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  1. and that is the exact reason for me to post hehehe I want to see if NQ is changing their MO or not... I fear the answer is not 😒
  2. yes to an extent, but the opposite is also happening. For me, the no wipe means that I quit(that is not the only reason, but a big one), and not because I am behind others, but because i fear it will prevent the game from growing from "launch", it is (not, but should be) growing now because it has already launched. Now on the other hand, if there would be a "we will wipe" confirmed, where you get to keep BP's, I would probably keep playing on and off until launch, focusing more on building a strategy for myself, and a good bp library to carry ower, getting settled real nice in groups and orgs, to have a good vantage point at game launch, because then i would have confidence in the influx of players at launch, and more confidence in the long haul of the game For me at least, the confidence in the game and dev team is NOT that they cant deliver a good game, I truly believe they can, given time and money
  3. I see a lot of different reasons here for people quitting or thinking of doing so, and sadly that further strengthens the main reason for me quitting. There is always a loss in player base when a game launches, and after major update player base influxes. All aspects of the game seem to be "loosing" players right now, and I fear it is more than just the normal decline that is to be expected. Reading through this thread, and a lot of other threads on this forum, I'm gonna generalize and say... people quit because ALL features are at BEST in their infant stages, many not even conceived yet. Which then leads me to say "This game should never had ben "launched" like this." For me it all comes down to this. Does this game/dev team have a trajectory to "success"? Success is of course different from company to company, and person to person hence the "" But one thing I deem a big parameter of success is financial stability, and as far as I can remember, I read or heard somewhere that that is one of the reasons for the subscription based model of the game, and I fully support that. So, to keep a subscription based game a success you need x amount of players to be subscribed, and here is the first red flag for me. NOWHERE can I see or have ever heard of what NQ needs or expects player numbers to be to be financially sound, and that might be ok if I had heard something like "we would be happy to reach such numbers as EVE has over a couple of years", or "50k players would make us happy" ore just something. All I have ever heard is JC's "We are developing... with a possibility for... hundreds of thousands or even millions". I know, that is not to be taken as "we need millions of players to be ok", but in what ball park is the expected/needed number of subscriptions? And here comes the reason for this wall of text... What are you gonna do if you do not meet those numbers? My fear, and one of main reasons for me quitting is the following scenario. game launched as it did, and is now suffering for the unfinished state If they get updates out on a regular basis, an influx will occur, and then natural falloff at "launch" (my best bet is in 1-2 years)there will be a big influx in players especially if and when they launch on steam and other platforms My fear is here. A lot of those new players will drop of quickly, and many of them with a bad taste in their mouth du to the game "launch" they bought, is actually not a launch at all, that happened 2 years ago. specially on steam, this will leave a "stink" on the game, bad reviews, if not all out review bombing, refund claims ect. and halt the player influx. after that (if not sooner) we will be introduced to the in-game store, where items developed for the game, are kept out of the game for you to purchase. And despite it being a subscription based game, excuses like "its only cosmetic" or "not enough subs to keep development going, only maint." will be used. more people leave DU goes F2P to increase players, in-game store is filled to the brim of digital crap for you to buy, and not much development is going into the base game. This "fear scenario" is fueled by lack of communication from NQ, forum post going unanswered, tickets taking 2 months to answer (that is my own ticket for lost items due to the early inv bug where items just went "poof" when picking them up in build mode), "discussions" about updates, and upvote on features does nothing for my confidence in this project (that should have happened long before you "launch" the game). So to sum it up for those not bothered to read the wall... The premature "launch" of the game, and handling of the community since said "launch" has completely eroded my faith in team and game. Thats why I quit
  4. Its kind of sad, but this is not the first post about this, and as far as I can tell, still no NQ response of any kind
  5. Why? What is the purpose of said discussion? Is this still in the planning stage, so a discussion could change any of this? I have seen questions asked in this "discussion", but only a single response from you NQ to iterate that this is all element damage not only pvp. Reason for me asking is, I have quit playing the game for now and a factor to me quitting was lack of communication. Since I quit I follow here on the forums to see if things improve, I see a post like this, but still no communication between NQ and players, only players asking into the void and speculating. So I ask again... Why is this thread created NQ? What do you (NQ) get out of a discussion like this? Do you (NQ) even read through this? and if you do, why? Is any of it subject to changed based on the discussion? Now lets see if this is actually an improvement to the communication and discussion, or just "fake interest"
  6. heres a thougt, why dont you arange one of those in pvp space
  7. I dont think this is a good idea. I dont think the player base would be large enough to sustain 2 servers, i still believe this game is and will be a niche game like eve, and should be lucky to attract player numbers like eve, and splitting that is not gonna do it any favors
  8. Yea im sorry, you have probably lost me im not sure what capturing 500 hexes and the cost of that has to do with game balancing being centered around large orgs or single players im probably misunderstanding the point you are making
  9. Yes people getting into games not knowing what they are getting into, and then "demanding" or "hoping" for the game to change to suit their needs and wants, is and probably always will be a problem. You as a backer clearly know what you are getting into. Me.. i started a week into beta, and am a bit more fussy about where NQ actually are going with the game, but i generaly try to figure out beforehand if a game is for me or not and only opt in if im fairly certain its gonna be something i enjoy, so i feel like i know what im getting into too My vision is pretty much what you describe, players getting together and creating content, citys ships and fun, sandbox (reminds me of SWG before all the sony imitating wow crap) The biggest fear i have for DU, and that is the reason i entertain the ideas of wipe no wipe, compensations if wipe and compensation to new players if no wipe, is What will happen if the game des not grow as much as NQ wants? F2P? Ingame store? F2P with ingame store? F2P with ingame store and subscription? I want the game to stay sub based, NO f2p, NO ingame store None of the above for me atleast, the game being a subscription based game is one of the key factors for me. I saw this game from the start as a niche game with a limited but strong player base, and main reason for me not joining alpha was above concerns and NQ talking server tech for huge player numbers Current state of game, the upvote stuff, lack of clear roadmap, no comms on forum, bugs, exploits going unpunished, random TP for players too lazy to play the game, reps for crashed ships due to lack of skill ect thats going on in discord... all of this is a concern to me in regards of player numbers vs what NQ deems profitable, and how they will react to that and that is the main reason for me thinking wipe on launch (with or without compensation) might be the best way to greet and keep new players at that time... sadly
  10. No you are absolutely right, i am not taking the proposed tile defence mechanic into account, exactly because we have no spesifics on how it will look, so it is pure speculation how a wipe would affect it. And just to be clear, im not saying a wipe is what has to happen, im not even sure if it is the best way to go about things, i just think it is important to consider if it is a way to go or not. I have never played rust so i cant speak to the mentality of players from that game, but the (wipes) and being behind is probably something EVERY mmo has to deal with, and i think that it is a non sensical notion to think "we" or "NQ" need to change new players mentality. "we" orand "NQ" just need to present clearly what the game is, and will be, so the people with the "change needing mentality" know what they are getting into, and can opt out if they so choose
  11. Imo the 500 cors for orgs is just silly, again going back to defining and balancing from solo standpoint. Solo you have a skill to increase the amount of cores to what ever the number is 14 or something Just have a skill that a player can train that adds active cores to the org they are in. Bigger orgs with well trained members can have bigger territory control As the system is now every single player can create an personal org and have 500 cores, and the biggest org of them all, also 500 cores
  12. I dont know much about the vision you (and others) were sold, as i was not around in alpha, and im not saying NQ should change the vision they have ben selling As for letting new players start with a bunch of sp... that might be a idea worth considering, and there are probably other good ideas how to tackle that, but it is imo vey necessary to clearly decide on how to go about things, and state that clearly ASAP, so people can make an informed decision. wiping changes nothing you say, well i disagree. IF wiping changes nothing, there is no reason NOT to wipe to satisfy the people who feel a wipe is necessary. I agree that vets will always be ahead, just by being vets, and knowing the game. I agree that big orgs will be very quick to reform and get big again fast. I agree that the hermit in his hole will go exactly the same route again. BUT wiping on game launch or not will be a determining factor for new players coming in at that stage imo PS no civilization has ben built without conflict, so doing that in here without pvp is just silly
  13. Imo yes, it should be balanced around solo players... but not balanced in a way that a solo player can DO everything and anything themselves, but more balanced as what a solo player CAN do by themselves. Its far better imo to define and balance a game around what an individual should be able to achieve and do by himself, and then let people and groups and projects grow from that base than defining and balancing a game around a larger group and what they should be able to do together, and from that base try and define individual progression
  14. I can understand this but think if they keep holding on to this, the game will not see any influx of player base of note on launch (a year or two from now), getting into a game on "launch" seeing you are one or two years behind will imo gimp the game. BUT they need to make it clear either way so people can make an informed choice whether to quit now and wait for wipe, keep going to keep up or quit for good reasoning that "game is not for me now, and im not gonna start all this time behind people who plowed through"
  15. in build mode, with connection tool active, right click element and look for the connection options, you can see here how many are free to be used. This ofc could be a lot better, like in tooltip or something, which im guessing your after, and i would agree
  16. ahh yes, im sorry i see now what you are talking about, makes no sense to have 5 kg of ore and rock, refine it to get pure ore and end up with 10kg
  17. well 1 liter volume of feathers is lighter than 1 liter volume of lead So 1L of material x does not weigh the same as 1L of material y
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