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  1. This is why I several Christian friends no longer play or back Dual Universe and have requested a refund. NQ in in violation of it's own EULA by allowing the JC Bot.
  2. Hi, me again. So that reply I addressed to Morlock was really intended for Anomalos, though its about me in general as well. This is what happens when I have had a migraine and my brain is not firing as well as it should. However, great to see others (Morlock) interested in a Christian gaming group. Since we are told not to partner with the world (2 Cor 6:14-18) this is a good, Biblical idea. ~Verd~
  3. Hi Morlock, That all sounds great. I tend to be way less quiet. I am pretty casual in my gaming. Not a huge PVP fan but will defend when attacked in multi player. I started as an RTS player in the C&C series. I am a retired IT professional. I raised my kids with lots of play parties in the house. I had a server that I built where I hosted a modded MineCraft build and we also played Battlefield II. Kids are all gone now and I was just remarried 3 months ago, ( I can share that story as we spend time in fellowship). I am officially disabled with chronic intractable migraines. As a result, I have three modes, doing alright and able to play, on meds and able to play, down hard and sleeping or watching sermons and resting. The center of my life is Christ. I am a follower of reformed theology and would consider myself a Calvinist for the most part. I am a musician (guitar, voice) and am married to a pianist who is the music director at our church. We attend Westview Bible Church in Imperial Beach, Ca. Of course, attend does not apply right now but hopefully soon. I have been growing in my faith and understanding very quickly over the past few years. Again, long story for another time. I am looking forward to playing Dual Universe. I have played many hours of Empyrion Galactic Survival, Space Engineers and No Man's Sky. So I think Du have great possibilities. I am also looking forward to playing Starbase when it comes out. Oh, I play Star Citizen too though I am not a huge fanboy. I love to design and build. I am happy to start a small mining and trading operation in a relatively safe part of the DU universe. I am excited to be able to game with someone who shares faith in Christ. I have grown tired of playing with worldly people who's speech and attitudes break down rather than build up. I am leaving on Vacation in a few days so I will be out of comm range until after the 8th of August. We can hook up after that and get better acquainted and see if we are a fit. Blessings, ~Verd~
  4. Greetings Anomolos, I am a follower of Christ and a gamer as well. I have recently become a patron of Dual Universe. I have been contemplating what to do about an organization to enhance the playing experience. As a Christian it can be difficult dealing with the online world as many do not hold to our core values. I was thinking about staring an org and so I did a quick search first to see what I could find out there. That led me to your post. I would enjoy discussing the possibilities with you. I am a long time player of Emperion Galactic Survival, Space Engineers and No Man's Sky. I have been playing Star Citizen but beleive the best days for them are out in the future somewhere. I am also looking forward to Starbase with anticipation in hopes that will be some good game play. So, let's talk and see if there is a fit. Verd
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