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  1. the video is exactly what i was talking about! I would love if JC could take the time to explain us in a video how they handled this situation. Any way to tag him here?
  2. JC said in a video that voxels are 1 cubic meter...
  3. ok, yamamushi's picture looks reasonable.. but there is a problem! you wont be able to build a tower diagonally: i actually can, but it will look like shit..... and it wont be possible to have flat floors.... what do you say guys now?
  4. OK guys, im afraid my questions wasn't clear enough. Lemme try to reformulate for you. I am not asking how a cubes smoothed. I am asking: how is a spherical planet filled with cubes? (sorry for bad drawing skills) like this? or perhaps like this? Hope this time its clear, thanks guys
  5. Hello folks, im new here. Love the game, love the concept, love what devs are doing, love what devs aim to do! There is something that has been bugging me for days tho. How do you fill the spherical surface of a planet with cubes? this is geometrically impossible. please tell me how you put cubic voxels in a sphere, im dying to know that! XD Thanks and keep up the good work KingSlayerGM
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