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  1. Question, it was mentioned that we would keep our Core BP's. Does this include Core BP's that we have found in salvage, bought or created from DRM released salvaged BP's? and/or received from others? Thanks!
  2. Good to see positive momentum! I do have a question though. What about Ship/construct Core blueprints that have been purchased, found in salvage or that were salvaged with open RDMS? Also please keep in mind that there are many people who did not build their own ships and do not have back up BP's. So if a wipe comes, they will loose all their ships. I think we need a compromise here for those folks.
  3. Greetings! Short of extracting every bit of knowledge from peoples brains about Dual, talents, etc. there is no way to create a level playing field with a wipe. There are also the PAYING subscribers to consider who were told that there would be no more wipes unless absolutely necessary. Many people are PAYING to work for you to assist fixing the game and finding the bugs. Most beta versions are free because the Devs realize the value and cost savings of actual people playing their games. As paying customers, we have every right to expect a greater return for all our efforts to help YOU! If you were to do a full wipe, the larger organizations would be back on top in no time and have greater advantages then newer orgs/players. They are in a much better position to pool resources to advance more quickly with all the combined knowledge they have. On the other hand, over these past few years, organizations have been created, talents pooled and a community formed - a community that is on the verge of becoming even more depending on what is done. We have also spent countless hours as a community in the scrapping program and to simply loose all to a wipe after all that hard work is really asking a lot. Scrapping has helped all of us! Thousands of people are just waiting to see what happens regarding a full wipe and if so, you will loose a lot of players plus word of mouth in the gaming community as a whole. We want to do more in the game but hold back because of the time investment in building or whatever to loose it all to a wipe. After all these years and so much effort, it would be to much. Many people are just waiting in the wings not willing to invest anymore time to build when it will all be for naught if a wipe comes. So, some people maintain their subscriptions but don't really play waiting for some direction regarding whether or not there will be any more major wipes. Consider continuing as we have been doing and let people know that even though this is still considered Beta, that their paid subscriptions guarantee the continuance of all that they have achieved, BP’s Constructs, territories etc. and that there will be no more major wipes. Emphasize that their talents, constructs etc. will remain as they are. We have earned this! An advertising campaign might be along these lines as in, grow with us as we continue the journey with Dual to create more systems, more content etc. People’s response will be positive and they will enjoy anticipating new systems, new content, being part of the games development and so on! As for issues with planets, like the Alioth system, it's issues can be revisited at a later time. Each new system introduced could be handled separately from the others to address the issues and applied globally to other systems if need be. No Mans Sky is a perfect example of bouncing back and even though it is different than this game, their changes and keeping their word helped them recover their losses with the gaming community. Be a trend setter, be different and better than any other game has done before! You have the opportunity to make gaming history with revolutionary ideas and actions! You will regain many of your former player base plus those waiting in the wings. All of this is within your grasp to reach out and take it and breathe life back into us! Make this happen to such a degree that it will reverberate throughout the gaming community in anticipation and excitement of what’s to come in DUAL as it once did so many years ago and above all else, remember, WE WANT TO SEE THIS GAME TO SUCCEED and truly enjoy this game!
  4. discordauth:J-ZUBomiBudTnhxSVPHS3AMrm3xEzz_grF9FWwHU23c=

  5. Greetings and hello to the community!: I wanted to play the game for a while before I posted anything. I want to first thank Novaquark for an incredible game and their welcoming and grateful attitudes expressed in so many ways to this growing community. I've played many games before and was, in all honesty, surprised by these attitudes. I felt valued and welcomed as a customer and I want to personally express my thanks for all the effort Novaquark does in recognizing the community in these positive manners that in my opinion will build a solid community and solid relationships. One of the first observations I made before I even logged in the first time was the awareness by the developers that the game needed to be immersive but not to complicated and to keep the game as simple as possible so that folks could enjoy the gameplay without having to spend an inordinate amount of time with a massive learning curve or system. This has been accomplished quite well with what I have seen so far. As for the gameplay itself, I have waited for just under 40 years for a game like this. Other games have attempted to achieve this but limited themselves in size, to many static objects or limiting parameters. Dual Universe had me within the first hour! It has been a long time since I have been so excited about a game! So much potential and so equally balanced! I like limited inventories versus what is built to contain them and I like inventories that don't follow a pilot wherever they go unless containers are made to tranp[or them. This is much more realistic. The crating and blueprinting in this game is another fantastic approach. No more static ships! Organizations will really have a great time creating ships/equipment designs that can be sold on the markets providing even yet another way for these organizations to make a name for themselves and a stronger and better in-game economy. I absolutely believe in the success of this game and can hardly wait for the universe to come!! So much more to say but will sum it up by saying thank you again for giving us this game that many of us have hoped for, for so long!
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