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  1. I do wonder if you are running some form of privacy/cookie tool in your browser that may be blocking the ability of the website to update the cookie used?
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    Hey yall

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  3. Why would a player nessesarily vulnerable during the loading of cargo if its done at a port? Lots of assumptions. A big ship could be as fast and maneuverable as a small ship if its fitted with proportional equipment as the small ship.(big engines etc). The long haul overall speed of something big could also see it outrun smaller craft if the larger ship can absorb some damage. So once again assumptions that may prove to be wrong. We won't know for sure till DU is in beta and/or released
  4. I dont know why you assume a solo player wont be able to fly a cargo ship of some type. That being the case messes up a lot of what you say above.....
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    Hello Community! - DBF CONTRACT UP!

    Welcome to the builders den DU: Designs Unlimited
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  13. I'm not old, but I think colour TV is a fantastic invention, now, what is this internet thingy I keep hearing about? 😮
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    The Alioth Omniport Project

    Good luck with it, you will need to either form, or to have, a large organisation behind you
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    Automated object movement

    You answered your own question there, anything that can move requires its own core and cores must stress the DU servers. So having mini-cores fixed inside another moving core sounds like a potential can of worms. I dont think it would greatly improve the game experience. Sure it would be nice, but there is way more to DU than player made moving parts. (note i am still hopeful that it will happen a few years down the track )