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  1. Hi there ! This is for having access to the NDA pre-alpha section in the discord app. Cheers ! Had sent the code yet on my own feed. ^^
  2. discordauth:vcrLm5EwMeFSDof1T2BVCelSxUVmYYj5Y0-G9CpV3Pw=

  3. As you can know Vr is developping at a relatively fast pace actually , so a game like this will be a perfect fit for it . I know you are a small team , but will you ever consider implementing Virtual Reality one day ? Thx.
  4. Hi all, I have an idea about the neutral zones. As you know in most mmorpg neutral zones are fixed, as you said you want to innove in this game, so here is my idea. Instead of starting all players in the same neutral zone, how about make a "neutral zone pod", a device that deploys a sort of neutralization dome that prevents firearms working but only blades. This pod can be hacked and have a limited time use (depends on the charge of battery), hacking the pod needs a skill level or key or whatever you want to implement ingame, there are several models of pods that have different properties depe
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