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  1. How is this project coming along? Went and watched your interview with Dual Insider, but it seemed like you struggled with some of the answers. I understand as well, always had the same issue with my project and Emberstone. I mean you no harm but you came off as trying to have your cake and eat it to between the BOO video and the Tortuga video. On one hand its unbridled aggression, and the other its dont worry its a friendly community safe zone. I was once ridiculed for having too many irons in the fire, are you now faced with a similar conundrum? For the good of the community though I hope that a newbie friendly zone that isn't surrounded by hungry veterans looking to raid will exist. Good on all those with the moxie to stick with trying to find a real answer for the benefit of the game and the good will of future players. Look deep and think long, don't let anyone be your masters. Good fortunes and happy Halloween to all!
  2. I miss this organisation. Lets get back to the roots of DU orgs
  3. Hey whatever happened to the best org that is a key founder of BOO?
  4. I'd like to remind you all, you can make a difference. You don't need special powers or privileges One doesn't even need to be a daily activist, crusading Stay positive, friends.
  5. "Big Dreamers shoot for open sky" , just a few thoughts that these lyrics make me think of - I know DU is a special one - some see a clone where I see the light - an indie team fighting to do whats right Post something positive, whatever it may be. Post cool, positive things, here. Similar to this or not, if you please.
  6. Here's to you BOO! one of the most dramatic organisations out there. Yall spent the time to infiltrate and save up 1 gig of screenshots on other peoples conversations. the dedication to drama is intense for a org that brands itself as anti drama
  7. Interesting, sorta confusing at times if you aren't a daily part of the community. Found myself going back and forth several times between transitions to be sure I wasn't getting different things confused as one. Good luck on the next one.
  8. Meru meru meru meru also meruism is hardcore, i think the mountain is just a metaphor for hardcore space exploration right? "we've lost half our food, and 90% of the mountain was still above us."
  9. "same thing that will happen" ... or has already occurred.
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