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  1. Yeah ik it's not unique irl lol, I more so meant unique for DU. And yeah you're probably right but I'm not a big fan of 1 or even a small number of people sitting at the top dictating down. I know that's much more efficient compared to what I'm going for but I'd rather go for a more enjoyable experience for me even if it does end up failing spectacularly, least I'll have tried.
  2. Hi all, really excited to get involved with everything DU. Been browsing YouTube, these forums, and the DU discord for awhile now and figured it was time to finally join in the community. I've really enjoyed seeing how passionate everyone is with the game even though it's still a fair way from completion, gives me hope that the final months to release will see a huge passionate player-base. Best, Amorianys P.S. If anyone is interested in a unique style of government in DU check out my new org "United Sectors of Providence". Freedom > Dictatorship
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