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  1. Payment

    How will this game be paid For? I've heard that it will be sub based, but a friend recently told me that it will only be sub based when the game is in Beta but will be pay to keep when the game releases. Is this true, or will it be sub based for the game release?
  2. Alioth Star System

    I have seen in multiple screenshots and videos that Alioth' s star system is a binary star system, with 2 stars in the system. Is this true or just my imagination?
  3. Show your desktop (and specs)

  4. Show your desktop (and specs)

  5. Other Games

    Does anyone have recommendations for games similar to Dual Universe? Not no man's sky and not something over 40 dollars. Thanks! -Rhino
  6. Last Post Wins

    When's this thing gonna close?
  7. Last Post Wins

    Hey there. I'm pretty sure I won the game. Here is why I won the game. READ ALL OF THIS FOR A SPECIAL SURPRISE AT THE BOTTOM I have been the final person to post a comment on this forum post, second to ShioriStein. This is the end of the game because I have won the game. This post is filler text. You are reading this just to waste the time that you could be using to post another comment on this post because you are reading this comment. Filler filler filler. Food broke. Understandable, have a great day. The Saturn V rocket launched sometime in the 50s, winning the United States the space race. Actually, the space race was won when NASA landed men on the moon. Milk has lactose, which is bad for some people but good for others. It also has fat in it. Filler. Filler. Filler... Here, let off some steam I'll get you a punching bag. Sorry Russians, you lost the space race. No hard feelings, right? Hope not. We still have Americans living with russians in the space station floating in earth orbit. HERE IS THE BLOODY SURPRISE THERE WAS NO SURPRISE. Sorry not sorry.
  8. Multiple Coding Languages

    I suggest having multiple coding language editing boards in case we can't fins a way to learn Lua before the game release. There are not a lot of online resources for learning Lua, and any of the websites that would potentially have Lua don't. I'm saying that we could keep Lua, and we could also have other languages for people to edit if they aren't knowledgeable of Lua (myself included).
  9. The Arkship Arkand

    Expect the story to come back up later in the year. Hope you enjoy the prologue
  10. The Arkship Arkand

    Should I continue this story? I really like the concept, and have already come up with a bunch of ideas for this.
  11. The Arkship Arkand

    Prologue, The Arkship Arkand Before the departure of the Arkships, a designated human Captain was appointed to make sure that the AI onboard each of the Arkships did not find a way to defy its orders, an appointment which would cost the human his/her life due to aging. Once a former captain died, a new captain was chosen through an algorithm designed to choose a name from the database of everyone onboard. When a name was chosen, the person was awoken from their cryosleep and implemented with all of the knowledge of the inner Arkship workings. The creators of the AI thought it would be best to include a line of code in the AI's programming that allowed the AI to take over all of the Arkship's essential functions in a time of crisis. The Arkship Arkand is no exception. Its AI, named Osias, had this line of code implemented near or at the time of departure. This was true for the other Arkship (the Novark's Aphelia was exempt from this line of code for an unknown reason), who's data was lost due to a corrupted file. Over the Novark's travels, the data of the Arkand was also lost in a corrupted file. The last transmission from the Arkand was on April 27th, 2754. The transmission reads: "I see you."
  12. What Should DU Citizens be Called Part 2

    The main DU website mentions the word noveans as the name for the players, so therefore I believe that the name for the DU citizens should be noveans. And also because the arkship is called Novark, so it makes sense.