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  1. sadly this don't have yet, but other game that i play have for 2FA not sure of U2F i don't own them sorry for late reply
  2. also regarding new player, there will not be able to buy skill until reach level 10 or so let dev decide how it will work
  3. level cap is bad and good side of it.. good for stop main skill to go higher, bad side of it is this if this is skill base professions. i find that feel like trap when u reach at whatever capped is. that why i dont like idea of level cap why not build weapon made for each stages of skill level for weapon. not include that on ur ship only on planet use only, but still get skill like on ship u get captain skills. rifle skill like laser sniper (hit) Ranged Laser (dmg) is part of hit profession but little different, if u dont have hit skill then u cant use it until u get reach req level or h
  4. oops forgot come back here ty for welcoming me
  5. higher weapon require higher skill lvl for new player is lvl 0 all their skills profession , need to be able use weapon on level 0 as level go up they can craft or buy higher lvl weapon is = or higher level to use weapon
  6. hi guys i am wondering is there any cap on skills or character level cap i would hear on that thought. in Entropia Universe there no cap on skill/level on character u r on, also be able chip out, able to sell to other
  7. hi, most company dont want have alts,., like Entropia Universe they rule only one person per account usually per ip address. exception if u have boyfreieds/girlfriends/wife or husband want to play then u gotta ask support if r allow before sign up. this my suggestion if a bot should terminate shier account if get reported unusually pattern how avatar.
  8. hi everyone.., i see this game sci-fi game love the idea. is away to enter as backer or founder?
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