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  1. They were dead, and you were thread recruiting. Here's an idea: don't necropost.
  2. A troll knows they'll get banned. They just need to have the best troll/cost factor. Subscription based games allow all of that sweet, sugary trolling to happen.
  3. Democracy is bad. Autocracies forever. (in games, for you snoopers)
  4. I'm extremely certain a republic is a very un-unique style of government. America is a republic (shut up naysayers), and it is one of the biggest countries in the world. Also, no. Republics cannot function within a game like this because it promotes elitism and favoritism among a group of people.
  5. Here's some feedback: -You whistle your S's. I know its very hard to control. -Colour theory helps a lot with colour palettes. Colour and design choices for demographics and graphs are very important. -Your sentences sound very demotivated but somehow have a glimmer of confidence. It makes it seems like impending doom is approaching for some reason. -You're including drama. Personally, I FUCKING LOVE DRAMA. Keep it up. -So much grey. Using more colours would be helpful. -The video is way too long for a small community. Using concise information is useful, and keeping out useless filler is important. -The screen is empty half the time. You're staring at a grey wall for dozens of seconds at a time. -Your outro, not going to lie, is completely... horrible. You get compressed music that makes your ears want to bleed. Then, you have another outro. And then another. -Your data lacks visual elements. It gives you numbers. Not a graph, not a chart. Just numbers. -Arkonev is quite quiet. Increasing his volume would be great. Edit: Sorry if it sounds harsh. I don't prefer sugar coating unless I'm humouring somebody.
  6. "...dripping off my fedora and down the inside of my trenchcoat." Beautiful.
  7. That's entirely wrong. It's actually much easier to. If I wanted to troll (theoretically) I could just buy a months worth of subscription and troll my ass off instead of paying for a $60 game. I can troll 5 times and get banned and it'd cost the game as playing a full $60 game and trolling.
  8. Oh shit. That's a lot of money. I don't think I should play DU because I want to spend that money on a daily $5 coffee for 40 days.
  9. Nice bait. Love it! Now, I shall put out an analogy of the highest order. Say you live in a universe where you can't seal holes, and have a bucket of water and you stab a hole in it. You have to constantly add water for it to work. The water is money, the bucket is Novaquark, the hole is simple economics, and the water outflow is eye-candy cocaine that you'll be addicted to.
  10. Welcome to Dual Universe. Usually, I'd give a really long and ornate introduction, but I'll just skip to the point. Join BOO.
  11. Stop giving good ideas. It makes the rest of us look bad. --- Everyone, please note that TCUs are pretty fucken expensive. Nobody can't really just plop one of your land for free and be "omegalulz took yur land -terran onion." Okay, maybe they can. Let's just assume that there will be no extreme amounts of radars, hiding, or blocking. You can still disguise stuff. Is anyone going to care about a giant mining field that's been stripped of everything useful? No. That's where you build your damn hidden bunkers.
  12. I thought it was pretty obvious that it was a joke.
  13. I don't want to point out the obvious, but your name basically means "Flower Flower." Lotus is a flower, rose is a flower. Flower Flower.
  14. Welcome to Dual Universe! Here are a few reminders: -BOO is the best. -Do not necropost. -A NDA is still in effect, so make sure to report anyone who talks about "Terran Union", "time for another crusade", and "this is just an EVE clone". -M̷͎͔̆ą̶̦̀͠k̷̩̏e̶͒̀͜ ̶͖̈́s̴̞͇̎u̶̧̮͑̕r̶͋ͅȩ̵͔̽̐ ̶̣̓t̸̡̠͑o̶͙͊̍ ̸̦̾͠m̴̰͈̓ã̶̳k̷͙͈͆̉ë̵͎̲͝ ̴̞̘͛̓y̷̲̠̆o̵̤̜̊u̴̥̒r̸̠͕͑͊ ̶̞͐d̷̦̚a̷̒͜͠i̷̲͕̕l̴̜̓͘y̴̙̹̎ ̷̰͋͝s̶̼͕̿ä̵͇̗́̍ċ̸̡ř̶̮͜ḭ̴͉͐f̵͚͐̆i̷͚̋c̸͇̐̊e̶̺̙͆̍ṡ̶̱̱ ̷͔̥̒͌t̷̼͚̕o̴̢̝͂͗ ̴͍̬̀̍C̷̱̭͊t̵̫̑ḫ̷̀ū̵̲̍l̴͍͇͝h̷̛͇̕ǘ̸̥.̴͔̈̈ If you follow these reminders, you should be good!

    *dabs on organizations*

  16. Welcome to Australia. I'd go there but I prefer my blood to lack venom. ---Edit I just welcomed you to Australia, not DU. Welcome to DU!
  17. Everyone says "that won't happen." Let's state some facts: A lot of ships are too heavy to move and run out of fuel too quickly. A lot of people are already doing this. A lot of orgs will not use your services because why should we trust you? A lot of people will raid your ship just for fun. A lot more join that group when you have profit in the mix. Your "org" simply cannot start. Elon Musk, for example, sold something valuable and managed to kickstart his stuff. You can't sell anything without buying several hundred DACs. Also, no. I don't join random Discords to boost numbers. A forum should state opinions and facts, not fantasies.
  18. Did you know: Almost nobody is going to use transportation systems. That's like playing Call of Booty with a knife. Also, logistics. How are you going to transfer this much stuff without, y'know, losing everything. You are a giant target begging to be shot up by somebody from BOO or something. Here's a few quick scenarios that could probably happen. Situation 1: Nobody buys your services. ["Hey, it's... pretty lonely," xxx_DRAGONSLAYER_xxx softly whispers."] Situation 2: You run out of fuel. ["Hey, uh... we got a major problem." xxx_DRAGONSLAYER_xxx yells over the Discord comms with a thousand other people. "What?" The captain, Lettuce420 says. "WE GOT A MAJOR PROBLEM." He screams with a thousand other people talking about mundane subjects, as your ship slowly veers into the gravity of a small moon.] Situation 3: You get raided. [You hear several large thunks, as a group of BOOians entire the doorway and steal all your loot. They don't even... like... pillage as your security team starts ejecting. They talk something about "making the biggest sculpture in the universe" and "poor fools forgot the have weapons." They decide to take your reactor and they warp away, leaving you with a few bread crumbs.] As you can see, this happens to any large service. A fleet of smaller ships is much better as it prevents... almost every single one of these problems from happening.
  19. I love music, but my memey taste is... questionable. PM me if you want a link.
  20. But one must note the difference between making the game more competitive and making certain parts of the game less accessible. Destroying vital rare materials (unless you give the nanoviral weapons their own inventory, which then this problem is solved) could be a problem, very similar to just "yeeting that shit out to space."
  21. Please remember to consider some other aspects: -It'd probably be hard to implement because of how most voxel systems are done. -It'd also might just delete voxels, in a finite universe. You can see how problems arise with community sabotaging with removing vital materials from the game (like Unobtainium, where there is only a hundred thousand voxels in existence).
  22. You have to die in combat. At least World War 3 is coming up soon.
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