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  1. Haha we might build a Stoa, but they aren't temples. More like a grand hall or something like that.
  2. Bellspeak, I am excited for your project. I think I can help by sourcing materials for my org's projects through your marketplace whenever possible, and I may just want to build one of our Stoas inside your city to increase foot traffic if that would be alright with you. Let's talk in discord and in game soon!
  3. That is an interesting idea! Thanks for your interest. I accepted your application to the org. Pleas join us in our discord server.
  4. Not trying to rehash our discord discussion, but others won't see that so let me address your points here as well: 1) There shouldn't be any kind of insurance system at all. Delivery orders just reset if they are not completed after a certain time limit. I know this isn't ideal in terms of realism but I think it is a necessary concession to avoid a system that can be exploited. 2) The only possible destinations should be public markets, which are not overly dangerous and are in zones that don't allow pvp. This means that NQ will have to make permanent public markets, bu
  5. There are certain things that a completely free market in DU just won't work for because there are no laws or law enforcement, and it isn't likely that player created orgs will be able to fulfill those roles. This is why certain functions need to be created to allow the free market to operate in predictable manner. One problem this will solve is when you want something delivered. If you buy something from a foreign market, you should be able to also create a delivery order that another player can fulfill and get paid for. The delivery would be made from one market to a
  6. I was reading through another thread discussing how to incentivise people to build cities, and thought of an idea that might not have been shared already. What if organizations could progress, and the as they did, they acquired talents that enabled them to do things as a group, such as build larger constructs, etc. Also, what if they could reach a point where they got a territory unit that is controlled by the group (organization locked), meaning only members of a certain rank of that specific org could control or use it, etc. They could then get static cores that could
  7. Great post. It gave me some ideas. When they implement orgs in the game, they could do the following: Each org gets an Organization Territory Unit and several organization static cores. Once that territory unit is placed, members above a certain rank can deploy and edit the static cores ONLY within that territory in close proximity. Them more members you have, the more cores the org gets (maybe even one per member?). If the org reaches a certain size, they get more territory units. This would allow orgs to build bases/cities and create the clustering you tal
  8. Hello everyone, I wrote a post here: to gauge the interest for my org idea, and after getting some modest interest I am going ahead with it. Stoa Galactica is an organization dedicated to Stoic Philosophy, which is one of the most powerful philosophies to come out of the Greek and Roman empires. This organizations goal is to bring the wisdom of this philosophy into DU in order to create a thriving culture. The main way we plan to do this is by building Stoa, which are meeting places for sharing wisdom. These places will be built in a way to attract visitors.
  9. Here is the discord channel for anyone interested! https://discord.gg/pGf5xH
  10. I have created the org. Please apply here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/stoa-galactica/ Also, I will be creating a discord server shortly.
  11. It's precisely this kind of philosophical mumbo jumbo that I try to avoid. Philosophy should be practical, not theoretical. I can't derive anything useful from pondering whether I know what I am or not. I can however find benefit in regulating my reactions to the world, so that I can remain calm and in harmony with the world in any circumstance.
  12. Hello all, I am fairly new to DU, as I just got Alpha access and have only one real test session under my belt. I have been following the game for years, however, intrigued by the possibilities it offers. As I have been thinking more and more about the game and what role I want to play in it, I have come to the realization that there is so much more to build in DU than just ships and bases, and one of the things that DU will let us build is a society, with its own culture and unique characteristics. Many people have already started to build those intangible elements tha
  13. Got the patron pack. Excited to join the community.
  14. discordauth:-2L9quTdeIpvc-WIzmWDbjYgFsN6aj80qgXgHpkHc7Q=

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