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    vertex got a reaction from GraXXoR in DevBlog: The Maneuver Tool and Disconnecting Ships - DUscussion thread   
    First of all: awesome! I really like the idea of stored momentum and wished for it quite some time. But I see huge issues with it that at first feel worse than not fixing it right away. Sorry, I didn't read all of the non-NQ replies here, but I want to add to the list of concerns and apologize if they've already been mentioned.
    Most of the time I got my AGG ship parked at 1050m above my base at Sanctuary (using the fact that logging out will freeze it in place because the AGG wouldn't keep it there when I'm gone as I understand it). I use an elevator platform (sometimes called magic carpet) to reach it and go down again. The AGG ship can maneuver in atmosphere but not lift without AGG support. Will my design be invalidated by this change? @NQ-Naunet could you please put child gloves on for us AGG captains and explain exactly how we need to prepare and what to expect?
      If I get disconnected while piloting, along with restoring my momentum, logging in should also restore me in the pilot seat. Otherwise I might crash for not reaching the seat fast enough.
      The position from where the player entered a seat should always be persistent. Currently you can get trapped in your own construct when you log out while seated, because it resets the position from where you entered the seat originally and the "default position after login" can place you inside the ship's structure, effectively trapping you. If your ship is stationary and frozen that's ok and you can enter build mode to free yourself - but if momentum is restored you might end up trapped, racing against time to get out of the structure before you hit something. You could argue bad ship design, but I feel that would be unfair, as placing a seat in a spot with a low ceiling for example or between flat elements would be a perfectly fine design in reality, but gets you trapped in DU.
      Remember to restore thrust settings and engine states as well. If you are floating on vertical engines (like elevator platform / magic carpet or heavy hauler with slow starting XL space engines) and need to set thrust and spin up these engines first, it could be enough to get you into a non-recoverable position.
      Make 100% sure that all game assets have been loaded before you restore momentum. Right after login I remember to experience heavy lag before the game runs fluently after everything loaded. Stuff like that made me fall through the ground and get a "Back to the surface..." screen - or fall through not loaded elements and end up in space (a friend entered another player's construct throug the not yet loaded door and got trapped for thinking there was none). Latter being ok if my ship is stationary - but imagine falling out of your ship when logging in, while the momentum is being restored and your ship shoots away. Ouch. You should freeze players in place until the surface they were standing on has been fully loaded or securely known to have be removed.
      When I first tried the radar in orbit to lock onto a ship out of curiosity DU dived into some kind of memory leak and made the game unplayable. Other times I was on a perfect approach vector, but the loading of planetary assets (or something else) killed my framerate. In both situations I had to use the emergency exit brake to avoid fatality. Same happened on markets where we already made a habit of landing 1km away and walking the distance to avoid crashing due to market lag.
      There seems to be a loop that constantly reinitializes all elements on a construct. This loop has a flaw and sometimes skips an element or takes minutes to find and enable it (at launch or mid flight). Just yesterday I was unable to turn right with my elevator platform and kept spinning left until 1-ish minute later DU realized that I had adjustors to turn right too. In the past this often led to situations where the emergency exit brake was the only thing that could rescue me.  
    Given some time I think I could come up with more situation where a logout is the only thing able to rescue me from bad situations that I didn't cause myself. I'm all in on the idea that it should be in the player's control to live or die by being careful and planning ahead - but right now I feel like freezing my ship using logout to brake does more good than it does bad.
    Further I'd like to know if freezing a ship will be completely gone and if not I'd like to know if an approaching player or running around on your ship will initialize physics, or if that only happens when you enter the pilot seat?
    Regarding the maneuver tool: 50m is not enough and I feel this should scale with core size. If your ship is 128m, moving it by 50m doesn't suffice, while at the same time it's enough for an XS sized ship. Imagine your L sized ship laying on its back and you can't get it high enough to spin around? Errr... nope. Ok, takes only 3 Minutes to reset, but still rather uncomfortable to stand around watching the clock tick. Maneuver distance should always at least be a tad more than the edge length of your ship's building zone - best make it the distance between the upper left front and lower right back corner (I'm sure there's a term for the diagonal line in 3D space in English, but I don't know it). The constraints about standing on a planet or static construct should be enough to prevent platform-climbing and I don't see any benefit in limiting L cores (or XL later?) to 50m. Also, what happens when I stand on my carrier and maneuver a small ship around on it? Will it initialize physics after maneuvering and fall down on the carrier, meaning no more "docked at the side using clamp-ish force fields to walk over"? Maybe implement docking clamps first before removing the option to use the maneuver tool to simulate the effect.. but I'm not sure if that was even implied. Some clarification would be welcome, but either way it's not that crucial as the removal of the emergency brake  
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    vertex got a reaction from Atmosph3rik in Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today.   
    And I need a dislike button for people pushing their own agenda on completely unrelated topics  
    But I think dislike buttons don't foster constructivity or lead to good relations - all they do is giving people a way to vent at the expense of the receiver who might not feel welcome anymore, even if there would be plenty of others who share their view. If we want to keep the general spirit of the community on the constructive side and people commenting in a way that's adding to the topic and kindness and prospering conversation instead of flame wars and trolling, a dislike button is out of the question. If someone wants to disagree, like I do with the request for a dislike button and thereby give somewhat negative feedback, they should be willing to take the effort and extra step to address it and provide a reason, as I feel I'm doing right now.
    Someone I don't remember once said that it takes 10 positive interactions to make up for 1 negative one. Yet I feel that some frustrated or vexed people are more likely to vent by smacking a dislike button than people who are satisfied are likely to remember to like something before moving on. Speaking for myself only, but if I encounter something I strongly disagree with, it makes me slow down and try to fix it, while something I like makes me want more and carry on, getting in the flow and being more likely to forget about giving feedback. The like button enables me to give that feedback, even if I have nothing to add, which is fine in that situation. The dislike button on the other hand enables me to give feedback too, but leaves the reasoning behind it completely in the open - just saying "that's wrong" doesn't help anyone improve. "How do you like my new ice cream flavor?" - "I don't!" - "Why, what's wrong, too sweet?" - "I just don't like it." - "Too fruity? Too sour? Too soft? What shall I do?" - "Search for another job!" ... there will be some grinning but it doesn't help the producer move forward and improve.
    Some people would hit the dislike button for bad grammar or errors in spelling, targeting a non-native language writer, while some would hit the like button for a violation of etiquette or trolling. In my opinion both is wrong, but the dislike does more bad to the non-native writer than it would do good on the troll, while a like on the writer could encourage him to overcome his reluctance to continue to write in that foreign language he's learning, boost his confidence and in time he might improve on his language skills, whereas the troll may experience positive reinforcement too, but be handled by forum staff sooner or later. A constructive member that turned away is harder to be reached out to.
    A "disagree" button maybe, but again, if people want to disagree they should do so by writing a reply and provide a better idea or at least explain what they think is wrong with it.
    However, I think we could do with a "please don't quote like that" button... shamelessly pushing my own agenda here after I feel I wrote enough to make up for it above 😇
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    vertex reacted to sysadrift in DevBlog: The Maneuver Tool and Disconnecting Ships - DUscussion thread   
    Maybe you should actually fix the AGG ships falling out of the sky before you introduce this change.  Some of us use this as a workaround to that particular bug, and this will make AGG more or less worthless. 
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    vertex reacted to RyanIsqairde in DevBlog: The Maneuver Tool and Disconnecting Ships - DUscussion thread   
    My concern is the interaction with AGG. AGG turns off if the person that started it goes away to far. Will that function now go to a nearby player? What happens if im solo, can i just not use AGG by itself now? Gonna have to build a  milliion landing platforms around planets?
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    vertex reacted to NQ-Naunet in November DevBlog 3: The Maneuver Tool and Disconnecting Ships!   
    Good day, Noveans!
    Much of the allure of Dual Universe is the ability to be the captain of your own destiny as you pilot the ship of your dreams. Piloting your ship requires skill and a strategic use of the tools available.
    The Maneuver Tool is an important part of that toolbox. In its current state, however, it wasn’t working quite the way we planned. As we approach the launch of the 0.23 update, we wanted to talk about changes we’ll be making to the Maneuver Tool as well as changes to issues around what happens when you’re disconnected from the game (intentionally or not) when actively flying your ship.
    The Maneuver Tool is for maneuvers

    The Maneuver Tool was originally introduced to offer a simple way to get your ship out of a small hole or to flip it over when it landed upside down. It also provided a handy way to lift your ship off the ground a bit so you could work on it from below.
    But as is often the case when designing video games, the cunning imaginations of players found unexpected ways to use the tools that were not intended by the designers, some of which are detrimental to gameplay and could cause issues in the not-so-distant future. Let’s take a closer look at some of the issues caused by the “creative” use of the Maneuver Tool and the upcoming changes we’ll be implementing in the imminent 0.23 update to correct them.
    Cooperative play is all about collaboration and players helping other players. That’s great, and we don’t want to discourage players from doing that, but how it’s done is important. The Maneuver Tool was not intended as a way to move a ship “by hand” over kilometers or to create a ladder of two ships used as intermediary steps to reach space. These uses went clearly beyond the original intent of the tool.
    To address this, we’re introducing some limitations in line with the purpose of the tool: 
    A ship will not be able to move more than 50m in total between accumulated uses of the tool. The distance between the start and end points is added at each run of the tool. The moved distance is reset after three minutes to ensure that players aren’t stuck forever. It is, of course, a per-construct limitation.  Unless the player was in contact with a planet ground or a static/space construct, a ship will no longer freeze in the air during the use of the Maneuver Tool. This will make it possible to lift it up to work under it, but no higher than that.
    No more instant stopping of ships upon disconnection

    Everyone has “the need for speed”, the desire to get from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible. So you pull that throttle back, amp up the power and blast off. The danger is that if you don’t carefully monitor your speed, you’ll smash full-force into a planet, your ship will blow up, and you’ll find yourself either returned to your bind point or resurrection node. Ouch!
    A common workaround for this has been to disconnect from the game just before impact. Upon reconnection, your speed would be reset to zero, and thus you could approach with a safe speed. Although it’s convenient, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

    With the upcoming change, upon reconnecting, as soon as you get in range of the construct, the speed and rotation will be restored to whatever they were when travel was interrupted. The benefits to this change are twofold. First, it will close the aforementioned loophole. Second, it will prevent you from expending twice the amount of fuel to reaccelerate a ship at maximum speed if you had been disconnected for whatever reason.
    Further, if you disconnect while another player is in range, the server already assigns the task of handling the physical properties of your ship to that nearby player. This means that your ship will continue to move in this situation. On a large ship with many people on board, disconnecting will no longer have the effect of freezing your ship because there will always be other players nearby to continue the simulation of your ship’s movement.
    We will also add the option to have the Emergency Control Unit (ECU) activated in that case, so that an emergency “braking” can take place if the ship capacity allows it.
    Keep Doing What You’re Doing
    We tip our hats to the ingenuity of our Beta testing community. The way you use the tools and mechanics we toss into the sandbox gives us lots of food for thought, showing us the changes we need to make to make the game we all want to play. We encourage you to maneuver your way to the discussion thread to tell us what you think about the adjustments we’re bringing to DU! ❤️ 
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    vertex reacted to NQ-Naunet in Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today.   
    Hey! I'm back!

    I've been rooting around in the back end of these forums, and I've found where reactions live. Woo!

    The current limit appears to be set to 10 reactions per day, and I suspect it was set this way because reactions have an impact on everyone's forum reputation. (For anybody reading who isn't sure what a forum reputation is, it's the little green number you see below your current forum rank. In the example below, you can see it appear right under the word "Member". It indicates the number of 'likes' that member has received.) 👇

    Having said that, I don't see why we can't change it up.  I've also found where the other reactions live, so it seems possible to enable a wider variety outside of our current "like" button.

    As I'm a newer staff member, I hope you don't mind that I'm going to poll the rest of the Community team to see what they think about making these changes. I'm almost certain whoever set up the DU forums had their reasons for the current configuration, but let's see if we can't freshen things up a bit!

    I'll get back to you on this. ❤️ Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
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    vertex reacted to le_souriceau in Hi, I'm NQ-Pann! AMA!   
    Thanks for sharing this, both sad, but something to learn from.
    And... to be super honest, I glad you have such "crisis" experience, because Dual Universe too has pretty troubled development, with patches of serious alienation betwen devs and community perceptions of things. Something I hope CM team reinforcements (with fresh eyes, brains and energy) help to eventualy mend. 
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    vertex got a reaction from NQ-Pann in Hi, I'm NQ-Pann! AMA!   
    Can I haz cookie? 🍪
    Uoh.. yeah, I remember UO. I'm older now but not much smarter. A bit calmer, if anything, maybe? Anyhow, got a message from the past for you:
    OoOoOoooOooOOoOoOooOooOOOooOOOooOooOooooOooOooOoOooOOoOo OOoOOOOO OoooOoOOOooOoooo OOoOOOOO OoOOOoOOOoooOoOoOooOOOOoOooOooOO OOoOOOOO OoOoOoOoOooOoooOOooOoOOoOoooOooOOooOOoOoOoooOOoOOoooOOooOooOOoOo  
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    vertex reacted to NQ-Naunet in This is Dual Universe   
    Hey all,

    I've locked this thread pending our review of both tickets submitted because, upon further reflection, I'm not a fan of the Discord conversation screenshots being shared here. It almost feels doxxing-adjacent to me; even if the conversation screenshots being shared are fairly benign, it's not something we want to encourage for privacy reasons. (We don't know if all those involved consented to having their Discord usernames shared here on the forums, for example.) This conversation also feels a tad "name-y and shame-y'', which is not accepted in this space either.

    (I do understand that PvP will spark occasional org tensions, and that those tensions can make for excellent lore/entertainment for those watching. When emotions run high and org reputations are hanging in the balance, it's totally fine to come to the forums to talk about it. However, whenever there's a question of exploits, bugs, or complaints about any NQ staff, we'd really prefer that any "receipts" players want to share with us be done directly, either in the form of a ticket or via DM, so that we can handle it appropriately.)

    It does look like a desync issue. Once I get final confirmation on that, I'll let you know.  
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    vertex reacted to NQ-Pann in Introduction: NQ-Pann joins Community team   
    Greetings, Noveans! I'm NQ-Pann, the latest addition to the stellar (see what I did there?) Dual Universe Community team. It is my esteemed privilege to be here, entering into my second week at Novaquark. 
    Some of you may know me from previous projects. My MMO journey began as an Ultima Online player. It wasn't long before I began writing for game sites (mostly UO Stratics) and joining the UO volunteer program. This led to my first "real" job in the industry as the original community manager for EVE Online. I've also worked on Tabula Rasa, Auto Assault, Imperium: Galactic War and, most recently, Crowfall. 
    I'm a native Texan, living in the Austin area with my husband (whom I met in UO!) and our very large, spoiled rotten cat. 
    My role here will mostly be behind-the-scenes, writing news and blogs. I'll also be the primary point of contact for content creators, so if you stream, make videos, or resources for Dual Universe, I look forward to meeting you soon. 
    Head over to my AMA thread and let's get acquainted! 
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    vertex reacted to NQ-Pann in Hi, I'm NQ-Pann! AMA!   
    Hihihi! I'm thrilled to be here as the newest member of the Dual Universe Community team. ICYMI, you can read my introduction post here.
    Tell me a little about yourself. What brought you to Dual Universe? 
    Ask me anything. I'll answer what I can. 
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    vertex reacted to NQ-Naunet in Salvaging - Nerfed as a casualty or by intention?   
    Hi Johnny!

    At this stage, I'm not comfortable making concrete promises about changes. What I will say, happily, is that the team has heard (and agreed with) all of you.  (Does that imply enough?)

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    vertex reacted to NQ-Naunet in UPDATE: Keeping the 'port' in support!   
    [Updated Nov 19, 2020 @ 3:02 PM EST]: The rules outlined below apply to teleporting both avatars and constructs. This means that, outside of the list of approved scenarios, we won't be able to fetch your ship and bring it to your location. 

    Good day fellow Noveans,
    I come bearing support-related news! More specifically, I’d like to address teleportation requests with all of you.
    For a while now, we’ve allowed players in need of a port to say the word on Discord and - voila - your wish would be granted! ✨
    That worked well for a time, but our Discord support channel is now beginning to slip under the veritable wave of port requests… and we’d like to rescue it and all those in need of a ‘lift’.
    As of November 19th, we would like everyone in need of teleport-related assistance to use the in-game chat support, or submit an official support ticket. By using the in-game chat function instead of Discord, you’re likely to receive an answer quicker because our GMs are ready and waiting for you there!

    Having said that, we’d also like to inform everyone that we will no longer grant port requests if you’re simply out of fuel, stuck in one of your own constructs, or just generally stranded. All port requests will now be investigated, verified and potentially denied if the request falls outside of approved scenarios.

    Some examples of when to ask for a port (approved scenarios):
    if you’re stuck in an Aphelia construct if you’re trapped in any other player-owned tile (unable to dig) if you’re unable to get past the loading screen upon logging in
      What to do if you’re just stuck/out of fuel/stranded: 
    Don’t forget: there are plenty of player organizations available to assist in your travels through space! Be sure to check out the organizations and services provided on Discord and our Forums. Some organizations will be happy to provide you with transportation, refueling, repairs, building help and so much more!! 🚀

    How to contact support:

    To access in-game chat support, simply click the “support” tab in-game, as depicted below.

    From here, it’s as easy as typing up your request, starting the message with "@NQ" and sending it off!
    To submit an official support ticket, please click HERE. 👈

    Then, select the hyperlinked text that says “submit a request” in the top-right corner of the page. Once you see the screen featured below, select the appropriate category for your issue and go to town!

    (Quick note for those submitting crash reports: PLEASE do not forget to include a crash log and/or XML logs with your ticket!!)

    And there you have it! Let’s all do our part to keep the Discord server free and clear of port requests so that players with big ol’ bugs and other issues to report can receive the visibility they deserve.


    PS - I want to give a special shout-out to all of our support staff for everything they do!! Thank you, all!!
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    vertex got a reaction from NQ-Naunet in territory scanner how to place?   
    First: yes, placing it from linked container is correct. There are multiple reasons why it might fail - even tho I think that got fixed, in the past the linked container sometimes didn't work properly. Relogging and reset/relink the container could help.
    Then make sure that your linked container is selected: you can see the "link icon" above your inventory next to the "box icon" - it should be selected and means that the linked container is your active container. You can switch the active container by clicking on these icons or pressing ctrl+i on your keyboard. It will give a message "switched active container to...".
    Last thing that comes to mind is that there was/is an issue where you can't place claimed elements. Look at the symbol of the scanner - if there's a "person icon" on it, it's claimed and you should right click and "unclaim" the element before you try to place it again 
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    vertex got a reaction from NQ-Nudbrokk in Server Status   
    Donnerstags Patch-Tag. Sprich Wartungsarbeiten am 2020-11-19 von 10:30 bis ~11:30   (UTC+0100)
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    vertex reacted to Minus in territory scanner how to place?   
    thx much for the help. i could see my linked container but did not have it selected. that was it. thx again. 
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    vertex got a reaction from Minus in territory scanner how to place?   
    First: yes, placing it from linked container is correct. There are multiple reasons why it might fail - even tho I think that got fixed, in the past the linked container sometimes didn't work properly. Relogging and reset/relink the container could help.
    Then make sure that your linked container is selected: you can see the "link icon" above your inventory next to the "box icon" - it should be selected and means that the linked container is your active container. You can switch the active container by clicking on these icons or pressing ctrl+i on your keyboard. It will give a message "switched active container to...".
    Last thing that comes to mind is that there was/is an issue where you can't place claimed elements. Look at the symbol of the scanner - if there's a "person icon" on it, it's claimed and you should right click and "unclaim" the element before you try to place it again 
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    vertex got a reaction from huschhusch in Server Status   
    Noch nicht im Discord angekündigt, Server ist aber wieder offen  
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    vertex reacted to NQ-Nudbrokk in Server Status   
    Es ist gerade Wartung. Die Server sollten gegen 15:30 Uhr wieder da sein. 
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    vertex reacted to blazemonger in Permanent Bubble? They nuts?   
    I get your point and you are not wrong. The ones who come here complaining though are not the ones you refer to and that would be my point..
    I am not interested in PVP myself, that much is true. I do respect and understand that there are those in game who do and a lot of the point  made are valid for the game in it's current state and I can see how that is frustrating. What I do not agree with and will argue against is the attitude that the game does or should revolve around PVP as NQ has been very clear this is not the case and will not be.

    That players who mainly enjoy PVP find ways to scratch that itch in the game is fine and that there will always be a risk for me to encounter such a player and may (well.. probably will) die and lose my ship in that case I can also accept just fine. PVP players wanting to have more options and have abilities to grab a player before entering warp or even have options to take them out if they are good enough sure.. I can see that and am fine with it.
    At the same time though, _before_ any of that would come in, NQ will have to provide and implement counters which gives "us" a fair chance to get away.. And I do not accept "just bring friends/fit guns" and a valid argument there.
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    vertex reacted to blazemonger in Permanent Bubble? They nuts?   
    And this is where any validity of anything you say next is removed..
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    vertex reacted to Endstar in Permanent Bubble? They nuts?   
    Picture tells a 1,000 words. If you think PvP should be this or that see where it ranks among the other players and what we collectively want next. 
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    vertex reacted to CptLoRes in Permanent Bubble? They nuts?   
    Sorry to break it to you all, but DU is fundamentally made to be a building game more then it is a PvP game.
    And the problem with building vs destroying is that when it takes 5 minutes to destroy months of work, builders leave the game.
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    vertex got a reaction from NQ-Nudbrokk in Erstes deutsches Community-Treffen   
    Ach verdammte Hecke... da kuckt man mal ne Woche nicht in die deutschen Ankündigungen und zack war's gestern. Duh... 
    Dafür haste jetzt nen weiteren Stalker. Follow aktiviert. Schluss is mit heimlich posten  
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    vertex reacted to Nofrog in Verteiler Frage   
    Da gebe ich dir natürlich recht, aber gut zu wissen wie das System an sich funktionieren soll Dank dir nochmal.
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