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  1. Nope, NDA still apply to all content created during the period when NDA was in place. So no picture (and there are a bunch of them in the post) or video from alpha can be reposted. Keep an eye out for tutorials on Youtube. There are a bunch coming out Im sure. Search for Tordan as I mentioned in my previous post.
  2. Sorry guys, that post is from the period when NDA was still in place, so only alpha testers can see it. But if you go to YouTube and search for @Tordan you will find some awesome tutorials. Best of luck!
  3. Hey mate, If you are moving to a spot close by, using the maneuver tool (7 by default) is probably a better option than disassembling everything. If you want to move to a spot far away, you can blueprint it (in build mode right click any part of the ship and hit "P" of click on "Create Blueprint") and deploy it at the new location (select tool 8, equip the blue print, which has to be in the same inventory as the materials you will need to deploy it, a blue box will appear, that is you construct volume. aim at the floor and click. the construct will pop up).
  4. Hey mate, When in build mode, to pick an element and put it back into your inventory or linked container you need to: - Empty the container of all contents; - Select the "deploy element tool" (1 by default), aim at the element (the container in this case); - Hold alt and click on it. The container will go to your current active inventory, be it your Nanopack or a linked container (not the one you are trying to pick up, oc). You need to have enough free space in whichever. ps holding alt and clicking reverts the behavior of most of the tools
  5. Hey guys, Check out this awesome post by @Destrin, it will definitely help. Enjoy!
  6. Awesome work, very interesting to look at. But I couldn't find what the lines connecting the nodes mean exactly. Could someone enlighten me, pls?
  7. Fantastic ideas. Hopefully we will see some of them in place soon enough. And, since we are asking and asking is free, it would be amazing if we could get a Voxel Slicer Tool, like the orange planes in this image. PS not sure if its doable from a technical perspective in a Voxel/Vertex environment though.
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