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  1. I advise Discord owners not to use my bot if they do not have enough experience about the permissions system of Discord servers. It is of course possible to exclude the bot from certain areas and you can also manually assign minimal permissions to the bot.
  2. Hereby I would like to present you my Discord Bot "DU-auth" for each Discord Server. The users of a discord with "DU-auth" can authenticate themselves with their Dual Universe Board Profile. With this bot, fakers and cheaters have no room. Facts about the bot: - Users only need two steps to authenticate themselves. - Server owners only need three simple steps to install the bot. - Auto check of changed names (enable or disable). - Many admin commands to configure the bot. - Define the role for authenticated users. - Define the channel for commands. - Create private welcome message (enable or disable). - Users only have to authenticate on one discord with "DU-auth", then they are also authenticated on other servers. - Needs only minimal permissions. More information: https://sites.google.com/view/du-auth Try it now on my test Discord server: https://discord.gg/GZ8u5UG greetings CodePeon
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    Do I also find important
  4. great work. respect. looking forward to seeing the pictures sometime ingame.
  5. discordauth:laI1BIO60ugZ8fo5KdmQIvC0UeAjo3tycpVN_qCVvQo=
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