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  1. ty for help, very usefull; i will try to log in today ;D cyah online o7
  2. Yo ppl Recently I bumped on big signboard "DU COMIN LIVE" or smth like that ;D I'm wondering hows development progress - is it playable? Gonna be fun? Bugs? Need a strong computer to play steady 30fps? I remember this game was really nice experience but in development so not everything was working and bugs etc. (alpha/pre-alpha) How is it now? Still have my contributor pack here on account - as far as i remember 3 DAC's included in it so i will definately give DU a chance. What ur thoughts!
  3. So You think some kind on achievments ingame would be a thing? for exaple: - First man in space - First man on planet X - First man on moon Y - First man that travel faster than X km/h - etc. DU could contain many different achievemnts to get, even those very hard to reacive. I think that kind of system would propel initial phase of a game. We all like those little rewards for activity ;))
  4. Let me quote from https://www.dualthegame.com/en/ Players can combine their skills and create a powerful company to dominate the market. Weapons, tools, outposts, spaceships and even giant space stations, you can build and trade everything to everyone - at your price - on your own market (work in progress). Act wisely with your newfound power. I think something similar will be available soon;
  5. Can't wait for this game. W3 was like black hole. I trust my homies that it will be a kickass rpg;
  6. I bought NMS at the release and I was disappointed all the way with a gameplay.. Waiting for NEXT - definitely I will try it. Cant wait to put my hands on this promised long time ago in galaxy multiplayer..
  7. In the country where i live ~15 Eur is like three pack of cigarretes so ~15 Eur per month is not so much if you are non smoker; smokers are spending multiple of those 15 Eur every couple of days! So ... STOP SMOKING! PLAY DU!
  8. In my opinion - no offence BioChemBud, this is not personal - but this is the most strange idea of ingame organization as I ever seen - ever. You want to propagate communism in DU or what? Please explain. And the name of Your organiation is, in most sensitive way.. inappropriate. Or If it's suppouse to be a joke then no funny.
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