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  1. If you can't find anyone with a container to help you could put all non data items in your nano pack in a container and force respawn. If you force respawn,  all  non data items get deleted from your nano pack. To force respawn,  hit esc, and select force respawn. Make sure you have activated your resurrection node first.


    2 hours ago, Hailiah said:

    Well, my intention was to make 15 not 15K, somewhere I misread something.

    Now however I would like to stop...


  2. 1 hour ago, Daphne Jones said:

    Pretty sure all the good tiles on Sanc are gone now and those of us who didn't get our STU didn't have a chance to compete.

    I was on Sanctuary 10 minutes after the server  opened, and the realized I didnt  have my STU..  Sanctuary is where I was planning to build my main base. As for why, less lag, 7 SU to Alioth, 2 SU to moon 4..

  3. 30 minutes ago, Saedow said:

    So what about our current very very expensive schematics where we put our saving in... will those be lost?

    And how will this new schematic system save the market? the market is still not alive.

    I get the impression that they would refund the schematics that we purchased from the market, not what we actually own, like they did before.


    I really  hope that "very soon" is not this week.

  4. On 6/14/2022 at 9:08 AM, NQ-Deckard said:

    I will attempt to give a better picture regarding blueprints, what I can confirm is that in the event of a reset you will keep:

    • Any Core Blueprints in your Nanopack.
    • Any Core Blueprints inside Packages in your Nanopack.
    • Any Core Blueprints inside Containers on constructs in your personal ownership.
    • Any Core Blueprints inside Packages inside Containers on constructs in your personal ownership.

    If you're the Super Legate of an organization you will also receive:

    • Any Core Blueprints inside Containers on constructs in the organizations ownership.
    • Any Core Blueprints inside Packages inside Containers on constructs in the organizations ownership.

    I hope this clarifies it a little bit. :) 

    Thank you for the information about core Blueprints.  However,  I do believe that most construct Blueprints will become unviable with future changes  (brakes, power systems, ect). Because of these changes,  I would like to ask for a " Deploy voxels only " checkbox on the deploy window where we set the construct name, so that we don't have to have all of the elements to rebuild the construct. 

  5. I am beginning to believe that NQ, knows what they are doing in not making a " decision" about a wipe. I think they want to wipe. The longer they take with the announcement that they are going to wipe, they more players will have the mindset of " I don't care about a wipe anymore, just get it over with".

     As for me, I have stopped building,  and have started looking into other aspects of the game that I have not explored yet(pvp, lua).

  6. My 2 cents.

    A wipe should not even be considered until  NQ has the ability to do a roll back, full roll back at the least, a targeted roll back would be best.

     As for BPs, no magic BPs, or only compactable pocket ships in inventory allowed to be magic. BPs with drm should only go to the creators, drm free BP should remain in  inventory .Please give us the ability to create a voxel only BP from a core BP. 

    I think we need to be compensated  for our subs in some other way than DACs. NQ needs the cash from subs.

  7. 3 hours ago, VandelayIndustries said:


    Look at EvE, your risk mitigation is in to not being FOUND, or caught. In a decade in eve ive never lost a hauler kill that i got a warp scram on.  Never been jammed by them.  And majority of time people arent solo, as its an MMO.  Once I get on grid against a hauler and im in a pvp ship, i will always have the advantage. Always.

    You forgot a couple of things, sec status and standings as consequences, which DU doesn't have.  Would you be ok with players being able to shoot you in the safe zone because you blew up too many ships in the pvp zone?


    As for your real life comparison,  yes a tank can destroy  a semi easily,  but some government will make sure to destroy  the tank and imprison or kill the the tank driver.


    DU should have consequences for actions.

  8. The problem is the middle column,  as soon as you land it shows up there, and they just track that asteroid, if it hadn't already been pre-scanned and not landed on.  It is somewhat safe if you only stay there as long as the time it takes to get to the asteroid from the closest warpable( I usually stay for the time to the first waypoint - 5 minutes) or go to asteroids that have been discovered for several days.

  9. 5 hours ago, Daphne Jones said:

    Oh, so the answer is the leftmost tab on the build helper marks colliding elements by type. You still have to check all 20 programming boards to find the one that's colliding with something. This needs to be a lot better. Show me which PB and what it's colliding with.


    If you hit tab and hover the mouse over the colliding element(s) in that list,  then hit tab, the colliding element will remain red.  

  10. 9 hours ago, Sabretooth said:

    So if taxes are suspended, are players now massively claiming former owned tiles for free now?

    Since you dont have to pay the 2 weeks tax. Kinda "free" looting.

    Unless they have changed it,  the requisition process continues even if the tiles go inactive. I had a few tiles that I claimed and never paid tax on, and had no problem with the requisition of those static constructs.  You just need to complete the requisition after the requisition timer is up, and before the tile goes abandoned( 3 days  ). You may be able to complete the requisition after the tile goes abandoned , but I haven't tried that. 

  11. 10 hours ago, Celestis said:


    It takes time to do what I wish to do with each base and so I asked how much time do I have before Demeter is unleashed.


    I hope we have until at least Friday because it will take me at least that long, preferably, I hope we have another weekend as well.

    Another option is to contact a GM in the help channel to move your cores up out of the ground, it shouldn't be a problem unless you have a large number of cores. A GM elevated my L core factory out of the ground for me.

  12. 2 hours ago, Sabretooth said:


    Yes, they did, and so it makes my point. There is nothing that SHOULD be done. They just do it or dont.

    I believe that the pts obstruction on brakes is for clearance for an upcoming animation.  The reason I said the way the brakes "should" work is because when they add the animation, I don't want them to change the obstruction direction again. But I am just guessing what they are planning.  I don't want them to change brakes now, only to change them again later.

  13. 1 hour ago, Sabretooth said:

    And some people going for that 'more realistic' dont know what they are saying... Going into space after 3400m up in the air? Being 10000 yrs into the future? Having a nanocrafter in your pocket? Ditch that realistic thing please!

    While I do agree that we should have something more "futuristic" than modern airplane mechanics, if you want to use that logic, why have ships at all, we have teleporters.



    There is no should, the devs can decide for themselves if its obstructed, how powerful they are, or how big etc. This is their world where they decide the rules.

    They can, and have decided.



    For me, I play the game for the challenge of achieving a goal within a set of limitations. As long as the limitations are reasonable to me, and the current ones are, I'm ok with it.

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