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  1. Secondary, you know we create our own topic to introduce ourselves, right?
  2. I'm pretty sure I have not introduced myself. I go by Primary, and I found this game right after the crowd funding stopped. I have learned all I can with the NDA, and I have been checking the progress of this game every now and then. I will be glad for any advice people have to give, and am open to join any alliance that seems cool. So, hi everyone!
  3. I suppose you could make great structures or statues with really fine voxels, then, then change the color. I the NQ want you to be creative as possible, so i think the amount of materials is the limit. You could create a statue i suppose, but it would be very large
  4. Primary

    KO Mechanic

    With KO feature comes more situations to exploit. This can also cause the player to kill the player that just killed you, which means that even if you win a battle, you can lose right afterwards.
  5. That would be cool, but wouldn’t it create a new way to steal stuff from other people? I mean, you could just beam up someone else’s materials, and they don’t even have time to stop it. It could be in space, and someone just hooks it up
  6. Could DU have ropes or some sort of shall flexible thing that serves as a gateway?
  7. I think that nova quark is focusing on the general gameplay, and weapons way later. Since I imagine that the game is already mostly building, making a customizable turret would be challenging. Nova Quark will probably just create a whole a lot of different weapons.
  8. A single shard means there is one universe that everyone is on. There is no us zone or anything like that.
  9. It will probably take years to put in vr
  10. Materials are not heated I think, but the effects make the ship going trough atmosphere look like it’s being heated. So I’m pretty sure a heat shield isn’t required.
  11. Diplós seems really cool. Sounds straight out of Star Trek
  12. That’s a really cool trailer. Makes people want the game more. Thanks DU
  13. I will most likely claim a bit of land before it is to late,, so I can have a home base.
  14. But star gates defy laws of physics more than a lot of other things that DU is doing
  15. Isn't there already a discord, but its unofficial?
  16. There is impact damage according to one of the videos. There trying to put real impact damage, so I think yes is the answer
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