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  1. If I deploy a Territory Control Unit, can I later remove it, and return it to my inventory? TIA.
  2. I've just signed up and wanted to say hello to everyone. I am sure I'll have a lot of questions when I logon on the 14th May. Just want to know who else from Australia will be playing and what local organizations there might be. Set phasers to 'tickle' !!!
  3. If I explain my situation, maybe some of you could help me decide whether I should get this game. I have loved online games since Ultima Online, so I have a long history of gaming. I am not good at PvP and this may limit my game choices and/or game enjoyment. I don't have quick reactions as I am an older gamer (turning 70 this year). WIll there be enough to keep me occupied and enjoying the game for a good while? Finances are limited because I am a retiree. I understand that I am the only one that can make the final choice and am only seeking feedback and info. Thanks in advance for anything you can give me regarding Dual Universe. Cheers MrHoot
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