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  1. This reminds me of a lot of strategic games and some RPG's and MMO's . You control a Hex / land area and even if you do not control the lands connected to your hex / land it still falls under your sphere of influence ! This works great in strategic / tactical games and could be used to keep a rival organization from putting up a fortress near your cities or bases ! I know some or all ready thinking that might be to over powered but its really simple in that the sphere of influence doesn't keep some one from building next to you but makes it very costly so now you say how do I get around that if I am a ally or contractor working for that organization ? The organization simple has a function in there world map where they can drop the sphere of influence for that adjacent hex or use a contract and rights type system so now you are part of there group while still being your own organization. =)
  2. I would love for DU to have a water world planet but that is probably not going to happen anytime soon are maybe not at all ? So my close second solution would be a tropical island world planet that would be covered with lots of water and lots of islands of many sizes ! =)
  3. Great work I like them all ! Do you have one with a snow back ground or working on one =) That would be great for the holidays? =)
  4. Nice ship =) I made a deal with my friend already on a few ship contracts but I will keep the offer in mind .
  5. I guess for now you would have to multi layer a ship to get the colors you want and maybe make the core of the ships skin out of the materials you need for toughness but I am sure they will fix this problem by or after the final launch of DU .
  6. Galactic Emporium =) Commerce will be the key to everything ! My drawing skills are not this good yet but I'm working on it !
  7. Now we or just getting silly a dingy right ? Generally by definition capital ships usually are some of the larger ships but they don't have to be and some times have not ben. Someone might want to use a small stealthier ship as there command because bigger ships also make bigger targets and they may feel a smaller high tech stealthier ship is more survivable and needed. My definition is flawed ok ? : CAPITAL SHIPS : The capital ships of a navy are its most important warships; they are GENERALLY the larger ships when compared to other warships in their respective fleet. A capital ship is GENERALLY a leading or a primary ship in a navy fleet. Not mine its right out of the book! Size matters ? =) The most deadly ship to battle ships , carriers , and dreadnaught type ships has ben the sub = a small fast stealth type ship ! Can a group of corvettes take out a battle ship? Well that depends on the system and weapons they have ! Big guns good luck hitting any thing small and fast with possible counter measures ! Your categorizations system is also flawed those names usually stand for type of roles/missions those ships will be playing which is fine for maybe a organization or country but you will have millions of players wanting there ships and gear to be specialized and unique to there play styles ! Every ones not going to fit in the same set up so some times you have to think out of the box and customization will be the key! Its not going to be as easy as paper , rock , scissors! =) I'm not calling them capital ships I don't want to use any part of that system. I will do like most engineers and designers and give them my own names and people can change them after they buy them and put them in any system they want. Most of my time will be on commerce and weapon systems but I will build 2 to 4 ships and just keep improving on there design and systems. I cant wait till the pirate groups get started , I think people will be surprised/dumbfounded and in fear but I wonder if they will be using your ship classification system? =)
  8. Well I think most would find it less confusing then having 3 to 10 types of corvette , frigates , destroyers , cruisers , battle ships , carriers ? Hmm =) Ship will be more specialized depending on what people want to use them for. I used capital ships because these will be the ships leading the way for players and organization I also added the definition . CAPITAL SHIPS : The capital ships of a navy are its most important warships; they are generally the larger ships when compared to other warships in their respective fleet. A capital ship is generally a leading or a primary ship in a navy fleet. I really don't need a name and could give my ship any name I want like a car ? Want to buy a Vindicator ? Ok what size : small 10 manned ship , medium 25 manned ship , large 50 manned , extra large 100+ manned ship ? Ok what type of missions do you want this ship to be able to perform and what type of weapons do you want ? Sorry but that's simple enough even a small kid could figure it out? Just saying =)
  9. The truth is trying to fit space ships in one specific order does not really work when you break it down not even all the countries in the world use the same system to category there ship classes so why would thousands of separate organizations. CAPITAL SHIPS : The capital ships of a navy are its most important warships; they are generally the larger ships when compared to other warships in their respective fleet. A capital ship is generally a leading or a primary ship in a navy fleet. Organizations will want the best possible space ships for there people even if they are not in command of a mission so technically if they are using high quality ship any of them could be the command ship. Capital Ship Specialization is what I would be going more with because people will need unique ships based on the missions they want to run. The reason I said I would go with 3 sizes like : large , medium , small is primarily the size of the crew you will need to man the ship. If you wanted to use the system some are talking about it would go something like this : Small Capital ship = corvette to small frigate with crew size 5 to 20 Medium Capital ship = large frigate or destroyer to small cruiser with crew 25 to 50 Large Capital ship = large cruiser to destroyer or small carrier with crew 50 to 100+ Extra Large Capital ship = lets face it anything this size will be a flying fortress like a battle ship + carrier combo with crew 100+ or as many as you need to cause havoc ! Not every one will understand the ship categorizing system so when I sell ships I want to make it easy as I can by telling them the ship size and crew size needed to man it and then we get started on what kind of missions they plan on running and which system and weapons would be the best for the job. Personally I feel I can make a modular type system for ships that is customizable for the customers needs so you might see 10 small ships made from my blue print but they are all unique ships based on what the customer wants and needs equipped for missions. If someone likes the ship class system over my system its no big problem you simple rename it and put it in the category you want but I am just trying to make it easy for everyone. I will also make unique ships that the player or organization will only have blue prints for but that will cost a little more . =)
  10. In the real world none of the leaders of large organizations or countries really fight or dirty there hands they have other people to do that for them! *wink* just saying =)
  11. Also going with the Lore of DU most advance AI is BAD : think of the Terminator and in the DU lore I think its set up as that's why advance AI has ben banned but only use in the ARK ships because they need a pilot and no one can live for thousands of years with out cryogenic sleep. I think most people or perfectly fine with this story / lore for DU and yes as NQ stated they want people to be interactive and work with each other not having one person able to do something like operate a battle ship by them selves or build a AI drone army. Automation is still use but will be simplified and also helps balance the game.
  12. I am sure the game will grow too but I am sure it will grow a lot more with some safe zones because not everyone likes constant pvp and ganked fest. This is also why most MMO's have pvp and pve servers but we will all be playing on one server for DU. Personally I don't see a problem with having a safe zone on each planet and connecting it in to the lore some how as maybe something like pieces of the ark ship flew off and landed on other planets or finding some strange ruins as a safe zone! NQ is trying to make DU appealing to many types of mmo players and yes its pvp base but don't be so one sided that you cant see the need for safe zones also because that could turn into a griefers dream and you could lose members which also equals money for the game.
  13. Build ships and building for sale on the market !
  14. I am 100% with people being able to change the cosmetic looks of all the weapons but I don't think players should have control over weapons stats at least not this early in the game because it has great potential to unbalance the game unless NQ has a strict balance system in place to keep that from happening , so I would say for now the Dev's have enough to worry about so maybe in a later expansion but I would be 100% happy if changing the cosmetic looks of weapons is added at launch or a little later ! =)
  15. So far there are a lot of Designer which is great I am sure they will make a lot of things that will make DU look cool but there are also a lot of Pirate/Griefer/Outlaw also ! I hope they stick with the idea of having a safe zone on every planet if they want the game to really grow ! O.o
  16. My friend and I where thinking when Dual Universe go's live maybe we would go to the other planets in the solar system as soon as we could even if its a long slow ride and also take a few friends . =) So the first thing we thought was at that early stages in the game we would probably have to convert a cargo style ship and carrier people and equipment to a new planet and set up a base of operations and later expand that base /out post into a city . Once our technology and skill get to a certain point my friend said he would try to just build a large colony ship that would have everything on it and the ship would just land on a planet and become a base / out post and I thought wow that's was a great idea! I remembered something about 3d printing homes and I told him wouldn't it be cool if we could build a ship large enough to 3d print bases and he laughed and said yea but I don't know if that will be possible but we could always give it a try. So I was playing around on some sketches wondering how a large ship with 3d base building might look ? I was listening to music and looking at YouTube : sigh dam some one beat me to it ! I guess I can still work on my version ?
  17. My friend and I or thinking of just going with Capital ships in three sizes and weight ranges from small , medium , large ! The organization or customer can then pick the weapons set that suits there taste . We figured this would be a simple way for most to have a better understanding of what we have to offer for ships and ship systems ! You pick the size ship due to manning and cost and then you pick the weapons and systems sets due to the ship missions you want to run. I think customization and having modular designs to give customers unique ship and have reusability will be a key factor ! Plus when the customer gets there ships they can always rename them and put them into what ever ship classification system they want. We also plan on filling some exclusive orders for organizations that want to have there own unique ships only used by there organization but this will cost a little more! *wink* =)
  18. I think JC said in a interview that ships will later have shields but it would be more like a bubble and surround the whole ship it was all so in a link form here about shield being projected like in Star Trek like : forward , side and rear shields.
  19. GunDeva

    Raming ship

    I have ben thinking about this and mention it to a friend of mine how is planning on building ships we both talked about it and have ideas that we would like to try and see if they work but we will need to play the game to test them but for now we have a few theories on how we might be able to make it work ! My main goal is commerce and weapons system development but I could see the value in a ship that has a ramming feature or even a boarding party feature built around its design ! =)
  20. Magical metal which absorbs shockwaves =) I love this idea and it will probably add to the game as a rare and expensive metal ore !
  21. Great Job and thanks for the updated information !
  22. I still see there or a lot of people that have probably never built booby-traps or mazes for you fortifications or played games where that is the object is to build a strong defense or trap your opponent ! There or a lot of games that have these features or there based around it ! Not going to do the work for you this time so you will have to do some research but all it really takes is a creative mind set and you don't need scripting to achieve it !
  23. Yea I think this will work for the win and I would also love to change the appearance of a weapon but not if its going to break the balance of the game and I plan on being a weapons smith but balance is a key feature of any game and can also make or break it base on balance !
  24. Don't think they are going to add other thing like aliens seeing it would go against NQ view for DU but just to have a little fun and maybe for another sci-fi game I would say 4 iconic alien species would be : Robot alien race, Reptile alien race, Insect alien race, The Gray or big brain human alien race ! These or 4 types of alien races that have ben widely used in many sci-fi book from the early 1900's to today! =)
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