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  1. So I'm not sure if this is where to put this post but I'm going to put it here anyway. I also put this in building but I'm pretty sure it goes here. So this post is about building different weapons. In it I will talk about how to do this, why I think it's important, and what it could bring to the gameplay of the game. Please give your feedback in the comments. And if the devs have already talked about this or somebody made a post like this already, sorry, I didn't see it. So a weapon building system would work like this in my mind. So take a Star Wars DH-17 Blaster Pistol. How I think this would work is kind of like the star ship building system but instead there's an item or block called the weapon work bench. You would interact with it and a flat space would pop up or something I don't know. But your avatar or, not your actual avatar, your perspective would shrink down so it is in scale with the gun. The DH-17 is a blaster so it would have some type of power cell. So you could pick the power cell and put it there, then put the wires and stuff to the barrel and then make the grip, and I hope you get where this is going. Or if you were building a turbolaser ( And I'm not saying it has to be a turbolaser, just pick a big stationary gun) it would be in your normal perspective but bigger wires, power cells, barrels, stuff like that. Or if you were building something like a gun with bullets you could designate where the new clip goes in or if the devs want even make your own reload animation. I think this type of thing is necessary because of the need for diversity. If the devs make some, say, 50 cal machine guns, and some others then the types of weaponry are limited. If your flying your ship and you see another ship with power cannons then you will probably know how to counter those. Now you might be thinking "What if there are to many guns and different weapons." Well the same can be said for ships and fighters and stuff. Your going to be able to build your own ship so there's going to be thousands of different fighters and battleships and stuff. + if somebody makes a good model ship then mass produces it then there will be less ships. Same can be said for the weapons system. If somebody make a good gun not to big and has all these other good quality's then bam it could be massed produced and lots of people could use it. That would bring the amount of weapons down. I think the gameplay would be a lot more interesting and bring a lot of interesting times when say you come across enemy pirates while escorting a goods transport ship and they're using a weapon that you haven't seen before. That could be interesting. Or if you and a bunch of people want to build a Death Star. Their not going to put a Death Star superlaser in the game but with this you can build you own. Post in the comments what you think about this. By: Thundergunner42 ​P.S. This took 3 hours to recherché and write so please have mercy on me
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