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  1. Hell yes! Happy birthday USMC. Thank you to all the veterans out there for your selfless service that alot of us take for granted. I for one wish I could buy all of you a well deserved beer! 07
  2. yes blender can you tell me when you will be VR capable with oculus rift?
  3. thanks yep i was doing just that. Im going to watch them all https://www.youtube.com/user/dualthegame/videos
  4. all I got to say to that is "hell yeah!" now we are talking. In KSP I spent more time modding then I did actually playing the game. But there is no better satisfaction (to me anyways) then creating a ship putting it in game and watching it come alive. I think that is why I am drawn to Arma 3 also. The "Freedom factor" you have to do anything you want or fly or drive or pick any weapon you want is great. And if the game didnt have a particular weapon or vehicle, or air vehicle there was a mod for that. And if no mod you make your own. But yeah I like what im hearing so far and thanks for your reply. I mean I can compromise a little as long as it feels real and believable and the freedom is there.
  5. I guess i should have been clearer. I should have asked if "Orbital mechanics" was to be implemented. I would like to see orbital data on MFD screens and be able to design those screens and script them also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_mechanics As you can see here the Multi function displays in KSP. Displaying different data such as orbital data, vessel camera views, ship status, heading, attitude, fuel, speed in m/s, scanner data of planets (useful when looking for natural resources such as ore, landing areas ( topography ), water etc etc. To me this is important for the immersion factor. No "space" type games mmo have this. Space is hard to achieve IRL and IMO it should feel this way in game not just "run and gun" mixed with minecraft and world of warcraft and a "magic" space ship that does everything for you because it is so advanced and futuristic and no flight planning or real thinking is required to fly it. To me that is so boring. THEY ALL DO THAT and it drives me crazy. I want to do real life stuff and I dont mind near future 100-200 years but it has to feel real and believable. I want to be able to interact inside the ship cockpit. Or switch seats. Or walk around inside a big ship or space station like goto my own living quarters,goto bridge, lounge, interact with computer screens etc etc. There is no sound in space unless it is inside the ship itself. I bought the game space engineers on steam i played it about hour and havent played it since. I need realism. Will this game get close to this at all?
  6. I come from a game called Kerbal Space Program and also Orbiter space flight simulator. And as the title suggests I was wondering if this game will be based on Newtonian physics? Can I import a ship I make in blender then cut up into pieces such as Cockpit,wings,engines,heat shield,etc and import it into game? Also Im not really a sci-fi guy but I am more of a modern'ish future'ish kind of guy. Can I put a Saturn V rocket and launch it and ride in it? Can I launch a space shuttle? Could I launch a Falcon heavy and simulate going to Mars? Will I be able to create our Real Life solar system to explore? Will there be re-entry heating effects? And if any of these answers is "Yes" how soon in the development process can we expect to see the changes? Thank you for answering my questions in advance
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