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  1. I honestly never played Andromeda, so I wouldn't know; But I don't doubt it. Even WWII ships had rails, is just a common thing to on water boats, sky boats, and space boats.
  2. Oh yeah I know; I assume with IE and LUA you could massively streamline it; But I do look forward to something that operates similarly, while being easier to set up.
  3. Sorry for posting on a kinda old thread; But I believe I heard what Lethys said, but a bit more so. That there will be a permissions system, so you can choose if people are allowed to edit it, and maybe define how far they can edit it. Like if they can change logos, or the LUA, etc. Maybe the blueprint can be copied, maybe it cannot; Maybe it can be transferred, maybe it cannot; From what I think I heard in past devblogs, is there'll be quite a nice permissions system behind nearly everything. I apologize if I wind up being wrong. But, I think the real question is if they will be a thing on your HDD, or if it's an actual item in the game, that can be stolen.
  4. I suspect in this sense, a static construct would be something attached to a planetoid. Like a building, landing pad, etc. Would be weird maybe, if you could make a station static? I'd love to see some spinning habitats on stations and ships though.
  5. Kinda like in Starmade? I mean I agree with that, even if the "rail" is just a painted line on the floor or wall.
  6. Guys (and maybe Gals)! You forget the best idea! Having a rail-based launch system for ships; Like on aircraft carriers, or from Battlestar Galactica. I'd love a proper rail and launch system.
  7. I want to give my opinion on everything, so I'll put them in categories. Mega-Structures: I love the idea of Mega-Structures personally; It's a great way to test your building skills, and show off the wealth of an Organization. To some degree, it may even aid in the defense, since destroying large structures will take quite some time. I personally (not speaking on behalf of my Organization at all here), want to see or make either a space elevator, or a Dyson Sphere. PVP: The game shouldn't be too PvP heavy. I will tell you know, if you are expecting it to be, lower your expectations so you aren't disappointed. If ships and constructs truly take so much time and resources to build; There is going to some serious levels of loss, and a life will be valuable. More so than other games like EVE, considering we actually have to mostly build them. I actually expect most combat to be player vs player, not construct vs construct; Lots of boarding and use of assault rifles. Weapons: I do not believe that it will be 1 person per 1 weapon; From what I gathered there should be some degree of automation, though it'll be more inefficient than a player; I also believe you can use elements and LUA to tie multiple weapons together, to let a player control and fire a group of weapons as one. I also think while doomsday weapons are out of the question, there should be capital weapons in the future (Not too strong, wont blow a continent or planet up, but put a good hole in a cap ship). Ship Selling: As for ships, being sold. While it is true, I cannot email a ship to you, once you purchase it; Nova Corporation does intend to flat out sell ships. We may even offer ship parking services for a daily, weekly, and monthly rate. Nova Corporation is here to make your life easier, and bring you a better tomorrow. Mega-Structures: Topic is all over the place, but, I hope Mega-Structures are thing. I hope Solar Panels are a thing; It seems we can build a Mega-Structure, but the real question is just how far, could a Dyson sphere be possible? Lets try it in the Alpha/Beta tests! End.
  8. Pandora

    Emote Detector

    I like this. There is a Japanese mech that fires the guns when you smile; I vote we need this.
  9. Glad to know I could be of some help! I hope to see it implemented as well, in a constructive manner that still promotes fair-play of course.
  10. Why does it say Iron Founder? I'm a Gold Founder!

  11. Please show me more, I want more, I didn't have enough the first round.
  12. For those of you who do not know; We at Nova Corporation are all able to predict to the future. Let me show you an example. Within the next 72 hours you will inhale, blink, eat, drink, or sleep. If you like any further future predictions for your life, let me know!
  13. Nah, they're just horrified that I keep killing helpless little critters by accident. THUNK.
  14. I imagine in a game that has a DAC/APEX/PLEX system, may technically may be enough to run the servers with all the players dumping such things in to make in-game cash. But exactly, they need money to keep the servers running, cool, the lights on, maintenance, to continue developing the game after release, and so much more. While a Pay to Play model is going to be a curiosity in 2017, when virtually everybody has abandoned it, even WoW and EVE to some degree.. I do understand why they are thinking of doing it, I also really cannot complain if they do it. BACK IN MY DAY, We walked up hill both ways, in the snow, with sharknados going 50 feet away, just to pay 30 USD a month to play an MMO. If they have it 10 a month, or 15, I'll be happy enough. However I think maybe it's time for this thread to die.
  15. Now you're all detecting why I think this is a need; I would love to make a pulse cannon; Something that sends out a shock wave, or just any amount of other things; Like a cannon that goes the length of the ship, and has quite the distance.
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