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  1. Overwhelming majority of the uses for the forcerespawn are stop the ship and teleport back to ship while mining / running around. All the stuff about bugs happens sporadically, true. And yet it is dwarf by "optimization" player found. Even limiting the forcerespawn once or twice every 24 hours would meet with huge pushback - regardless of how many times force respawn is really required because bugs, cause players need to get back to ship faster multiple times a day.
  2. That could end up locking players into sudo-classes based on what they managed to get their hands on with very high investment if you want to change your main occupation. But on the plus side it would cut really nicely into offline alts - which would from my point of view be an improvement.
  3. Yeah... lets time gate everything fun. So - buy the game, set talent queue, login after a month or three to actually start playing. Great idea. Totally against it.
  4. <rotfl> "We unify radar range." - so xs core will have the same locking range as L core. "We limit weapons by core size" - so xs core won't be able to have L weapons. Wtf. If they remove locking range between xs and l core - there is NO F...ING difference between XS and L core in itself. You can have exactly the same cross-section, even practically the same weight of the ship on XS as on L core too.... Its like person A - we will solve it that way. Person B - no, we will solve it that way. Person three- lets do radar based on cross-section. Lets do all three cause why not?! xD New meta - cube with L core instead of XS. Actually for pirates it could also be box, they will be able to put in more gold, fuel and engines in.
  5. I made small change to make it more realistic without safe zone .
  6. Well, you are free to be even more immersed. Fly as passenger. That way you won't have to deal with that troubling thing like actual piloting and all the usual hassle that include - like radar... - and than be immersed in sightseeing.... <rotfl> More immersion by flying without radar. Sorry mate, but I can't imagine pilot who would want to fly without knowing what is around him in any age or sci-fy settings. Fact that flying without radar is actually dangers is immersive. Not the other way around.
  7. You are 100% right, i completely misread what you wrote and the context you wrote it in.
  8. You mean teleportation devices called container hubs? Interdimensional elevators? Or tesseract like containers? Or warp?
  9. Soo actually see what are you flying around is too much? xD Sorry man, but thats kind of silly - as far as i can tell, you don't want to see what you are flying towards, you want to have nothing in your flight path so you can't crash flying blind? What next - limit number of ships in sky when it becomes crowded so you won't crush into someone you didn't see flying half blind or remove collisions between ships? Its actually kind of funny where your logic could be taken. Tools you need are already there. You just don't want to use them so you need to force everyone to accept new rules. No, thanks.
  10. Hey man, i'm not english native, never heard "lark" before ; ) Well, we learn something new every day
  11. @GraXXoR you would probably want to know - he talked about digging whole planet out. Including snow, dirt, sand..... Everything. @Supermega already misunderstood him. That number is irrelevant to mining out all resources.?‍♂️ Edit: removed comment about misunderstood part. Whoopsie.
  12. 50k players? 50,000 players? Nice assumption. I doubt we have 10k. But lets assume so. So its already 600kl*5 => 3000kL. Probably more. So excluding every super or mega node - and every tile which has more resources - if players would mine only alioth for bauxite, every one of them could mine 3kkL before it was exhausted. Thats base number - one to which we would start adding other numbers so everything from tiles above 300kL - of what on average we would be able to get. And we are still talking about 10,000 players mining on Alioth exclusively. Ignoring every other planet out there. Your entire world resources analogy is just false - because you assumed lower end found on tile. You want to know entire world resource you need to use average, not lower end - not even sure if its median of resources in tiles.
  13. Actually you do. You need tier 1 only to have usable ship. Tier 2 is required to have good ship. And finally warp is tier 3 ore. I'm unaware for any real use of tier4+ beside honeycomb currently?
  14. Great news While i may be a little hesitant to trust NQ on gameplay issues, I'm sure technical ones they can sort out fast.
  15. If you haven't done it, could you please create detailed ticket in support system than nag the hell out of discord help channel stuff (including your ticket number and giving them as much details as possible too, especially about the ip) until they acknowledge that they passed your ticket or say that NQ is aware about the problem? I know its not straight forward way of doing stuff but one I found to be workable to get through what i assume is sea of dozensplicated tickets .
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