, and add visual cue as to what or where is causing obstructions to elements. Game changer for new players and especially new builders.
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