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  1. Hello, please give me the chance to introduce my self to you. I will join the Dual Universe as soon the Alpha will start. I'm really looking forward to that day. I was playing Space Engineer a long time and now I'm playing and administrating one of Germans biggest ECO (by Strange Loop Games) Community Server. I enjoy playing open world and survival games. When I play a game I usually start quickly deep diving the idea, concept and it's gameplay. I love to build and engineer stuff. I have some experience in skripting and looking forward to use that in DU. What I do not like that much is, military and battles. This stuff other players typically can do much better than me. I'm living in Germany and I although have a real life. I'm happy to join the game once my kids in bed, which is typically after 9pm CET. I'm looking forward to find a community this "attributes" fits to. So if you think, hey this person would fit to us, please feel free to send me an PM. If you have any questions, please although do not hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to play with all of you on DU...
  2. discordauth:ZXk7Reum8fp6dsp-J4qU_DARzvf_MNIi6p1swUfZ0EQ=

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